Tail Wheel Options

Grasshopper FrontMount™ power units can be equipped with several tail wheels to enhance maneuverability and accommodate PowerVac™ collection systems. Air-cooled models feature a single-fork tail wheel standard, while liquid-cooled models feature wide-stance single-fork tail wheels standard. At least two tail wheels are required when using a PowerVac™ collection system for improved weight distribution, increased flotation and enhanced stability and castering.

Single-fork tail wheel is standard on all air-cooled models.

Wide-stance single-fork tail wheels provide increased flotation and stability for a smoother ride, and are standard on all liquid-cooled models.

Dual-fork tail wheels provide extra flotation and excellent castering effect on uneven ground for tight quarters maneuvering.

Wide-stance dual-fork tail wheels offer maximum flotation and stability with excellent castering effect.