Down Discharge™ Mulching

Creates a healthier lawn, minimizes cleanup.

If you want a beautifully manicured lawn without raking, sweeping or collecting clippings, then an optional Grasshopper Down Discharge™ mulching package is the answer. Available for all 33, 34 and 34R Series out-front decks, the Down Discharge™ mulching package adds powerful mulching capabilities to any Grasshopper FrontMount™ zero-turn mower.

Creates A Healthier Lawn

Grass clippings are a natural fertilizer. When clippings decompose, they form humus, which helps loosen hard soils and make more oxygen and nutrients available to grass roots. It also enriches sandy soil and helps it hold moisture better. Other nutrients from the clippings are also absorbed, including nitrogen and phosphorus.

With the mulching package, specially designed High-Low Mulching Blades cut and re-cut clippings. These smaller clippings decompose more readily than larger clippings. And the additional level of microorganisms at work on the mulched clippings help suppress certain grass diseases and reduce mold spore counts.

And here's a surprise -- mulching doesn't cause thatch buildup. In fact, mulching reduces thatch! The microorganisms that thrive on decomposing clippings also do a good job breaking down thatch.

Perhaps the most important benefit of all is how great your lawn looks after mulching. By improving the texture and content of the soil, and reducing diseases and thatch, the end result of Down Discharge™ mulching is a fuller, healthier looking lawn.

Saves Clean Up Time

Eliminate clean-up on sidewalks, drives and planting beds by mulching instead of side discharging. Mulching directs clippings downward into the turf, rather than onto areas that you want to keep clean.

Provides Greater Maneuverability

Using the Down Discharge™ mulching package, you can trim using both sides of the deck. This allows you greater flexibility with your mowing patterns and allows you to maneuver between narrower openings.

Handle Clippings Your Way

Thanks to the DuraMax® Deck, conversion to side discharge is easy -- just remove the discharge restriction plate and the left and right shrouds (two bolts each under the deck), and attach the discharge deflector to disperse clippings evenly. Add the PowerVac™ Collection System with your choice of collectors for a clean sweep of clippings and other debris. Or, with our 34R Series out-front deck, convert to optional rear discharge for even clipping distribution out the back. Any way you go, you leave a manicured look.

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