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Kenny L | Clarksville, TX

Our yard is solid Bermuda grass (no weeds). We mow ours, and our neighbor's, twice a week. That is three acres, each time. I bought my Grasshopper new in 2000. Have not had a minute's trouble with it, and don't expect to. It is the most well made piece of equipment I've ever sat on. I made a bracket to put my Garmin GPS on it when I'm spraying, so I can tell exactly what speed I'm traveling, for more accuracy. I can't describe how happy I am with this mower.

Michelle P | Pittsburg, KS

Great mower. Cuts out enough time for family fun. Mowed 6 acreas in under 2 hours.

James S | Vine Grove, KY

My wife and I have owned and run Grasshoppers for the past ten years. We mow around 20 acres of cemeteries and also several commercial properties. We find Grasshoppers are very dependable and we are able to maneuver them around and between tombstones therefore saving a lot of weed eating. We also mow two acres of our own lawn. I am 73 and my wife is 69 and we do all of the work ourselves. We are completely sold on our Grasshoppers!

Chelsea O | Greenwood, AR

I enjoy mowing with my parents' Grasshopper because it's fun and it helps my dad out. He and my mom work long, hard hours five to six days a week. We live on three acres and using the Grasshopper makes mowing much easier and fun! I am a dental hygienist and I only work three days a week. This gives me extra time to mow the yard!

Richard B | Denham Springs, LA

I mow our 10.5 acre yard once a week with a 722D2 PowerFold. Unit was a trade-in and has a little over 200 hours on it. We have a 2-acre pond that we mow around also. This isn't a highly manicured lawn in town! This is just our little place in the country.

Chris S | Andale, KS

We use our Grasshopper to mow approx. 3.5 acres of our property and with the 60" blade attached, clears 330' of driveway during the winter. I cannot say enough good things about this machine. It is one of the few pieces of machinery that I have owned that I can truly say I am 100% satisfied. With almost 500 hrs on the clock the only work I have performed on it is normal maintenance. Keep up the good work.

Tyler K | Medford, OK

We have had a very wet mowing season in Oklahoma this year and the mowing at our local golf course was getting out of hand for just one Grasshopper. So we rounded up a few people and three other Grasshoppers, and we had the entire golf course mowed in about four and a half hours.

Joe B | Fort Smith, AR

My daughter mows with our Grasshopper all the time, so it shows that you don't have to be a big burly man to manuver the mower, and that the equipment holds up and goes strong, even when it has a little age on it. I have two Grasshoppers at present and plan to buy a third next season. One mower has over 1200 hours on the engine and has had preventive maintenance, but never been in for repair. I love my Grasshopper mower and the time it saves my crew each and every day. As they say, ""time is money"", and whether you're mowing 15 yards a day or just at your own home, it's nice to know the job's done right the first time.

Brian B | Topeka, KS

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing what you can do with a Grasshopper. Perfect stripes made by my 2003 Model 220.

Bruce L | Flushing, MI

Just wanted to share with the world how happy I'm with your Grasshopper equipment. I pick up up fall leaves leaving it clean & well manicured. I used to spend 7 hours & 5 gallons of gas mowing with a Yard Tactor. With my grasshopper 722D I've reduced to only 3.5 hours & 2-3 gallons of diesel. And your leave/grass collection system is unbelievable, your system picked up over 800 bushels of falling leaves last year alone. I'm looking to purchase a snowthrower in the future to remove Michigan large snow falls. Thanks for such a great product.

Brandon J | Joplin, MO

I run my own lawn and landscaping business in Joplin, MO. I was introduced to my future wife, Erin, by one of my employees while mowing a local business. It didn't take her long to realize that lawncare was a big part of my and my family's life (my dad and cousin also mow and landscape for a living). So, when we married on October 20, 2007 she thought it would be appropriate for us to have our picture taken on my 928D. Had I known, I would have washed and waxed it the night before!

Timothy R | Glasgow, KY

I like to use my Grasshopper 722D in Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. The Grasshopper is one of the best mowers I have used. I like to mow over leaves and I like to use it to shovel snow and of course, mow grass.

Dennis P | Live Oak, FL

My Grsshopper is like my sailboat - can't wait to use it.

Kevin T | Morrow, OH

Mowing used to be something we dreaded to do, but since we have our Grasshopper everyone wants to help out. (My wife, daughter and son all take turns.) Thanks for a great product!

Jean B | Columbia Station, OH

Our Grasshopper is fabulous not only for mowing the lawn on our farm but for weed control in the pasture. We enjoy our Grasshopper mower a great deal. My mowing time for the yard with the Grasshopper is only 30 minutes. I used to spend 3 hours mowing. In this rural neighborhood with 5 acre lawns our neighbors have duly taken note and come to see our big beautiful mower and to hear it purr.

Joanne B | Meade, KS

My husband and I live in a small community in western Kansas and have several acres that need mowing. We have used Grasshopper mowers for thirty years and consistently buy two new mowers every couple of years. The Grasshopper mowers are simple to operate and certainly help keep our acreage well groomed. My favorite part of the mower is adjusting the deck for different heights as I travel over rough or smooth terrain and it allows me to work alongside my husband as we use our Grasshoppers to tackle big jobs TOGETHER. These mowers are great and we consider them necessary tools in our lives.

Vernon P | Caddo Mills, TX

I mow about 6 acres and it took me 12 to 13 hours to mow with three other mowers. I purchased a 22 hp diesel 61 inch cut midmount and it cut my mowing time to 3 1/2 hours. This machine is a delight and mows like a dream. I love it so much I have bought three new ones. You can't wear them out. An excellent product. Thank you Grasshopper!

Butch R | San Antonio, TX

My greatest mowing moment was when I bought a Grasshopper and taught my wife how to use it. It is now her mower, so I have lots of time for fishing and hunting. Thanks Grasshopper for having such a wonderful product.

Robert W | Guin, AL

I mow thirty-two yards and one cemetery with my Grasshopper mower. I have 960 hours on my Grasshopper and it is two years old. I have only had to replace one deck belt and one hydraulic belt since I have bought it. The mower is dependable and I can mow my yards in one half the time of a conventional mower. Before this mower I had a 618 Grasshopper and I had 3600 hours on it. I still have it in my shop. My wife and I are both retired and I mow yards to help make our living. I have been mowing eleven years with my Grasshoppers, since I retired. We used Grasshoppers where I worked and I knew I had to have one for my part-time job of mowing. I love to mow grass and the Grasshopper makes it more enjoyable.

Terrie T | Waterman, IL

Mowing with our third Grasshopper continues to be fun. Even my wife enjoys mowing! Keeping our vineyard and farm yard well manicured has always been a challenge. Our Grasshopper's heavy duty construction, easy maintenance and dependability have made the job easy. The best MOWment is when the mowing is done. Nothing is better than having the mower cleaned and ready to return to the shop. I feel relaxed and ready for a glass of our wine!

Michael R | Spring Valley, OH

Remnants of hurricane Ike hit the Ohio Valley with winds of up to 70 miles per hour. Power lines and numerous trees were knocked down. We were without power and water for 6 days. Our Grasshopper mower never let us down. I was able to mow the grass and pull tree limbs out of the way with our mower. Our Grasshopper has been the best investment that we have made in equipment for our 5 acres. It used to take me about 8 hours to mow our acerage, but since I purchased my mower, the job is done in 2 hours giving me more time to spend with my family. My son even offers to mow now that we have our Grasshopper!

Shirley D | Wellsville, MO

In 1993, we got our first Grasshopper. It is a 725 gas mower with a 61 inch deck and is still being used on our farm. We purchased a new 722D in 2007 to help with the mowing since we mow four farmsteads. It has the powerfold deck which helps with the cleaning of the machine. I taught my grandaughter to mow with the 722D and she was able to manuever it the first time. The Grasshopper cuts my mowing time in half or less but you do tend to mow more since it is so fast!! Both mowers are economical to run, easy to handle and do a good job mulching the grass so it looks nice. We like our Grasshoppers!!

Robert D | Appling, GA

I was desperate! I just broke my right collar bone and could not operate my old tractor with a finishing mower, it took both strong hands and feet to do the task. I read an ad in the paper about the Grasshopper mower and its ease of use and the cutting speed it could produce and decided to give it a try. Went to the local dealer and he let me take 'er home and try 'er out (after a short schoolin') and was amazed I could run 'er with one hand after a little practice. Sold!

Arthur D | Covinton, LA

I have owned my grasshopper for 10 years and just purchased a new one in 2008. It has always been reliable and gets the job done. I have not had to use my weed eater in 10 years, thanks to the Grasshopper. The front end feature of my Grasshopper allows me to cut all over my property and not get too close to snakes.

Carolyn C | Holton, KS

Once upon a time, there was a handsome man named Luke, and a fair maiden named Carolyn, and they were so very much in love. He had a little bitty rental house with a teeny tiny yard, and she had a little bitty rental with a teeny tiny yard, and between them, they kept both yards mowed with a 20 year old 20 inch push mower. After many frustrating months of house hunting, Luke and Carolyn finally found their dream house, which sat on four acres of grass. They quickly had to figure out a way to conquer the yard, so they visited their local Grasshopper dealer. Implement for a solution. Luke found his noble steed in a 729 Grasshopper mower. He surprised Carolyn with a gold name plate for the mower from Grasshopper that says "Specially made for Carolyn C." Two months later, the blissful couple married, and Luke, Carolyn, and their Grasshopper continue to live happily ever after.

Johnny A | Huntingdon, TN

We purchased our Grasshopper mower with attractive Grasshopper financing. We are thrilled with our mower and can mow our 8 acre property in less than two hours! After hiring our yard mowed for the last four years, we are proud to be mowing it ourselves. Our Grasshopper mower makes it a fun and easy job.

Clyce M | Pearcy, AR

Being from Wyoming and 30 miles out of town, I didn't even know there was any such thing as a zero turn mower until I retired and moved to Arkansas. I have have 4 acres to mow and it doesn't take long and I have some rough ground. This is my third Grasshopper and they just keep getting better. I like the front mount mower because I can see exactly where it is, it will flex up or down and gets under bushes without me getting stuck or scratched. This one has a diesel engine which won't bog down even in the heaviest grass even with a sixty inch cut. I also use the power fold electric lift all of the time. I am 73 years young and I can't wait for the grass to grow so I can mow it again.

Ken W | Hagerstown, MD

It's an emergency, the caller said. I have been away for six weeks and my mower cannot handle the long grass. Please could you get my lawn back in shape. I completed the customers lawn the next day, it was a challenge, long grass, uneven ground and mostly on a slope but as usual my Grasshopper rose to the occasion and the customer was more than pleased. I was ready to leave when the customer's neighbor approached me and asked if there was a Grasshopper dealer in the area. He said he was so impressed with the results achieved under such conditions. I gave him my dealers name and added "it get's better, Grasshoppers are made right here in the US of A". I smiled as I loaded my 223 on the trailer, a satisfied customer, a prospective buyer and one proud Grasshopper owner. It had been a good day.

Margie A | Manchester, IA

I had a patch of rhubarb in my yard, and one day it was gone. I asked my husband what happened and he said "The grasshopper got it". In my mind, I was thinking the grasshopper insects. My husband passed away several years later. One day my son-in-law said, "I have a story to tell you. He said "Remember when Dad said the grasshopper got the rhubarb, it wasn't the insects, it was him on the Grasshopper". My husband knew I would have been furious with him, so he let me believe it was the insects eating the rhubarb, not him on the mower. We have had lots of laughs over the "Rhubarb Grasshopper" incident.

Barbara C | Pilesgrove, NJ

I enjoy mowing lawns so much I consider it my leisure time, mowing for my elderly neighbors and a friend from church, about 4 acres in all. Several years ago my husband purchased a zero turn front mount mower for me. But, as it got older it needed fixing. Luckily my husband, Jim, was a top-notch mechanic who could keep it running. In November of 2005 Jim was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. All through the spring while he was going through chemo I kept on mowing. My mower and I made it through the summers of 2005 and 2006 as Jim's cancer was in remission and he kept us going. Unfortunately in early 2007 we found out that the cancer had returned with a vengeance. Jim knew that his time and the mower's was getting shorter, so he wanted to buy me something that would last me a lifetime. We came home with a Grasshopper 722D FrontMount mower. I was a little hesitant at first, but once I got the hang of it there was no stopping me. I lost Jim in November, but I can always hear him talking to me with when I'm riding my mower, telling me to slow down, watch the stumps, check the oil, etc. I'll be forever grateful to him for buying me my Grasshopper.

Wayne L | Bucyrus, OH

I have a friend who bought a Grasshopper mower. He told me how much he liked it and that it cut his mowing time in half. I was a little skeptical at first about the mowing time, but he insisted it was true. After looking over your literature and checking out your web site, I decided to purchase a Grasshopper. My mowing time was cut in half, but I like my new mower so much I can't stand putting it away until I thoroughly clean it. So the time I saved on mowing, I use for cleaning.

Clarence P | Crete, NE

My parents purchased their Grasshopper in April. They have been married and farming together for 62 years now and have always wanted a Grasshopper and we figured they wouldn't purchase one this late in their life but those 2 just keep surprising us!!! It's their new pride and joy. Mom had mowed with their previous riding mower for 40 years (yes the same one....Dad kept it going) so Dad was doubtful if Mom would be able to run something as fancy as this new machine. Boy did she fool him and had it mastered within a few rounds and they just love it! It cut her mowing time in half and it has cut Dad's repairing time completely and he has to show EVERYONE how easy it is to clean. Thank you Grasshopper for making these 2 elderly farmers act like little kids with their new "toy"!!

George W | Hawkinsville, GA

My father and I purchased a Grasshopper two years ago to make our mowing simpler and quicker. My father was 83 at the time and was spending 3-4 hours on a riding mower just to cut his own yard. At first he was afraid of the Grasshopper but once he finally got on it, he hasn't quit grinning! He is now 85 and he jumps right on and it only takes 1/3 of the time to cut his yard. He says he has cut a LOT of grass in his time and this is the best mower he has ever owned.

Mark B | Terre Haute, IN

I just wanted to let the people at Grasshopper know the 620T unit I purchased last year is an outstanding machine. I've owned Craftsman, Simplicity, and John Deere machines, and none were built as durable, nor as easy to use, as this machine. The cut is great. It turns on a dime, and I've had minimal problems in the year I've owned it. I look forward to many years of use.

Tony S | Columbus Junction, IA

Let's put it this way: Some people have pictures of their grandkids in their wallets...I have a picture of my Grasshopper in mine! Thanks for a great product!

Joyce M | Maineville, OH

Most definitely the greatest mower I have owned.

Jonathan A | Lake Charles, LA

I have a lawn business here in Southwest Louisiana, I have a 227/61 and a 329B/61. I love these mowers, they're so comfortable. I'm 6'5", 400lbs and these machines are the most comfortable mower available. I've tried them all: Scag, Exmark, Gravely, etc. None compare to comfort and quality. I have dealers for these other brands within 10 miles of my house but I drive 45 miles for the BEST! TAN AND BROWN FOR LIFE!

Alicia L | Abilene, KS

Just wanted you to know that my Grasshopper lawnmower survived 105 mph winds here. My garage and contents were scattered throughout my backyard, but the Grasshopper was still sitting on the slab, all alone! And it's still working perfectly! What a great product!

Alexa J | Xenia, OH

I love my Grasshopper 722D because it took my mowing needs from 8 hours to 3 hours and that is amazing.

William M | Lincoln, NE

We purchased our first Grasshopper mower last spring after looking at lots of different brands of mowers. We live on an acreage and needed an easy efficient way to mow our 5 acres. My wife, Jeanette, loves the ease and comfort of the Grasshopper so much now that I almost never get a turn to mow now. The dealer from whom we bought the Grasshopper told us that this is the last mower we will ever need to buy, and we are convinced he is right.

Allen A | Winfield, MO

My Grasshopper has reduced my mowing time by about 50%. I had the mulching kit installed and now there's no more raking. I'm not tired from all the steering action of my old mower. I actually look forward to the next time the lawn needs mowed.

Robert G | Pennsville, NJ

I use to cut my 8 acre lawn with a medium size tractor with a 6' finish deck mower on back and it took me about 3 hours to complete, now that I have a Grasshopper 722D mower I now cut my grass in 1-1/2 hours, what a machine, I love it!

Eric S | Mountain Home, AR

As local firefighter, I pride myself in providing for my family. My wife and I were blessed with identical twin boys in January of 2007. I took on an additional challenge of a lawn service to provide an additional income for our new little family. Though I give every third 24 hour shift to the Fire Department and most days in between to mowing, I still find time for my family. Not only is EVERY fire truck daddy's fire truck but EVERY lawn mower is daddy's as well. Anytime I feel stressed or when my work load is heavy, all I have to do is think of the sweet smiles that will meet me when I get home! Thanks Grasshopper!

John S | Manchester, PA

Having owned a Grasshopper mower for less than a year, I was looking forward to using the snowthrower attachment I had purchased. I even put it on at the beginning of our winter season and waited. Finally, enough snow came that I could go out and play. What fun!!!

Kenny M | Liberty, MO

We've been proud Grasshopper owners for the past eleven years, having had three of your mowers. Each time, we traded up, getting a bigger and better engine, larger mower deck and features that make the job of cleaning the mower easier! And, each time, we never considered another brand, only a Grasshopper. My favorite story has got to be when we bought this type mower for the first time. I had researched, shopped and decided that this would be the best value for us. My wife was unsure of her ability to handle the mower and had said, before signing on the dotted line, "You can buy a Grasshopper, but could we get one with a steering wheel?" I assured her that she'd catch on in no time at all, just takes a little practice. And, sure enough, the first day, within the first fifteen minutes, she was sold on it! And has been ever since!

Jennifer S | Janesville, WI

For me and my dog, Scout, the best part of summer is all about riding our Grasshopper. There's plenty of lawn to mow on our farm. The tough part is making sure that I get to the seat before Scout does. Scout has been riding along with me since he was just a puppy. As soon as he hears the mower start up, he comes running and jumps right on. As Scout got bigger, we decided it was best for him to be a spectator. Although, he still gets the occasional ride but always with the blade off; because SAFETY COMES FIRST!

Victor G | Sheridan, IL

I bought my Grasshopper in the summer of 2008. Instead of spending 4 hours mowing my 2 acres, it now takes my about an hour, which gives me more time to spend with my daughter. She also loves to take rides on the grasshopper with me and one day I will teach her how to use it so she can see why this was a much needed purchase!

James W | Johnston, SC

I live on a tree farm and I mow approximately 9 acres of grass every 10 days. My yard proper is 3 1/2 acres alone. Pond frontage adds another 3 1/2 acres then there is the 1200 X 90 foot wide driveway. When I'm through with that, I mow trails and property perimeters. Initially, I used a big John Deere tractor with a bush hog. I discovered that my 928D 72" FrontMount Grasshopper would run circles around the John Deere. This is my second Grasshopper and one would have to fight me to get rid of it. It is so simple to operate that my 11 year old granddaughter can run it. If you want a versatile mower that is built like a tank and runs trouble free, you just can't beat a Grasshopper. Grasshopper makes mowers for any size job. My enormous job is made easy (and fun) with my pride and joy 928D.

Stacie G | Sweet Springs, MO

This is my first Grasshopper mower and it's amazing! I find myself keeping a close eye on the lawn making sure I don't miss an opportunity to give it a clean cut with my Grasshopper. My husband said that if I would let him buy a new Grasshopper that he would agree to do all of the trimming. I think its safe to say I got the better end of the deal on that one! Thanks Grasshopper!

Scott R | Otwell, IN

My Grasshopper really cuts down the mowing time on our 4.5 acre yard, which creates more family time for us. The machine (Grasshopper 223) is made extremely durable, comfortable, safe and we plan on using it for years to come. Thank you for making a quality product.

Willie N | Live Oak, FL

Before I purchased my Grasshopper, cutting grass was a job! The thought of it was humiliating, but now that I have a Grasshopper, cutting grass is nothing but joy. Sometimes, I tell myself, "This sure beats working." Smooth cut, while cutting my work time down significantly.

Kirk N | Lima, OH

We just love our Grasshopper 620 and boy can it pick up every last leaf in the fall and cuts beautifully all summer long! Being a diehard John Deere man because I have used them on our farm my entire life, I was somewhat skeptical about purchasing a Grasshopper. But after seeing how much my in-laws loved their Grasshopper we decided on a Grasshopper and couldn't be happier. Our yard has around 50 oak trees and zipping around those obstacles is a breeze. Our son loves the Grasshopper too. We pass people in the car mowing their lawn and he shouts "HOPPER!" with tons of enthusiasm. It's a great mower and I would recommend to anyone who wants to save time to spend it with the family and have a beautiful lawn. I can't wait until the day I can teach our son and daughter how to drive this mower, just like my Dad did for me.

Charles M | Mebane, NC

I purchased my Grasshopper 722DT last year to save time mowing the 63 acres of trees. It's cut hours off the time it previously took with a rotary cutter and weed eater. This is my first Grasshopper and only mower I've ever had of this size but it's been a real pleasure not having to do so much manual labor to get close up to everything.

Dennis D | Goshen, IN

My dad bought his first Grasshopper in 1984. Since then, he and I have owned six different models. The current model, a 620T with PowerVac and 52" PowerFold mower deck is used to mow several acres of lawn and orchard on our 4-generation family farm near Wakarusa, IN. There are many anecdotes about the pleasure of owning Grasshoppers over the past 25 years, but the best one is that mowing changes from a job that someone "has" to do, to a job that someone "gets" to do. The chore of mowing becomes a privilege.

John P | Wesson, MS

I own a lawn care company. I have owned several different brands of mowers, until I owned a Grasshopper 223 Mower. Within the last 3 years, I have seen this mower tackle all grass heights and never had any problems. Grasshopper mowers are almost maintenance-free, most mowers have 20-30 grease points Grasshoppers only have 5, less parts to worry about being broken. This is the best mower on the market.

Robert W | Blair, IN

I've always taken pride in my lawn. However, in an automobile accident in 1989 I became a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair. I was unable to accomplish many daily tasks I had taken for granted. Until recently, I relied on family for landscaping and mowing my lawn. In 1997, we bought our first Grasshopper and my family did the mowing. When our children left home, my wife told me to figure out how to get on the Grasshopper. A friend and I devised a hoist which allowed me to get on my mower with very little assistance that even my grandchildren can provide. You can find me on my Grasshopper at least two days a week, weather permitting! Thanks to the design of the Grasshopper, I am again able to enjoy and take pride in my contribution in the care of my property.

Quinn C | Delta, OH

My mowing time has been cut in half, so instead of spending the whole day working we have more time to spend doing the things that we love... swinging, hide-and-seek, or fetch! Mowing the lawn has become a family affair, and the memories of us riding our Grasshopper together will be ones that my daughter, dog, and I will treasure forever!

Irene H | Bradgate, IA

To say that the 61 inch deck, 722D Grasshopper was an asset to my farm would be an understatement. Cutting the mowing time in half, and mowing a little more than 8 acres, this has given me more time to spend with friends and family. I purchased the PowerFold deck, equipped to stand up. I am in my 80s, and this is more than adequate in helping me keep this free from debris. When comparison shopping I discovered the Grasshopper superior over the Kubota, John Deere and Cub Cadet. This Grasshopper had the features that I was most interested in, the others were offered as an option. The quality of the Grasshopper is as distinctive as it is different, outstanding! Simply stated with the DuraMax deck out front of you, you can be are assured to have a beautiful lawn behind you.

Donivan M | McCurtain, OK

I asked the local dealer if I could take a Grasshopper home, and if it could mow my hill, I'd buy it. I bought it. This mower has no problem with the hill in front of my house. I mow a 1/8 mile of roadway, a pond dam and about 3 acres with this mower. I can do all of this in about 2 hours and rarely need to use the weed eater. You've made an older man happy!!!! I wore out a discount mower in less than three years. I think this mower will outlast me. Thanks for building a durable, dependable and fun mower.

Dean M | Hondo, TX

Our city-raised daughter-in-law knew what a lawnmower was but had never touched one! However, when she saw the Grasshopper mower in action on our farm, she wanted to learn to operate it. Mowing seemed easy and fun and she was correct! Now, she is often on the Grasshopper keeping the acreage perfectly mowed in record time and loving every minute of it!

Robert H | Columbia City, IN

We tried 3 other manufacturers to mow our 3-1/3 acre lawn. None of them performed anywhere near as well as the Grasshopper. It's worth every penny. It mulches and manicures the lawn. If this mower ever wears out -- and that's doubtful -- it will be replaced with another Grasshopper.

Andrew D | Calhoun, GA

My brother and I own a landscape business. We both attend college and run our business. We bought the company in 2005 when I was a senior in high school and my brother was a freshman. We have grown the company to $350,000 in sales for last year. This accomplishment is what I am most proud of, but the second thing is that I just got married in June, and my groom’s cake was a replica of my mower with “Just Married” mowed into my cake. We always purchase Grasshoppers from S&W, or dealer in Calhoun, GA. We currently own 3 Grasshoppers.

Mark S | Rutherfordton, NC

My Grasshopper is such a great addition to my family! When I was a little boy I was always amazed at just what the Grasshopper lawnmower would do. As I got older my uncle ran a small lawn care service and he owned 2 Grasshopper mowers. I was able to help my uncle and working with him I really found out that mowing grass was really an enjoyable thing to do on a Grasshopper. Later in life I was able to purchase my own Grasshopper and now people talk more about my yard of 3.5 acres than my log home. Even my dog Sniper loves it when my grass cutting is done. When I am finished and turn the blades off he runs to me and hops on the mower wanting me to pet his head. Thanks, Grasshopper for one incredible mower!!

Bill S | Purcell, OK

My son is in the Air Force and recently got transferred from Georgia to Oklahoma City. He was able to purchase a fore-closed home on a 1-acre lot but the yard had not been mowed but three times in a year and a half and was really grown up. The city was going to have it mowed and put a tax lien on the residence. He was still in Georgia trying to get moved so his mother and I took the Grasshopper and went to work. We noticed the neighbors watching while we mowed and when we finished, one of them had to come over and look at the mower. He was very impressed and stated that he had to have one of these. I know that my old mower (John Deere) would not have done the job. I actually enjoy mowing now, it is very relaxing.

Dennis O | Locust Grove, OK

Before I bought my Grasshopper, I would have to borrow other lawnmowers because I didn't have one of my own. But it seems everytime I would mow my lawn, the mower I borrowed would always break down. So, I finally broke down and bought a Grasshopper for my very own. It has never broke down or caused me any problems. The Grasshopper can manuever around different obstacles in my yard like the clothes line, utility pole, and even around the corral. The deck lifts up with the push of a button so I can clean it or sharpen the blades. The best part is that it only takes me one and a half hours to cut my lawn, where before, it used to take me four to five hours. I have more time now to get other things done. This includes spending time with my family, thanks to my Grasshopper!

Mike M | Marengo, OH

My wife and I bought our Grasshopper in 2007, after moving to a house with a large yard. We knew we were getting a high quality mower, but what amazes us the most, is the amount of time we save. What took us three hours, now only takes us one. Now, the problem between my wife and I, is chosing who gets to mow the yard. Better yet, we our able to use our Grasshopper all year round. Our driveway is 1200 feet long, so to clear snow in the winter we have the snowthower attachment. It works great! We also are able to help my brother and his wife mow their three acre yard. Their house is located on a very steep hill and they have always struggled to get their yard mowed, until we brought over the Grasshopper. They are occaisionally asked what professional landscaping company mows their yard, and we know the answer, it's not a landscaping company, it's the mower that makes it look professional! Thanks for making such great products.

Jerry T | Peoria, IL

WE LOVE OUR GRASSHOPPERS!!! Peoria Rescue Ministries has purchased 12 Grasshoppers in the last 12 years. We are pleased with the performance of the mower. There are about 2 acres of lawn at one of our facilities and 8 at another. Grasshopper mowers work well on the hills we mow and keep our lawns looking great all the time. Other mowers we tried didn't last the year as we mow at least once, and often two times a week. Our goal is to trade one of the mowers each year because there is a good resale value on the used mower. Thank you for producing a product that performs well and holds its value.

Danny W | Conway, AR

After starting my lawn business this year, I found it rather difficult as a one-man operation to remove and replace the bagging system on my "other" commercial mower. With recent back problems, I knew I needed a better option. With a multitude of praises about Grasshopper from others in the industry, it was a no brainer. Grasshopper's PowerVac system is quick and easy to remove and replace without an extra hand. A great ride and cut quality certainly doesn't hurt either. Now, all I need is a set of headlights because there's not enough light in the day to satisfy my Grasshopper cravings!

Art H | Spencer, IA

I purchased my first Grasshopper mower in 1992, it was at least 10 yrs old. I then traded in 1992 for a 720 that was 2 yrs old. I then purchased my 723K series last spring of 2008. Within a week my older, but good mower was resold. I live on a farm & work out full time. My Grasshopper has cut my mowing time in half or better of the 2.5 acres, plus driveways & around the other buildings. It's so nice. My wife started mowing & harldly lets me on it! After I retire from my factory job - and between farming - I hope to sell Grasshoppers at the local dealer. And I really like the flip up deck.

Ron J | Owensville, IN

Our company has been using Grasshopper mowers since 1997. We started out with two units and have grown to seven. I truly believe Grasshopper has the best machine available. They are efficient, virtually trouble free, and provide the best cutting look of any unit on the market. Competitors are constantly asking us to demo their mower. We always accept the challenge, but have never purchased another brand.

Doug K | Watertown, SD

My Grasshopper is one mean machine. It mows circles around my other mower. I can cut my yard in a quarter of the time that it used to take. It is also the smoothest, most comfortable riding mower I have ever owned. I would even say it is more fun to mow my yard than to sit in my lazy boy and watch the "big game". I love my Grasshopper!

Don M | Hilliard, OH

After 37 years of service, I am retiring from military service. For my retirement, I purchased a house with more land and a Grasshopper 722DT with a mower deck and a snowthrower to take care if it year round. When I first got on the mower, I said, "It drives like a tank!!" and I've been thrilled with it ever since. When I realized I needed a mower of this size, my son-in-law recommended the Grasshopper brand and now I have my first Grasshopper as of November 2008.

Michael S | Johnson Lake, NE

We started out as a small company and have just continued to grow and get better thanks to our Grasshoppers and a lot of hard work. This is our 16th year in business and have been using Grasshoppers the last 11 years and will never switch again. We love our Grasshoppers. We have had 11 grasshoppers and currently own and run 6: 3 model 120's, 1 model 227 and 2 729's. We do lawn care in one of the few areas that catches grass, and Grasshopper has the largest collection system and best blowers. Thanks, Grasshopper and keep up the good work so we can too.

Jim B | Perkiomenville, PA

As I was finishing up the grass cutting and leaf cleanup season, I was reminded just how much easier, greener and safer my Grasshopper 722D with a 61” combo deck makes these tasks. It is a green machine. It mows my lawn in 1/3 the time it would take with my previous mower, saving time and fuel. It mulches grass clippings into small pieces allowing them to decompose into free fertilizer. It mulches leaves into such small pieces there is nothing left, eliminating any raking, collection or burning – saving time, my back and the atmosphere (and again, free fertilizer). I also cut about 3 acres at the lodge in town once a week. I use the mower deck to mulch, and it doesn’t discharge anything out the side, not even an occasional rock or stick. This alone makes Grasshopper the safest mower I have ever used, especially when mowing in town around people, cars and houses. I wouldn’t dream of mowing any other way. If that weren’t enough, when fall clean up is done, I remove the mower deck and attach the snowthrower in preparation for our Pennsylvania snowstorms. I really think this information should get out to prospective customers when they are in the market for a new mower or should I say when they are in the market for a safe, hard-working, easy-to-operate green machine. As far as I’m concerned, good, dedicated people and a great product are what Grasshopper is all about. Keep up the good work and by all means get the word out.

Scott S | Sweetwater, TN

Just wanted to let you know of my good experience with one of your reps and a dealer. Your area representative directed me to the dealer in Harriman, TN at the farmer's co-op for some repair and I want to let you know that they did a great job. This is my second grasshopper mower of which the first one lasted 11 years without any problems and I've only had this one issue with this mower. I look forward to buying more in the future and telling others about your product. Keep up the good work!

Lance E | Sedgwick, KS

I don't have use a push mower anymore. By using the Grasshopper mower I save valuable time that I can spend with my wife and kids. I have the only Grasshopper mower in my neighborhood. My other neighbors have a JD riding mower and there is no comparison of how much better the Grasshopper mows compared to the JD.

John R | Ada, MI

My 8 acres, two 30 foot rockets, pond and the Grand River in my backyard pose no "threat" to my Grasshopper. Thanks for a great product.

Donald N | Bowling Green, OH

I have 2.3 acres around my house and about 2 miles of walking trails that wonder through our 25 acres of property. We live out in the country and have turned our land into a haven for all kinds of wildlife. I love my Grasshopper. It has made my mowing job a lot faster, a lot more comfortable, and I'm proud of my lawn.

Jason K | Rosharon, TX

I own a landscape maintenance company and my Grasshopper 322D gets used at least 5 days a week. On the weekends though, I take it home to cut my own yard. My son loves to mow, too, and he wants to be just like his daddy...A future Grasshopper customer for sure!

Reed C | Whittington, IL

I am the host and owner of a campground. I navigate between electric pedestals, water spigots and sewer caps. I use it to mow our frontage area and am able to easily mow our road ditches. I also maneuver it around trees, our campground is extremely wooded and I have no problems mowing around all of them with my Grasshopper 930D. I am able to mow our 26 acre campground in a time span of two days, keeping the grounds extremely neat and pristine. I choose a Grasshopper for its efficiency, reputation and riding comfort.

Chris H | Bowling Green, KY

We use our Grasshopper to mow the 15 acre welcome center on I-65 at the KY/TN state line. The visitors seem to really aprpreciate such a beautiful place to stop and rest.

Brian S | Montour Falls, NY

I use my 729BT to get my weekends back!! I used to spend 8 hours mowing and trimming two 3 acre lawns. Now I finish them both, including moving the mower, in 3 hours.

Doug F | Palmetto, FL

I own a lawn care business and I have three Grasshopper diesel mowers, which help make the green grass of sunny Bradenton, FL look perfectly groomed for my many satisfied clients. I have been using Grasshopper for over ten years and they are by far the most superior mowers available.

Patricia B | Live Oak, FL

At our pecan orchard we have many pecan trees and fruit treas and beautiful bushes. We used to mow with a tractor that had a finish mower. It took two days to mow around the trees. When my husband got cancer it was my turn to mow and i couldnt use the tractor as easily so he bought me a Grasshopper. Not only does the area look amazing, I feel like I am having fun, not working. Thanks Grasshopper!

Evelyn S | Garrett, IN

I mow approximately 10 acres, which has many trees, steep hills, trimming next to three barns, and a 15 acre lake. I love my Grasshopper 721DT diesel as it mows the entire plot on less than a tank of fuel. With my old mower, I had to stop and fuel up three times.

Ernie V | Turney, MO

I live on one and 1/2 acres about an hour north of Kansas City. This is my third Grasshopper. They have all been great machines and have lasted a long time. My newest is a 735BT. It has plenty of power and I love it!

Mark K | Ider, AL

Our house sits on two acres in the middle of 40 acres of pasture and woods. I use my Grasshopper 223 to mow the long gravel driveway that leads from the county road to our house. My areas to mow have lots of trees and obstacles the Grasshopper does great! I am a recently retired from the Marine Corps and the last thing I wanted to do in my retirement was spend all my time cutting the grass and wrestling with a mower that was not dependable. I could not be more pleased with my purchase of this mower and the relationship I have with my dealer in Chattanooga. I shopped around and did research for months prior to making this purchase and my dealer was the difference. I knew that I was getting a quality product and a quality rep that I could trust with any problem or issue. After a year and a half, both the mower and the rep have more than proven themselves.

Darrell B | Oakdale, LA

I use my Grasshopper to Create and Develop. To put those two words in perspective, I purchased approximately one and a half acres of wooded land in Oakdale. After having most of the trees removed from the property, there remained many weeds and brush. I purchased a model 124 in April 2009. I used it to help developthe land by using the powerful cutting ability of the mower to cut down the weeds and brush. It took a lot of work, but the mower was up to the task. Now I use it to create a beautifully manicured lawn until my dream home can be built some time later this year on the property. I am proud to be a Grasshopper owner.

Bob K | Mooreton, ND

I have had my Grasshopper for 4 years now and have had no problems. I have a PowerVac collecter and a dethatcher that I use mostly to gather up the twigs and small branches so I don't have to rake the lawn. I have had 2 similar mowers from a competitor and this mower is the best by far. I am a happy and proud owner of a Grasshopper!

Luther B | Cookeville, TN

My Grasshopper 124 can efficiently maneuver around trees and flower beds in my 2.5 acre yard. It's great.

Scott P | Oxford, OH

I have a 721 diesel with a dozer blade attachment. This year, after a very large, late, unexpected February snowfall, I plowed my driveway, my neighbor's driveway and his neighbor's driveway...Boy do I ever love my Grasshopper! Oh, and I use it to mow my 5 acres in spring and summertime, too.

Misti N | Greenville, NC

We have a 30 acre farm, which includes a large cow pasture, horse pasture, and dog pen area along with two home lawns and barn yard. My 722D can spread cow and horse manure and still cut all of my grass with ease. I am able to cut close enough to fence post and trees without ever having to weed eat. It is by far the toughest mower I have ever had. I love the way the deck floats up and down over the different terrain on our property. The comfort of the seat is the bomb not to mention the cup holder and storage compartment. I look forward to fueling up and mowing each week.

Syl S | Alexandria, MN

I have to mow 5 acres of thick, lush grass around large bushy evergreen trees that are home to all kinds of wildlife, flower gardens in full bloom, barns as well as up and down ditches on more than once a week. They 61" deck shows a few signs of the occassional brush ups with the landscape but it's no worse for wear. It's a great life living in the country of west central Minnesota where the season changes with the wind, and allows for the grass to have a mind of it's own that I whip back into managable shape with my model 723. Trust me, I don't mess around, i can really cut grass. And I have a soft spot for Grasshoppers: this is my 4th one.

Ken B | Oak Ridge, MO

Grasshopper Mower to keep the grounds looking great at the Cape County Cowboy Church outside of Oak Ridge, MO. I also use it at home to mow about 4 acres on Paradise Lane. It's a great mower and the front deck with the power fold makes blade changing and cleaning under the deck a breeze. I mowed professionally for many years and can say this is one of the best handling, easiest to use mowers I've had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a great, easy to use dependable mower.

Tom C | Sheldon, MO

On our farm, we have to mow roadsides, under electric fences in pastures, around farm buildings, rental property, and keep approximately 12 acres of lawn for four of our immediate families looking freshly manicured every week. The ease of maintenance was the deciding factor when I chose a new Grasshopper 722D. Even after two years and 210 hours, I am still astonished at what you can mow down with it. The mowing speed and maneuverability were an unexpected bonus, and that makes mowing fun, an unadvertised surprise. Suddenly everyone in the family wants to mow. In my 50 years of farming, I have bought alot of machinery, but my Grashopper mower is one of the best buys I ever made.

William B | Shelton, WA

I have a 930D with a PowerVac collector which helps me maintain my 15 acres overlooking Puget Sound and Mt. Rainier in Washington State. The views are great, including my lawn.

Gary T | Union, OH

I mow 24 residental yards from 1/3 acre to 3 acres and blow snow for 8-10 older clients, as well as mow my personal 1 acre with my 722D. I wouldn't use anything else.

Debbie P | Fort Atkinson, WI

We mow our lawn, mow around the pond and mow my Mother-in-law's lawn in the Summer. When fall arrives we use the attachment for picking up leaves. In the winter my husband uses the snowblower attachment to remove the snow from our driveway. When Spring comes we use the dethatcher attachment. We purchased our 721D three years ago and have put 375 hours on it. It has reduced our mowing time 1/3 from the previous mower. I love it!

Danny P | Richmond, IN

This past December I had major back surgery and didn't think I would be able to mow again, but my 725D Gasshopper with the optional suspension seat made it possible for me. I never would have believed it could ride this good. I'm honored to get the oportunity to tell how this makes me feel. I can mow my 4 acre yard with comfort. Thanks Grasshopper, it means so much to me.

Phil D | Bluffton, IN

I take great pride in mowing and keeping our local township cemetery looking neat and respectable. My Grasshopper is essential to that task. It lets me mow closely along the headstones to keep the grounds well-groomed for visitors. It is an honor to me to care for this cemetery.

Barbara M | Lacombe, LA

My husband uses his Grasshopper to cut the grass around our yard. He cuts the grass beside the garden, along the bayou and through trails in the woods. His 52" 223 makes a quick job of the grassy acres everywhere.

Derek C | Pineville, MO

We have 5 acre yard that sits in the middle of our 55 acres here in the Missouri Ozarks. Over the years, we have been through MANY riding lawn mowers. Not only did they not hold up to the task of such a huge yard given to bumps, rocks, and uneven terrain (we were buying about one every year or so), but it would take over 3 hours to mow and weed eat. After the BEST purchase EVER with our Grasshopper 723K, it takes 40 minutes tops! It gets so close to the trees and edges, we don't NEED to weed eat as much or in as many places! It performs like a champ EVERY time! I've even mowed our pastures effortlessly. No other mower I've ever owned can do that! The Grasshopper has been the best and wisest investment our family has made to maintain our yard. Worth its weight in gold, not to mention FUN! Not many people can say that about their mower, unless they own a Grasshopper like we do!

Allen T | Arcadia, OK

I have a 322D that I use to cut my 4 1/2 acres around my home. It is nice to be able to be comfortable and be able to mow your yard. I get many compliments and have referred many people to Grasshopper equipment. I am pleased to tell them that I use the "zero turn" Grasshopper!!!

Jean B | Sioux Falls, SD

At age 6, I had polio so I do not have normal use and strenth in my right arm. Consequently I had never operated a riding mower until a neighbor said "I think you could operate our Grasshopper." My husband picked it up and I mowed the farm. It worked great and hubby didn't waste anytime buying me one. I LOVE it. My husband claims that I keep making the yard bigger and bigger. I even mow down by the slough! Thanks for making a mower I can use. Going strong at 63 (been mowing 5 years now)!

Frank M | Orleans, IN

I mow two beautiful acres in Southern Indiana. Whenever I finish mowing, my lawn looks like a manicured golf course. The quick releasing PowerVac collector picks up every blade of grass, to keep my lawn looking nice week after week.

Timothy S | St. Peters, MO

I use a Grasshopper Mower to mow my customers lawns and make them look beautiful. It is so comfortable and easy using my 700 series mower. I have had my Grasshopper 4 years now and it runs like the first day I bought it.

Carol L | Butler, GA

My Grasshopper helps me multi-task! Here in the north Georgia mountains, on the bank of the Toccoa River, I use my 72" diesel Grasshopper to keep my grounds looking like a park. I can add a 25 gallon sprayer and keep the area around the many trees on the flood plain vegetation free. This mower can zip around these trees and get me back on the porch swing all in the space of an hour!

Ronnie K | Deford, MI

Since 1996, I have been CEO of my lawn care service and purchased nine Grasshoppers. I stay busy mowing 50 yards through the hills and hollers of Kentucky each week. One might say my mowers and I have bonded quite well over the last 14 years. I have broadened my customer base to include both residential and commercial lawn care and have expanded into the next county. I am very fortunate to care for quaint, little yards in small subdivisions and to maintain some very well-manicured business lawns in these small towns. I believe my Grasshoppers and I still have many lawns to conquer and I hope we are mowing strong for the next 14 years to come.

David G | Edmonton, KY

Since 1996, I have been CEO of my lawn care service and purchased nine Grasshoppers. I stay busy mowing 50 yards through the hills and hollers of Kentucky each week. One might say my mowers and I have bonded quite well over the last 14 years. I have broadened my customer base to include both residential and commercial lawn care and have expanded into the next county. I am very fortunate to care for quaint, little yards in small subdivisions and to maintain some very well-manicured business lawns in these small towns. I believe my Grasshoppers and I still have many lawns to conquer and I hope we are mowing strong for the next 14 years to come.

Anthony M | Eau Claire, MI

My house sits on 11 acres on a steep hill with a 1/4-mile driveway. Everyone thought that my Grasshopper and snowthrower would not be able to handle the hill or the driveway, but even with several feet of snow last winter, the Grasshopper proved them all wrong!

Preston H | Shelbyville, KY

I own a 1999 928D Grasshopper mower. It allows me to maneuver skillfully among the tombstones in two cemeteries with 75 acres total. The mower has over 8,000 hours; I've nicknamed it 'Old Man.' My goal is to run the mower until it turns 10,000 hours. All the mowers I own are 928D diesels. Everyone has a favorite mower they like to run. The FrontMount mowers have certainly cut the mowing time down in the cemeteries and are also able to get much closer to the stone. I have been pleased with the service I have received from the mowers. It also comes out in the winter when I mount a blade on the front for snow removal.

Steve G | Bluffton, IN

Our Grasshoppers help keep our business on the cutting edge and forefront of the business world. We love our Grasshopper mowers! We advertise them, we sell them & We use them. Since 1990, Grasshopper has played a huge part in our business & helps us maintain 80 properties each week. We currently have 5 machines on our crew. We also love the sprayer attachment which we use to spray each property. Thanks Grasshopper for a great machine!!

Paul B | Vernon, AL

I have to mow the hilly terrain on my 5 acres with multiple fruit trees, the 1 acre of our church, 1 acre of my son's and 1 acre of my daughter's. Our frontage property off the highway has a 45 degree slope on it, only the Grasshopper has been able to get it done! I love my Grasshopper and never want to mow with any other mower ever again!

Gary L | Maria Stein, OH

I use my Grasshopper to mow our three acre lawn around farm buildings, trees, landscaping and shrubbery.

Ralph B | Southwest Ranches, FL

I live in the Big Cypress National Preserve, Everglades, Ochopee, Florida. The terrain is swampy and I have to contend with alligators, black bears, and possibly the mysterious skunkapes, and my Grasshopper is definitely always up to the challenge.

Vicki C | Louisville, KY

I use my Grasshopper 727K to expidite the mowing of a nine acre estate, along with the other large yards our lawn service maintains.

Loyd A | Karnack, TX

I mow a cemetary in a wildlife refuge in Karnack where civil war vetrans are buried. Grasshopper helps me keep the cemetery looking respectful.

Gail S | Nampa, ID

With my Grasshopper 124, I cut my mowing time in half compared to my previous mower. My three-quarters of an acre in has multiple landscaped obstacles and is mowed with ease, thanks to my Grasshopper. Even my family and friends seem to enjoy my Grasshopper, so much that I come home after a long days work to find my lawn already mowed. Now, you can't ask for a better mower than that!

Kathryn O | Plainville, KS

My Grasshopper helps me maintain a beautiful lawn in which I have received many compliments including one from a 7th grade student who told me one day in class, "My Dad says you have the best lawn in town." Being a teacher, my off season is in the summer and I enjoy being outdoors after being in a classroom for nine months. Summer is peak season for my husband who is a civil engineer; so mowing our five acres is my responsibility. Having the Grasshopper gave me the confidence to cut down nine 50 year old cedar trees two summers ago which divided our two acre resident lots from the additional adjoining three acres of grass we recently purchased. Now everyone frequently tells me how beautiful our view is and we all enjoy watching the wildlife.

John S | Hamlet, IN

I have bad shoulders, but my Grashopper is easy on them. I live on a forty acre farm with lot's of tree's to mow around plus I say this Grasshopper sure has a lot of firepower!

Mary E | Marion, IN

I used a tractor style mower to mow my large farm for many years. Upon the recommendation of my son, I purchased my first Grasshopper (616) in 1995. Wow! The ease of operation and time saved were unbelievable along with the ease of maintenance and cleaning. In 2006 I bought a new 618 with PowerFold. At the age of 91, I stopped mowing at the request of my children. My son=in-law now mows for me now, but they let me take it for a ride now and then. I'm 93 now, and I still love my Grasshopper.

Jeremy J | Sylvania, AL

My Grasshopper moves smooth and quick, and it helps me keep my yard looking great. I can have my yard mowed in very little time and still have the prettiest lawn in Sylvania. I also mow a neighbor's yard. When I get done she walks out on her from porch with a smile on her face telling me what a great job I have done. Little does she know its not me, its my Grasshopper that makes her happy. And it helps keep my churchyard mowed. There are many turns and hills in my churchyard, but with my Grasshopper its a piece of cake. I just makes my life easier and happier, leaving a smile on my face.

William V | Safford, AL

I mow the horse paddocks and related grounds on my horse farm in west central Alabama using a 930D with a 72" mower deck. My wife uses a 928D with a PowerVac to mow around the house in areas where we want the clippings removed. In all, they mow approximately 25 acres. We live in a very rural area and therefore reliability becomes a major factor - and after owning 3 Grasshoppers over the past 15 years, I can attest to their reliability. But also we need strength, speed, comfort, and beautiful results. Our Grasshopper mowers give us all of those qualities. These mowers may well be the last mower we will buy, but, if the need arises, my next mower will be - you guessed it - a Grasshopper.

Randall T | Holt, MO

My Grasshopper helps me de-stress after a week in corporate America! After traveling all week long I look forward to coming home and mowing my 10 acres. Hey, my wife says its cheaper than therapy!

Georgia B | Tioga, ND

I try and keep ahead of the fast growing grass at our farm home and lot by the river. As new 620 Grasshopper owners we are gettingreal used to its effectiveness and efficiency. What I like best is the ease in maneuvering around trees, shrubs, outbuildings, grain bins and machinery as well as being able to get at and clean the deck after every mowing job. Our new mower is not as time-saving as everyone had promised because I am finding new and exciting places to mow - Look out prairie and ditches! Here comes the Grasshopper! I will continue to enjoy my Grasshopper for years to come as my husband claims this is the last present he plans to give me!!

Grace H | Shelbyville, KY

My dad has a lawn service and I help him mow in my spare time. Just as the young grasshopper hops nimbly among the grass, my 928D Grasshopper makes it easy for me to move among the stones in the cemeteries we mow. However, my favorite places to mow are wide open areas when after a busy day at work I can let the Grasshopper do all the work and I am able to relax and wind down. WHAT A GREAT MOWER!!!

Kip F | Edinburgh, IN

We have 6 Children and farm. We mow around our home, farm and our grass waterways in our Corn and Soybean fields as well. We wanted a new mower and I called 2 dealerships to test drive a mower. We got a Grasshopper and a Dixie Chopper to test in heavy leaves in the Fall of 2005 at our home. My wife drove the Dixie while I drove the Grasshopper. We then switched mowers and I asked the question "Which mower did you like best?" We both said the Grasshopper. The ride was a key component, plus we liked the Diesel option for the farm too. Our dealer provides great service too. I seldom get to mow the lawn or grass waterways, because one of my 6 children or wife gets to it first. They love mowing with the Grasshopper. Which leaves me wondering: "Where in the World is MY Grasshopper?"

Dick C | Waukee, IA

Dick and Deb have owned Grasshopper Equipment for over 10 years. Our customers here at Timberline Campground and Nursery located in central Iowa are always amazed of all the figure 8's, circles and the straight lines we create on our 40 acres site using our dependable and easy to operate 725 72" FrontMount mower thus our Grassterpiece. As a matter of fact, my brother decided to buy his own campground, after using ours, so he could have a Grasshopper too!!

Emanual County Board of Education | Twin City, GA

We use our Grasshopper mower to maintain all our athletic fields. We've had the Grasshopper for one year and realize the cost savings from faster mowing time, lower maintenance, greater comfort and an excellent cut. Plus, the PowerVac keeps the turf healthy! We no longer need a slow and expensive reel mower. Thanks, Grasshopper! Coach Kris Kearson, Coach Dwayne Tabor, Coach Chad Harper.

Wayne R | O'Brien, FL

I purchased my Grasshopper about a year ago. The mower I had before had a 42-inch cut. It took me about three hours plus to mow my one and three quarters of an acre lawn. Now with my Grasshopper I can mow my lawn in about an hour so it saves me a lot of time. With the zero turn, I can trim close to my trees and plants, very fast. The seatbelt is really good because I am a double above the knee amputee, so I don't have to worry about falling off. It is also easy for me to get on and off this mower. The deck is great too, because Ii can pick up limbs and trash if I need to. I think you could say that I really love my Grasshopper.

Michael S | Delaware, OH

We have been using Grasshopper mowers since 1978, and still can't find a better machine to mow with! Whether I am clearing sidewalks with my snowthrower, spraying weeds with my Pro-Lawn Shielded Sprayer, mowing lawns with my Powerfold Deck, or vacuuming up leaves with my leaf collector I only need one machine to do all of those. The dependability and reliability of Grasshopper is second to none!

Dennis Y | Jamestown, PA

This is my second Grasshopper mower, my first was a 1999, 725K, I was very pleased on how it maintained a high trade value, when I purchased my 2010, 725D. I am mowing approximately six acres, and it makes trimming around flower beds and trees a breeze. In the winter I am clearing nearly 700 feet of driveway and with the lake effect you can expect snow, snow and more snow. Regardless if the snow is wet or just deep the Grasshopper has proven it has the power to get the job done. The Grasshopper is dependable, powerful, easy to service and just fun to operate.

Allen H | Carlisle, IN

I bought my first Grasshopper mower in 1995 and it proved to be the best decision I ever made. I mow 4 acres once and sometimes twice a week, we have a 4-5 acre lake around our place. The FrontMount deck works great to keep grass trimmed close to the edge of the water,under and around trees, buildings and grain bins. We only had to do routine maintenance on the mower and had over a 1,000 hours on it when we traded it for a 2007 727 61" deck mower. I wanted the PowerFold deck lift because I was getting too old to try and get the flat deck cleaned. The Grasshopper does an awesome job for me, I wouldn't have any other mower.

G.W. C | Gadsden, AL

I live on and mow seven acres I reclaimed from the woods 34 years ago. From day one, I knew I needed good equipment. I've used front-mount mowers starting with a Gravely 5660 I still own. I added a John Deere F725 in 1996. As my lawn matured with me, I promised my "joints" a more comfortable, technically advanced mower that would last until I retire from yard work. After much research, I settled on the Grasshopper 930D. It has a 61" PowerFold deck, the Grammer seat and extended steering levers. Your regional sales rep said the 930D was actually designed for commercial and governmental use. I knew then it was the mower for my seven acres. I could not believe the comfort and ease of operation! What a great ride! This diesel powered machine is a mowing beast and has reduced my mowing time by half.

Larry A | Bennington, NE

I take care of 1.75 acres and my Grasshopper 727 52-inch cut make life much easier. I all so have the large two-stage snow plower and it does a great job.

Alan A | Newton, IA

We own 5 acres. When we first bought our home, we got some miniature donkeys to eat the grass because there was too much to mow. But the donkeys couldn't keep up either, and were soon buried in the grass. So I bought a Grasshopper, and discovered that I can easily mow all our 5 acres, plus a little extra down the highway. We still have the donkeys, but now they live in the lap of luxury with a nicely mowed pasture. Our place, both the fenced and unfenced portions is truly a "grassterpiece" all summer long. In the winter, I attach a blade to my Grasshopper, and make paths in the barn lot so the spoiled little donkeys can easily get from the barn to their feed bunks and to the water.

Madera Cemetery District | Madera, CA

Our "Grassterpiece" is that of Patriotism shown to those that served in the Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War, Korea and Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts. All of our Veteran's burial areas are groomed with Grasshopper mowers. In 1994, the Madera Cemetery District purchased its first of six Grasshopper mowers. They are exceptional machines that cover over 85 arces of our four highly maintained cemeteries. We can stop on a dime and maneuver around tight areas with headstones. These mowers are easily maintained "in-house". For a first-class job we use a first-class Grasshopper and say "thanks" for the privilege. We salute our fallen Soldiers and honor them by our Grassterpiece we create when mowing these honorable grounds using Grasshoppers. Sincerely, Barbara Manfredo, District Manager

Jerry S | Farmington, MO

I purchased a 620T with a 48" mower deck and 48" dozer blade in November 2010. I thought at the time I would use it for snow removal 2 or 3 times during the winter. We had several snows ranging from 2 to 9 inches. I was very pleased with the performance of the Grasshopper. My neighbors were also pleased. During one snow I cleaned 9 driveways in the neighborhood. The drive wheels on the front of the 620T give me the traction and maneuverability that allows me to clear snow quicker and easier than I was able to .

Samuel M | Smyrna, DE

Grasshopper and I go back to 1989 when I purchased my first one. Since then, I have had seven 44-inch Grasshopper mowers, and two are still in use. I do my "Grasshopper thing" in four cemeteries, the largest being eleven acres. Although I have other equipment, a Grasshopper and a weedwhip are my primary tools for mowing and trimming. 2011 marks my 27th year of mowing cemeteries for Asbury United Methodist Church and the Duck Creek Historical Society. I did not start Sam's Lawn Service with a Grasshopper, but in retrospect, I don't know how I got by without one.

Dorothy J | Williamsburg, IA

My dad, Joe, proudly groomed our Century Farm acreage with ease using his prized Grasshopper mower. Wide open expanse or trimming around the tightly spaced blue spruce grove were equally maneuvered. Every week, Dad would create another Grasserpiece utilizing the Grasshoppers versatility. This past Fall, Dad passed away the age of 87, but his love of mowing was passed down to us and in his memory, we continue to use the Grasshopper to attain eye-pleasing results.

Lawrence R | O'Neill, NE

We have over 600 trees and shrubs on our acreage and mowing with our Grasshopper makes it a breeze. The best thing about it is the comfy seat and safe, easy maneuvering around our landscaping - we have no problem getting the teenagers to mow for us!

Gordon H | Upland, IN

I enjoy mowing my lawn with my new Grasshopper mower that I bought last summer; my lawn always looks great now. Its quick and easy to use, does a great job cutting the grass is so even. I have never been happier with any other mower like I have been with my Grasshopper. Mowing is not a chore when using a Grasshopper, its just fun.

Moss C | Louisville, KY

When I mow around, and under our treehouse it is always a challenge that my Grasshopper is able to handle. From straight lines, to the diamond cut, I am able to work my way under, and around the obstacles of the playset to make my yard a true Grassterpiece.

Karla T | Emporia, KS

My "Grassterpiece" not only includes our very large yard, but many others. You see, my husband and I have our own mowing company. We named it T&K Mowing because we are Terry and Karla. We are both over 50 and enjoy having our own business. I enjoy my 72-inch, rear discharge, zero turn diesel Grasshopper. I call it the "Cadillac" because it rides so smooth! It really helps having the Grammer seat. The rear discharge is the best thing since apple pie! It makes mowing fun! Our yard is about 4 acres and was a challenge before we got the Grasshopper. It is really great for the mowing business because it doesn't blow grass all over side walks. Happy Mowing Trails to you!

Kent A | Falling Waters, WV

Hello Grasshopper Friends! The "Grassterpiece" I create with my Grasshopper 223 is on our two acre homestead that I share with my wife Kim and our six four-legged children. I keep the yard manicured to the best with the help of my Grasshopper that I purchased in 2008 from a local dealer that I have dealt with for years. I had a small landscaping/ mowing business in the earlier 90's and have always used a Grasshopper. I feel it's a top-notch mower whether it is just the everyday homeowner or the commerical landscaper, it is a realiable machine with a smooth steering transmission and a cut like no other!!! My neighbors always compliment our yard saying that it looks like a golf course, I thank them and tell them "Thanks to the Grasshopper!"

Rickey R | Oak Grove, LA

I love my Grasshopper mower. Mowing the lawn is a job, but mowing with my Grasshopper is a job I enjoy doing. I just smile when I think about owning a piece of equipment that actually cuts down not only the grass but also on the time it takes to get the job done and that makes me and my family happy. Don't worry, Be happy and get your own equipment by Grasshopper and you will SMILE too.

Gerald S | Allenwood, PA

Everyone who visits us comments on our beautiful lawn surrounding the pond and adjoining woods. We give the credit to our Grasshopper. Also, using it in the winter months with the snow, the powerful blowers send the snows off the lane and deep into the forest. Our Grasshopper saves so much time to allow for our fun activities with the fast job of mowing with ease or snowblowing. What I love is everytime I go to start my machine up, it is so dependable, always ready to do it's job. It's dependability is remarkable. With all the talk from my wife to friends, neighbors, etc. on our Grasshopper, you get tons of word-of-mouth advertising on your special product. Thanks for this incredible machine.

Diane G | Cleveland, TN

Before my husband retired 5 years ago, he told his co-workers he needed to get me a mower that would last me the rest of my mowing life. He looked at every kind of mower you could ever think of and then he found the wonderful, easy-mowing Grasshopper I have now. I love to mow our 6 acre yard. It always looks so good and makes the homestead look great! Now my husband of 42 years lounges on the porch, rocking in his chair, while I sit high atop the most wonderful mower in the world. In the rain or in the sun, my canopy take care of me while I take care of my yard with my Grasshopper. A very proud Grasshopper owner for life!

John W | Live Oak, FL

I use my Grasshopper Model 223 to mow our 2,000-foot by 150-foot turf airstrip in Suwannee County, Florida. Previously I used a small farm tractor with a finish mower but the Grasshopper does a much better job in the same time. I also mow the lawn at our local Pregnancy Care Center and the lawn at our Catholic Sister's home in Lake City, Florida as a volunteer service to them. We also use the Model 223 for our own lawn. We receive great service from our local Grasshopper dealerin Live Oak, Florida who recommended I purchase the 61" deck. I could not be more pleased with the Model 223.

Rick C | Canandaigua, NY

I absolutely love my Grasshopper mower. I greatly enjoy cutting grass, and my Grasshopper makes me feel like an artist. I cut 18 acres of grass nearly twice a week, and the Grasshopper makes it not only a pleasurable activity that I look forward to, but also a very therapeutic one. Perfectly mowed blades of grass, straight cutting lines, gentle swails that are never scalped give me a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and pride. I do feel like an artist, perhaps a sculptor, when I am done. The best part is that I get to recreate this all again five to seven days later. I am a physician and have what some would call a stressful job. My Grasshopper, accompanied by gentle music, reenergizes me both physically and emotionally, and I greatly look forward to my time on the mower. I am always amazed and somewhat delighted when my friends and colleagues visit my property and ask me for the name of my landscaper. The Grasshopper allows me to achieve a result equivalent to that of a professional landscaping company, at a fraction of the price. When I complete my lawn and grounds, I feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment; but more than having finished the job, I take pride in the quality of the work I have been able to do because of the special skill set of my Grasshopper. An extra bonus is to see my four horses all anxiously waiting at the pasture fence for their treat of finely mowed grass. I want to thank you for creating the incredible mower. I have had and still have several mowers, but by far the best is my Grasshopper. It truly is a work of art that allows me to create landscaping Grassterpieces.

William M | Townsend, GA

My Grassterpiece is located at Shellmen Bluff in McIntosh County on the Georgia coast. A 21 acre residential and commercial development. Upon finishing the infrastructure I knew the 21 acres would require many hours of maintenance mowing. The Grasshopper mower has given me five years of excellent service. Mowing bermuda sod, centipede, and also brushy areas. Also there are several other residential family lots I mow. I maintain the mower thru a certified grasshopper service provider with an annual checkup and in between service as needed. Thank you Grasshopper for a reliable and able assistant.

Gail S | Nampa, ID

Here in Idaho we don't mow slow and low. I don't want to spend my weekend cutting grass, I would rather be catching crappie and bass. My Grasshopper zips through the grass, so I can get out to the lake fast. My Grasshopper completes the job lickity-split, so the lawn is mowed and the wife won't have fit.

Maurice D | Mount Vernon, IL

I use my Grasshopper mower to keep the family bivouac (open air encampment) area ready for use when the family gathers to visit or help on the farm. This area has been used to house a house trailer home for a family member, and is used as a campsite for campers and tents. I also mow the lawn, farm and shed lots, around the pond, and the horse pasture. My wife and I are the parents of five, grandparents of eleven, and great-grandparents of three. Grasshopper mowers are owned by five family members.

Herman F | Lisbon, ND

That Grasshopper just sitting resting, till called upon for duty, just to turn the key it roars into action, and makes short work of a long day.

John K | Mandan, ND

I was tired of my old mower, fighting it to clean under the deck and spinning out trying to blow snow in the winter time, and also my wife was tired of seeing me struggle and complain about it. So after careful consideration and test drives, I decided to purchase a Grasshopper 620T with PowerFold 52" deck, a 48" snow blower, and interested in purchasing a bagging system for it. I love the Grasshopper cause it cut down on the time it took me to cut the lawn and to blow snow. My dog, Trooper, loves it also because before I can put it away when I'm done, he barks at me till I give him a ride around the yard. Thank You for a great product, I'm looking forward to future machines with new features and implements that are developed.

Darrell W | Marionville, MO

THere is just a small part of our 1 1/2 acres I mow with my Grasshopper. I have to make sure that the cut is spiral looking around our storm shelter. The whole lawn has to look like one big perfect cut, and when I am done it is just so nice and perfectly groomed. I love my Grasshopper!

Billy M | Princeton, KY

I purchased my first Grasshopper in 1976 to mow several yards for supplemental income. In 2010, I bought another Grasshopper, retired from my golf course superintendent position and picked up more mowing jobs - all at the age of 80. I'm still going strong! When I attend GIE+EXPO in Louisville, the first place I head for each year is the Grasshopper booth. I've shared 35 great years with your fine mowing machine.

Boyd C | Williamsport, IN

I purchased a Grasshopper 720 with a 61" deck in 1992. My ground is rough and there is lots to mow around and under. This mower has never failed me and the only expense other than fuel and oil has been 2 spark pugs, a set of blades and one deck wheel. The belts still look good and everything works OK. It's a joy to run, and I like the way the deck carrier wheels and arms are much lower than other brands. This allows mowing under evergreens and bushes. My dealer told me this would be my last mower; I guess he was right. 19 years of faithful use and still going like new. I love it. Thank you. Boyd (89 yrs of age)

Dave E | Wabash, IN

Me and my brother, Don, have run Grasshopper mowers since 1997. These mowers have paid for themselves time and time again in their efficiency and their durability. These machines are easy for us to take care of. We are ordinary people, however we feel we own the best mowers that are available on the market.

Travis M | Columbia City, IN

I grew up using Grasshoppers with the blade or the snowthrower....using a walk-behind snowblower is just not the same....benefits of Dad being a Grasshopper rep for almost twenty-five years...there's nothing better!

Joey C | Cedartown, GA

Grasshopper is, by far the most ergonomic and economic machine out there. After 20 years of using them, I should know...

Tim B | Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA

Mowing with my Grasshopper is the most fun I can have without being arrested.

Bob H | Wabash, IN

At the age of 76, I have had te opportunity to own and run a lot of lawn mowers. I began using a 16" mower, then at 10 years old I moved up to a 27" push mower. These were followed by a whole bunch of power mowers - heaven only knows how many brands I've used. But it was not until I purchased my Grasshopper 6' wide mower that I really learned what a mower was supposed to be. The 932 Grasshopper is by far the best mower I have ever operated. It is so easy to run, so comfortable to ride and it mows grass like the real grass whacker it is. We have added the mulching attachment and this has totally eliminated the need to rake the heavy spring grass or the fall leaves. The Grasshopper is an outstanding mowing machine.

John C | Monee, IL

Thanks for the exceptional customer service! No need to say anything else except when and if I ever need another mower, it certainly will be a Grasshopper.

Floyd H | Wilbur, NE

This is my 3rd Grasshopper, but my first new one. When my previous Grasshopper went in for service, my dealer suggested trading for a new one. At 99 1/2 years of age, I said, “Sure, why not! Life is short!” I am no spring chicken, so my Grasshopper is my motorized mobility machine - not only for mowing and gardening, but also for providing me the ability to prune and maintain my walnut grove. I live in a rural region of SE Nebraska in the heart of the Blue River Valley. I love my independence and with the help of a few key people, and the proper equipment, I am able to maintain a fairly independent lifestyle. “Grasshopper is so much mower.”

Ron D | Glenwood City, WI

We have mowed 11 acres (hundreds of trees and lawn area) for the past 20 years exclusively with Grasshopper front-mount mowers. They have all been smooth and reliable, producing a perfect cut in all weather conditions averaging about 4 hours per mowing. The new 72’ 325D is the best of all. It is powerful, quiet, and comfortable to operate. Our mowing time is now 2 1/2 hours. Its SO MUCH MOWER giving us so much more leisure time.

Debbie S | Beeler, KS

I did a Google Search for a mower to cut my grass. Needed something dependable and built tough to do the task. A five star rating is what I was looking for. My husband said, “Find something that meets that score.” Hydrualic deck, zero turn and a fast pace. SO MUCH MOWER ... “GRASSHOPPER” ... I rest my case.

Roger S | Dodge City, KS

I use my Grasshopper for so much more than mowing grass. It's a great snowthrower, too!

David W | Alexandria, LA


Bill W | Thorntown, IN

Our Grasshopper has been very reliable and easy to maintain, the Kubota diesel is a great engine. This is our second Grasshopper.

Patricia P | Live Oak, FL

When my husband died of cancer, I was left to take care of things. My husband loved our yard and spent a lot of time making it beautiful. The Grasshopper is so easy to mow with that I actually love mowing. Its like being on a ride at Disneyland! It's very user-friendly especially for a senior citizen like me. It makes me proud to be able to keep this 4 acres as beautiful as my husband did. Having fun doing it is a bonus. This is a perfect mower for a woman in her senior years. 69 years old and I still enjoy mowing the yard!

John S | Cassville, MO

I always enjoyed mowing my lawn, even though it took six hours to mow and trim using my old 42” rider and weed eater. When my dealer brought a Grasshopper out for trial I thought it was overkill for my size of lawn. With no experience at all on this mower, I mowed my lawn in about one hour and fifteen minutes! On top of that, the Grasshopper took care of all the trimming, so my weed eater stayed in the garage! I didn’t need it at all. Why let the professionals have all the fun? My Grasshopper is so easy to use and maintain I’ll never need to buy another mower. Grasshoppers are engineered so well, they are proof positive that you get what you pay for.

Paul G | Springfield, OH

I mow strictly with Grasshopper mowers. I am very pleased with the product. My Grasshoppers can mow more grass in less time than any other equipment I have used in the past. I have no problems getting parts or working on my own mowers, everything about the mower is user friendly. I work 12- to 15-hour days mowing all day six days a week and as long as you take care of your grasshopper it will take care of you. I have customers compliment the cut on a daily basis. My fleet consists of 35 Grasshoppers and one of them dates back to 1970. It still runs to this day; starts on the first try every time. I would like to thank your company for making a product that my company can depend on.

Jeff S | Petersburg, MI

My mother purchased Grasshopper 1212 in 1990, but my dad wanted a tractor style mower. It was used to mow 2 acres for about 10 years. They then moved and it has been used to cut 1.5 acres till now. This mower has always started and run perfectly. Regular service has been done according to the manual. My dad was a quick convert to the ease of use and speed of the 1212. He always bragged about how great the Grasshopper is.

Regina M | Pocola, OK

Our Grasshopper takes care of approximately 5 acres in a short period of time. No need for recuts with this mower. Fast and easy.

Heather W | Sallisaw, OK

Our "Pop-Pop" works hard during the week, and on the weekends his Grasshopper mower helps him get his 1 1/2 acre yard mowed fast so he can play with us!! Before he had the Grasshopper mower it took him hours and hours to mow, with this he can get his mowing done quickly and then spend time with his grandchildren!

John S | Bluefield, WV

I used to consider cutting grass a chore. That was before I purchased my Grasshopper. At 88 years old, having been a John Deere dealer for 14 years, I’ve had a lot of experience with mowers of all kinds over the years. I like my Grasshopper better than any mower I've owned. There are so many reasons I enjoy cutting grass with my Grasshopper. Here are a few: My Grasshopper is the most comfortable and efficient mower I've ever owned. Now my mowing time is cut in half and I consume half the fuel as before. If my grass is damp or higher than usual, that’s no longer a problem, my Grasshopper cuts it perfectly unlike any other. Appreciate the ease of service, especially the power lift deck. I now have more leisure time. Mowing with my Grasshopper is “a chore no more!”

Doug C | Adel, IA

I started mowing 32 years ago as a 8 year old young boy. I loved it, so I made it a business. We started in 1991 and right away I bought a 1825K Grasshopper. Since then I’ve owned 14 Grasshoppers. Now we own a 227, two 335’s and a 428 diesel. I love the fact we can start at 6 am and mow wet grass and the mulch plate attachment saves time and liability on island areas or around cars! After 23 years and 60,000 yards under our belt, I can honestly recommend the reliability of Grasshopper mowing equipment to anyone.

Pete K | Ottawa Lake, MI

Being 85 years of age, it became very difficult for me to remove and service the mower deck on my previous tractor/mower set up. The greatest feature on my Grasshopper Model 723T is the fact that the entire mower deck (Model 3461) folds upright with the touch of a switch. When in this position, I can easily remove the 3 blades for sharpening and under deck cleaning. When I first began to operate the two steering levers, I thought WOW! This is very tricky, compared to a regular steering wheel, but after a few practice runs, I mastered the art of this technology and I wouldn't go back to regular steering for anything! I currently mow 3.5 acres around many trees, bushes, etc. With the Grasshopper quick response, I have cut mowing time down about 40%. I love this machine and everything about it. The local dealership, the warranty and the efficient job it does. At this time in my life, I wouldn't consider any other brand and the Grasshopper will no doubt be my last purchase of any lawn grooming equipment.

Donna M | Days Creek, OR

Oregon has wet winters and spring grass is really high. With our Model 725DT6 mower’s blower I can mow early in spring on the highest setting, wait for the weather to improve and mow at lower settings. Our old tractor had three buckets to be emptied and this year, at age 75, was no longer an option. Now I just back up to the tree line, reach back and empty while still sitting on the mower. How easy is that! Maintenance is a snap, power up the front mower and use compressed air to blow it clean. I wear sound protection and listen to my tunes, making fun out of what used to be a chore. My husband mows around our cabin, shop and mill while I do around the house, garden and trees. What used to take 8 hours now takes 5. Thanks Grasshopper!

Johnny T | Lecompton, KS

At the present date, I own a 723K Grasshopper. This is the second Grasshopper I have owned since the mid 1990’s. There are several reasons for my continued purchase of Grasshoppers. They have a low center of gravity for better safety, they also have a Kohler motor which is exceptional equipment. They have one of the best floating decks in the industry. In addition, they are also great around flower beds, trees and any other obstacles in the yard. They make any hard, uneven yard look very smooth because they finish so well. And lastly but not least, they are the best finishing mower that is on the market.

Karl R | Macedonia, OH

I chose the Grasshopper 227 MidMount mower to use on our family’s tree farm because of its compact size and excellent maneuverability. The young trees are kept free of clippings with the 52-inch wide 4X Rear Discharge deck that easily fits between the rows. Adding the optional shielded spray attachment adds versatility to the machine and eliminates the possibility of over spray on the trees. The comfortable ride, power, and agility of the Grasshopper make the maintenance of the property enjoyable. Choosing Grasshopper was as easy as mowing the farm is now.

Jennifer K | Skiatook, OK

I live in rural OK, and have 17 acres of land, and of that, about 8 acres are maintained with the help of my Grasshopper. When I married 10 years ago I had NEVER been on a mower nor ever thought I would be. My husband had always cared for our yard, but I wanted to be a part of the fun. We researched for a year, and decided that our Grasshopper 620 would be perfect for our needs. After 1 year of excellent operation, a tragedy occurred when our Grasshopper caught on fire! My husband quickly extinguished the flames, but my poor Grasshopper was in bad shape. I had been maintaining the mower to the best of my knowledge, but had overfilled the oil, and with a little bit of brush and a spark, it caught on fire. No one was harmed, but my mower was another story. I called the dealer we had purchased it from, and they assured me that Grasshopper could repair the damage. A month later, I had my beautiful Grasshopper back, along with a service person who took the time at my home, to go through all the proper safety checks, how to lubricate, check and fill the oil. He gave me so much more than I could ask for. That was 2 years ago, and since then, I have called the customer service line several times, and have had every question and problem (no matter how small) answered and then some over the phone. The customer service I have received from the folks at Grasshopper has always been excellent and friendly. I love my Grasshopper! Thanks for helping turn this city girl into a bona-fide country girl Grasshopper!

Jack M | Lakeland, FL

I am the proud owner of a Grasshopper Liquid Cooled 729 with the PowerFold DuraMax 52 professional cut mower deck. This Grasshopper has ease of use and as I do my yard maintenance bi-weekly, I can change from mowing to vacuuming the grass in less than 5 minutes. The professionally manicured look of my lawn has me proud to drive down the street knowing I have achieved this by using top of the line equipment from Grasshopper. Grasshopper products have been part of my yard maintenance since 1983 and the Grasshopper line has only improved every year as I have become a repeat customer.

John E | West Monroe, LA

The 729 Grasshopper with the high flotation tires allows me to mow over hilly terrain without spinning and burning my grass and because of the highly controlled pump and wheel motor design I’am able to mow on my river bank slope without getting stuck from spin out. Also the out front deck allows me to cut around and under low lying limbs with out getting getting all scratched up. I have owned four other major brands of ZTR mowers and I have honestly fell in love with the 729 liquid cooled. Thanks Grasshopper.

Brad C | Ellensburg, WA

My Grasshopper is the key to my 5-acre yard. I formerly had horses on my property, which ruined my grass. Well I kicked the horses to the curb, bought my Grasshopper, and now I have one of the largest, prettiest lawns in town. It’s perfect for soccer games, barbeques, and playing with my rambunctious dog for hours. None of that would be possible without my Grasshopper Mower!

Judy G | Roland, OK

My husband and I mow several acres and have for 25 years. Our local Grasshopper dealer encouraged us for years to invest in a Grasshopper. We finally purchased one 5 or 6 years ago. My husband continued using our old mower and we soon began to notice that I was mowing so much more grass in the same amount of time. We were going to upgrade this year but our original mower is such good condition we decided to keep it and purchased another Grasshopper. We now consider Thursday a date night. We quickly get our yard work done and now thanks to our Grasshoppers we have time for another date night because we no longer have to spend our weekends mowing our yard. We have one 700 series and one 900 series. We love our Grasshoppers!

Glenn W | Kutztown, PA

This is a story between husband and wife and their lawnmowers and sewing machines. He said she had too many sewing machines when she wanted to trade up to a new model. One day she started to count how many sewing machines she had in their married life, and she counted 7 machines. When counting his lawn mowers, she found that he had 7. His last mower is a Grasshopper and her sewing machine is a Husqvarna Diamond. These will be their last machines for both of them, as long as they keep working as they are both in their seventies. She sews a lot for charity and contest and he mows 2 acres of lawn. When the last mower was delivered, he was one ahead of his wife but 6 months later, she got a new sewing machine.

John R | Cape Girardeau, MO

I have a small farm; I mow about 10 acres with a lot of fence rows, creek banks, and buildings. I started with a traditional riding mower, then moved up to a respectable brand of zero-turn mid mount. This was a significant move up in mowing time and convenience. Mowing obstacles poses a challenge to mid-mounts, so I was discussing that with my dealer. He convinced me to try the Grasshopper frontmount 929D. My gosh, it was love at first try! It is so much easier and faster to tackle the challenging obstacles and then breeze through the open areas. Now I have to fight my wife for the fun of mowing with the Grasshopper.

Matthew B | Lorida, FL

I use the 930D Front mount 72 inch. Let me tell you I love this mower! Here at the Palms Estates in Lorida, Florida, we have 30 acres of land to mow that includes a RV park and 75 homes plus fields. Anyone that knows Central Florida can tell you that the mowing season really never ends. We mow all year. The summer months are where this mower really shines! I can mow the whole park in about 4 days! This is truly amazing. We used to have 2 mowers and could hardly keep up with the grass now one Machine the 930D can do the job of 2 mowers. WOW is all I can say!!

Martin H | Mayslick, KY

My Grasshopper is so much MOWER fun than working!

Crystal S | Covington, LA

I love my Grasshopper 223. I have 3 acres and it used to take half the day to cut grass. I’d have to cut part of it with the riding mower - part of it with a bush hog and then touch up with the push mower. Agh!!! Now I can do my whole 3 acres in about 2 hours!! Yay! Love it! And I only need the push mower in a few places. Now my hubby comes home to a fresh cut yard and we can just hang out and relax. Thanks for a great machine.

Ellen P | Union Beach, NJ

we have so much grass to mow and with our 727k, we can handle this machine easily without any problems. i wish we had purchased this machine sooner, as it would have saved us time and money. everyone who sees our machine loves it. it’s a great mower.

Alton J | Owatonna, MN

I’ve always loved mowing grass & when I retired I decided that I deserved the best lawn mower there was. I didn’t do my homework at first and ended up with a couple different mowers before I found my “DREAM” mower: my Grasshopper!!!! I’ve been through a lot in my life including losing my dad at 11 and being in the Korean War. I learned early on that quality will long be remembered after the price is forgotten and the Grasshopper speaks for itself!! And I like to wear only my Sunday best while on my Grasshopper!!! Thank You!

Tim S | St. Peters, MO

My grasshopper mower is a wonderful mower due to the easy access to the blades and the stunning look it gives the lawns....The bigger the mower the more lawns I can finish faster! This mower is great!!!

Rodney H | Brewster, MN

Our Grasshopper mower is so much easier to handle around the many trees we have on our 2 1/2 acre estate.

Leroy W | Keytesville, MO

Our first 723K Grasshopper mower came complete with a 61 inch PowerFold Deck. We purchased it on April 6, 2008. We mow 6 1/2 acres weekly at our home site, plus approximately 2 1/2 more acres on a commercial location in town. This includes one business location, storage units, and one rental property over the past 3 1/2 + years. The mower is very heavy built with a smooth ride and a very nicely cut lawn with speed. Our dealer services our lawn mower every year before we begin the season. And it's cleaned after every mowing. It is great to have the powerfold deck, which makes it much easier to clean!

Jared D | Paris, TX

Now that I have a Grasshopper, I don’t have to mow anymore. I taught my son to mow and he loves to do it. The only bad part is, I don’t get to mow anymore...

Tana K | Buckingham, VA

In the beginning, there was grass and my man said, “I must cut it.” He bought a mower and his delight was in his freshly cut lawn. As his kingdom grew, he desired get it done faster. So, we went to test drive a zero-turn mower. I whined that with my left/right handicap I couldn't possibly operate a mower with steering handles instead of a steering wheel. But, I gave it a whirl, literally, until Mower Guy yelled to pull both handles back! Years passed and my man said, “I need to get it done even faster.” And, he bought a Grasshopper. It was much bigger than our mini-mower, but he assured me I would love it. After taking just one afternoon to mow the yard, my walking paths, and around our Christmas trees, I was smitten. Reckon there’s any chance Grasshopper could make a zero-turn household vacuum?

Karen F | Rison, AR

I never wanted a “zero” turn mower because I didn’t think I was coordinated enough to handle it. Ever since we bought the Grasshopper I have been on it and have never stopped mowing. It handles the lawn, cemetery, church yard, neighbors yard, and even between our chicken houses with no trouble whatever so ever. I would never consider using anything else but a Grasshopper zero turn mower.

Mike E | Fort Valley, GA

I’m 75 years young. I purchased my 27 horse power 61” cut Grasshopper 6 years ago. It looks like new and runs as good as the day I purchased it. I mow a little over 6 acres and with 50 plus pine trees my Grasshopper allows me to glide around them with ease. Had I any idea this workhorse was so powerful and easy to use I would have brought one years ago. The model which is a 227 stays in the garage while my car sits in the driveway. Nothing is too good for my Grasshopper.

Jill G | Hildreth, NE

My name is Jill from Hildreth, NE. I work at Nelson Lawn Service, Don Nelson was my boss. June 11, 2012 he had a hip replacement and then I turned into the “Boss." This is my 7th year working with Don and Grasshopper lawn mowers. I now service two 729 mowers with 52” decks. We mow 10 cemeteries, 8-10 country yards and about 50 town yards. We started in April and since then it has got hot and dry in our part of Nebraska. My 729 with grass catcher is a hard working and excellent mower. We put about 500 hours a year, per mower. I start mowing in April and pick-up leaves into December some years.

Jeremy J | Neosho, MO

Dale and Caroljane Reneau are 2nd generation Grasshopper owners. Caroljane’s father bought this 1210 Grasshopper new in 1979. When he passed in 2010 Caroljane inherited it from him. Dale has mowed commercially for years and has always felt Grasshopper is unmatched in quality, performance and comfort. He bought a 721D in 1998 and ran it commercially for 10 years until he traded up to a 930D in 2008. Dale stated “I love the features of the 930D and have never been happier." Caroljane agreed, “We plan on passing these Grasshoppers to our children.” This will make the 1979 1210 a 3rd generation mower! Now that’s a Grasshopper!

Sylvan L | Hornick, IA

I have had my Grasshopper for 5 years. My two sons liked it so much they each bought one. They bought 2 735 front mounts. I clean people driveways in the winter with it too. I love my Grasshopper.

Kevin F | Greenville, OH

One of my employees, David Kessler, passed away in April 2009. He was our commercial mowing foreman who took pride in his mowing and of his 61” Grasshopper 700 series. He would not mow with anything else but Grasshopper...It was the most comfortable and did the best job of any mower he had ever mowed with. Dave lost his 2 yr battle of cancer, but never missed a day of jumping on his Grasshopper to mow. Cancer could not keep him down! He and his family loved a photo of him on the Grasshopper so much that he asked for it to be engraved on his tombstone...and yes he got his wish. So, thank you, Grasshopper for putting a smile on Dave’s face still today and forever!

Brian F | Covington, LA

In the year two thousand and ten, I found myself wondering what life had in store for me. I was about to retire form the Marine Corps with twenty-eight years of service. Those years had taken their toll on my body. I never thought I would consider myself labeled as disabled but that where I ended my career: a Disabled Veteran. But I consider myself lucky I still have all my limbs and my mind still works well. If I could just control the pain, life would be great. The big question now is how am I going to take care of myself much, the house, dog and the yard. I had purchased a small house with some land prior to my retirement, I knew there was no way in this world I could push a mower to keep my yard cut and looking good. I asked some friends about what type of mowers they would recommend. I was told about different makes and models but one stood out: “The Grasshopper.” And my Grasshopper was perfect!!! My yard needs lots of work but with my Grasshopper it is easy to maintain and so is my mom’s. I’m not the only one that loves the Grasshopper...my girlfriend finds it easy to operate and has fun cutting the yard. I even caught her mowing the lawn with curlers in her hair before going to work one day and for pay back she snapped a picture of me mowing still in my pajamas. I was feeling good that day. I just wanted to mow. Thanks Grasshopper!

Ron B | Calmar, IA

My Grasshopper mower is more mower than I have ever had. I cut a lot of lawn with my storge rentals and rental properties the 72 inch deck with rear discharge offers no windrowing and the blowing of grass on windy days. The 32 horse diesel engine provides plenty of power in tall or wet grass with half the fuel consumption of regular gas engine. The ride and the noise level is the most comfortable I have ever had in a mower. The midmount series offers a rollover feature and close trim around all objects. This is a must mower for all users large or small. Thanks, Ron.

Butch J | Fort Smith, AR

Our original mower was a John Deere and it took us 5-6+ hours to mow our 2.5 acres every week. We endured that for over 6 years until a professional lawn/landscape business owner and friend first recommended Grasshopper to us (about 7 years ago) as that is all he uses in his business here in Fort Smith. We have been thanking him ever since! When we purchased the Grasshopper, the time we spent on the lawn decreased by over 50%!!!! We LOVE our Grasshopper! Also, with the zero turn radius, we eliminated a lot of trimming time and trouble by being able to cut small and close areas we could not get to before!! My wife volunteers to cut much more often...says she doesn't get near as hot because there is always a nice breeze when going full throttle!! We recently downsized to a 3/4 acre lot and we are down to an hour! We love our GRASSHOPPER!

Robert H | Verona, WI

My 82-year-old Dad added XM Radio with a speaker to his Grasshopper mower because the mower runs so quiet and smooth. He looks forward to mowing his 3 to 4 acres every week. The mower does such a good job. The compliments he gets gives him great pride in mowing with his Grasshopper!

Billy R | Mayslick, KY

I've been mowing for as long as I can remember and my Grasshopper 725DT6 is so much more of a mower than anything I've ever owned! It cuts the acre yard here at the homeplace every week. It cuts my time in half that I used to spend on lawn care but now I enjoy my Grasshopper so much that I actually mow the right of way along the highway and around my barns! Nothing is too rough for my Grasshopper 725DT6. It's the best built mower that I have ever used. And believe me at 82 I've used a few!

Gale P | Milton, TN

When my husband asked what I wanted for my Anniversary (51st) I am pretty sure he was expecting the usually “girly” response of clothes, furniture or a nice trip or something similar. Well I said “I want a brand new Diesel engine Grasshopper mower!” Boy was he floored but true to his word we went down to Kelton’s, Murfreesboro, TN and I set on this model and that model and decided on a 725D with a 61” deck that has the hydro lift! Wow, it is fine and I conquer my acreage in no time at all! It is fast, powerful and time saving. I think I made a great choice of a gift that will last for years. I just wish I had picked that awesome new suspension seat as an option. O well, we do have an anniversary coming up!

Todd G | Potosi, WI

At the Potosi Volunteer Fire Department, Wisconsin’s Oldest Volunteer Fire Department, our 729 front mount Grasshopper is our 7th Grasshopper. We built and moved into our new fire station in 2000, and with the new station came over 3 acres of lawn to mow in summer and a huge parking lot to clear of snow in the winter. After renting a Grasshopper for the first year we were hooked and knew this was the mower for us and bought one. Not only does it cut down on mowing time over traditional mowers, but it digs right through snow, helping us keep the path clear to make sure the big trucks can roll whenever needed. Our Grasshopper is more than a mower; it saves us time, saves us money, and helps us save lives.

Jason B | Live Oak, FL

my daughter says so she loves our mower almost as much as i do i cant do anything with my mower without her joining me. She makes me start it up just to give her a ride around the yard with no intention of mowing the grass.I have 2 acres of property it only takes me about 30 minutes to cut my grass. My daughter and i enjoy our mower so much.

Al S | Webb City, MO

I am 84 years old and I finally invested in my Grasshopper mower 2 years ago. I had been mowing my lawn, which consists of 5 acres, with a smaller mower and it took forever. Now, with my Grasshopper, I can mow the entire area in a little more than an hour and, thanks to the zero turn, there is very little trimming to do. I can’t tell you how many times I've said "I sure wish I had bought this years ago."

Steve C | Carterville, IL

I upgraded to this 729T from a 725. Love it. I can always rely on it to mow everything. I also bought the snow blade with it. I have a 5 acre yard, plus some rental property that I mow. This machine gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Great mowing machine. Also l bought the 61” Power Fold deck with it. This makes changing blades a snap. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone....

Allan S | Gardner, KS

Using my Grasshopper mower is “my” time for that peace of mind. My mind goes on cruise and I just enjoy riding!

Grace R | Zachary, LA

The Grasshopper lawn mower is so much mower to me because it has speed, good looks, and it's diesel. It does not get any better than that!

Billy M | Princeton, KY

Having been a golf course superintendent and lawn care service owner/operator for the past 38 years, my job has required lots of mowing. I used the Grasshopper mower to make my business successful. After retiring in 2012 as a super retirement gift, I purchased a new Model 723K with the 61” out front deck in order to reduce my weed eating time. I would highly recommend to anyone in turf management whether just starting or have an established business to go with the Grasshopper. Great not only for mowing but with the attachments it has to offer, such as the aerator, turbine blower, snow thrower remote vac, snow plow, rotary vac & power vac, it makes each job easier. You will find the Grasshopper very competitive in price, riding comfort with ease of servicing and maintaining. Go for the top of the line, “Go Grasshopper.”

Karen B | Amarillo, TX

This mower works like the time God sent the Plague into Egypt. The Grasshoppers took over the land. Our grasshopper takes over our yard and even sweeps off the sidewalks!

Karla T | Emporia, KS

Well, I love my 72-in,430 diesel,rear discharge Grasshopper. I’ll tell you why. We have our own lawn service. It’s wonderful to mow and not have grass fly all over you. I call my Grasshopper the Cadillac because it is “So much Mower”! It has the Grammer seat and I can mow a lot of grass comfortably! I have mowed with a lot of other mowers and I love the ride of a Grasshopper. I love the zero turn experience. After you mow with a zero turn Grasshopper nothing else compares. I mow a lot of grass every mowing season and my Grasshopper makes it easier. Well, that's my story of why my Grasshopper is “So Much Mower”, hope you enjoy it! Happy Mowing to ya all! P.S. I believe I have exercised excellent judgement in the purchase of my Grasshopper mower!

Lisa S | Opelika, FL

This mower was actually chosen for my husband because we have several lots to cut and he could hardly move from a backache for a couple of days after mowing, but as he began using the mower we realized it was perfect for our handicapped son Mark, he has Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle Bones). Mark has several rental properties and always had to have his dad cut the grass and this mower with the floating seat allows him to ride and not bounce around. The only thing he can’t do is lower the cutting deck. This mower is much more than a mower it has become another step to independence for our son. Now, it's time for him to get his own!

Jimmy C | Enterprise, AL

After retiring from Natural Resource Conservation Service, I began a small lawn care service. I needed a mower I could depend on to get the job done quick and efficient. Grasshopper fit the bill! I own two Grasshoppers and would not use any other kind.

Phillip G | Sibley, MO

My 227 midmount mower is the best! I purchased it in 2008. What a great investment! I can mow my 5 acres in less than 2 hours. Then I can go mow my church yard of 2 acres in less than 1 hour. I have over 500 hours on my mower and I never have had any breakdowns it is a reliable machine. The mower leaves a nice finish and a great looking stripe. I will never buy any mower brand besides Grasshopper.

Diana M | Covington, LA

When my husband was deciding to purchase a new mower a couple of years ago, I told him that I wanted an ultimate driving mower. I enjoy mowing our lawn and I knew some things I wanted out of a mower. I expected it to be reliable, comfortable, fun to drive, and of course most of all to have a great looking lawn when I was finished my “drive”. After a couple of days of research, my husband and I drove to a local lawn mower dealership who sold Grasshoppers. After talking with the owner and taking a “test drive”, we were sold. The Grasshopper is just “so much more mower” than any other we have ever owned and it makes the job so fast and easy. I almost prefer driving my mower than driving my car and our 32 year old one acre lawn has never looked better.

Elijah J | Midland City, AL

No one loves to cut grass, but every one loves cutting with the best. My 428D Grasshopper came with an hydraulic deck and 28hp Kubota diesel engine. It's fast and very powerful. So now you have a choice: you can cut and ride with the best or stay back with the rest. My Grasshopper make my grass nice to look at.

Robert W | Center, KY

I am 65 and on my third Grasshopper. I was convinced from my first ride that this is the only mower for me, I mow about 3 acres around the house and farm (even fence lines). It mows and trims with one pass and gives me time to fish with my grandsons. Since I have gotten older and with arthritis the air ride seat makes my day a lot easier and the rear discharge is great around buildings and trees. I would not consider anything but a Grasshopper.

Angel H | Hodgenville, KY

My Grasshopper has made me the happiest ever. I can have my huge yard mowed within 1 hour when it use to take me 3. I couldn't be happier with the Grasshopper.

Don G | Bellefontaine, OH

My wife and I have “His and Her” 2012 Grasshoppers. We mow 5+ acres on our farm near Bellefontaine, Ohio. Our first Grasshopper was purchased in 1980. The Grasshopper gave us so much power and it was so easy to use and efficient. With a lot of area to mow, when the time to do the job was cut in half, the only mowers we have used for the last 32 years have been Grasshoppers. Our property has many trees and a lot of landscaping. Jean (my wife) uses her 930D (72”cut) front-mount, because the zero-turn feature easily trims this area. I use my 430D(72”cut) mid-mount to mow around the outlying buildings, barnyard, and side ditches. Our local dealer has all of our business as they are very accommodating, have a great supply of parts, and excellent service. We have had very little maintenance on the Grasshoppers, and we find this company the best with which to deal. We are sold on this high quality product, for its easy ride, even cut, low maintenance, and for the decrease in the amount of time the “mower power” of the Grasshopper provides. They can do a great job in a lot less time. Many people compliment us on how well-manicured we keep our farm with the use of the Grasshoppers.

Julius W | Folsom, LA

I purchased my first Grasshopper mower, Model 618, with a 48” front mount deck in 1998. In February of 2011, I purchased a Model 620 T equipped with a 52” front mount power fold deck. This machine was purchased from Circle D Lawn Equipment Company located in Covington, LA. The front mount deck eliminates a lot of work with a trimmer. The power fold deck makes the changing of blades very quick and easy. In less than five minutes, I can install a new set of of blades!

Dale D | Bismarck, ND

Over the past three decades we have had multiple mowers including John Deere, Cub Cadet, Lawn Boy and finally the best mower by far is our 2011 Grasshopper 735 air cooled Grasshopper with a 70” deck. Our son and his son love to ride the Grasshopper -- with all the proper eye and ear protection, of course! That little two-year-old can grab the handles when seated on his dad’s lap and make it go around in circles. He always asks to ride on “Dampa’s lawnmower!” After using mine, our son bought his own 2008 Grasshopper a 722 diesel model. We have hundreds of trees on approximately seven acres of land that we mow at our cabin, and the Grasshopper has eliminated most of the weed-wacking and I have not had to use my Bobcat with the finish mower. The Grasshopper is "so much mower" than just a lawn mower, it’s saving countless hours of fun that we can now spend with the grandkids!

Sylvester T | Otterville, MO

In all my 86 years have never had such an easy mower to operate. I use it all over the farm, and still going strong.

Roger H | Washington, IN

I have had 11 Grasshoppers over the years. My lawn is not level, one of the things I like so well is the way the the mower goes with the lay of the lawn and always cuts so nice and even, no matter how uneven. We have a lot of landscaping to mow around with a lot of pine trees with low branches. The deck out in front allows to get under the trees and around landscaping. These are very good mowers and I will continue to have them for my lawn very low maintenance. Thanks, Grasshopper!

David K | Live Oak, FL

As a young man working my way through college I worked at Bunton Mowers in Louisville, KY. I enjoyed putting the pieces together like a puzzle and welding them. I learned there what quality was and Bunton does make a quality product. So when my wife and I bought a 10+ acre farm we knew that we needed quality in a mower. We considered a Bunton (among many others). However, we chose a Grasshopper because they have the same quality welds and most of all NO STAMPED parts to deform or rust! After putting over 140 hours on my mower in less then one year I have to say that the Grasshopper exceeds the quality of the Bunton. We made the right decision with, what we consider, our investment, and the only mower we will ever have to purchase again. Thank you all at the Grasshopper team for taking pride in your work and making such a fine product.

Allen H | Kalamazoo, MI

I love my Grasshopper mower so much, I bought a second! Not a single break down with the original mower and I expect the same with the new one! They are both easy to use. The construction is excellent. The tip up deck gives easy access to the blades. I had another zero turn mower and it couldn't begin to compare to my Grasshoppers. It doesn't mow (live) here anymore...

Robert L | Frostproof, FL

We have owned a grasshopper lawn mower machine for about three years and have used it every day. We use it with gardening, hauling fertilizer, tools, spraying and etc and just transportation. Once we were asked, “What can you say about a Grasshopper Lawn Mower Machine?” It looks like a lawn mower should look. It cranks over and starts when I turn the key. It runs good and has a lot of power. It has a lot of safety features. It is comfortable and easy to operate. It cuts two acres of grass once a week. It does what we need it to do. It turns around like a dolly. Its maintenance is very low. It can park it in a space the same size. What else can we say about a Grasshopper Lawn Mower Machine?

Harlan S | Bettendorf, IA

My wife and I love our 727K for its ease of mowing, trimming and with the power lift for cleaning. We have this one at our home where we mow about two acres. We also have two at one of businesses where we mow about five acres (one a midmount, and one a big diesel), then we have one more frontmount at our shop where we mow about three acres. We are Grasshopper people. Thanks for a great product.

Dennis S | New Baden, IL

Our family farm was just awarded a centennial award from the State of Illinois. We hope to keep it in the family for another hundred years and then some. We are hoping our twin grandsons can take some of the workload in the coming years and they can start with using our twin Grasshoppers so Grandma won’t have to mow the grass every week.

Ginger O | Murray, KY

There once was a girl named Ginger that loved to mow her lawn but just couldn't seem to find the right one. This quest started in 1988 when she and her husband Kenny married. He first purchased a Snapper and it was way too small. Then he purchased her a John Deere lawn tractor, it was way too slow. Next was a John Deere rear engine lawnmower but the engine would bog down in the grass. Ginger never gave up hope! So, Kenny thought, "I will buy her a Kubota zero turn mid mount deck mower!" With her yard, to include steep inclines and a creek she slid into the creek every week! Kenny, being very tired of being called to rescue her decided to call the Grasshopper Man and he brought over the Grasshopper 725D...Ginger said, ”This is SO MUCH MOWER!” and they all lived happily ever after.

Arthur H | Hamden, OH

We have over 5 acres to mow. The grasshopper is fast and efficient! My wife tells me I look sexy mowing the lawn. Not only that, but it saves me time and money. Love it!!!

Whitney R | Moro, IL

I love my Grasshopper mower. #1) The mower goes in close places. #2) The mower goes up and down hills. #3) When I have finished mowing my lawn, I have no trimming to do. The front deck on the mower goes in and under bushes. #4) I love the front deck for what it can do and the fact that is raises up, that makes it easy for cleaning under the deck. Also makes it very easy to sharpen the blades. Also, after mowing it is very safe for me and my son Hunter to go for a ride and cool off.

Ardean S | Smithdale, MS

I purchased my Grasshopper in January, 2009. Since I purchased it, all of my friends and neighbors are fascinated with the ease and level of performance of this amazing machine. One of my neighbors had already purchased a Grasshopper, and after watching mine perform, another friend and another neighbor are contemplating buying one. This amazing machine cuts a six acre pasture in one and a half hours, compared to four hours, previously, with my tractor and Bushhog. On a hot day like the ones we are having this summer, that could be a life saver. Those are just some of the reasons that my Grasshopper is “So Much Mower.” It underscores the slogan on the Grasshopper cap that says: “Grasshopper, your next mower.”

Virlon Starr | Danville, IL

I am a 79 year old retired farmer and heavy equipment operator. I have had 4 Grasshopper mowers and the mower I have now is a rear discharge mower. I can now mow and not even get dirty. I consider this mower the top of the line. I have always lived on a farm and always mow 3-4 acres, so I have had a lot of mowers in my 79 years. I now mow 4 acres and it only takes me 2 1/2 hours. I have been extremely pleased with all 4 Grasshoppers, but this one is special!!!

Chance W | Hastings, NE

I recently upgraded to my second Grasshopper mower. I traded my 2010 616T in for a 2012 725D. I ordered my 725D with the 52 inch powerfold deck and the triple bagger grass catcher. Both of these upgrades have saved me time and allowed me to take on many extra mowing jobs that I was not able to handle with my first mower which was only equipped with a 44 inch manual adjust deck and a twin bagger. My upgrade to the diesel engine allows me to work longer without needing to stop and refuel. It also helps cut back on fuel costs as it is much more efficient than a gas engine. I love how all Grasshopper mowers are well built with steel rather than plastic. They produce a high quality finish cut that keeps my commercial and residential accounts looking great all season long.

Donald R | Seneca, SC

I have owned several mowers in the past several years but none gave me the finished excellence that My Grasshopper does. Along with performance, I have the convenience of a tilt deck which not only makes my job much easier but saves me a lot of time sharpening and replacing blades. The placement of 6 grease fittings makes it a fast, effortless service ordeal. Last but not least, the vacuum system goes on and off in just a matter of seconds making it an easy transition for those that want me to pick up the clippings. Dumping the clippings is an easy task while I still remain on the mower. And for those of us that recycle, I feed the clippings to my cows. What a savings in time and money.

Jimmie M | Qulin, MO

I have owned Grasshopper Mowers since 1999. This is my second mower. I like the way it mows and the fuel consumption. I like the fact that it mows close and I don’t have to do a lot of trim work. We own 5 acres and most of it is in yard and orchard that I mow. With my first mower I did a lot of custom mowing and all my customers were amazed that I could get the job done so neat and efficient in such a short time.

Edwin S | Davenport, IA

When shopping for my lawn machine, I knew I needed a lot of mower. I was looking for a zero turn machine, that satisfied my list of needs; precise and easily adjustable cutting length, elimination of most trimming, no tearing turf on short turns, a front mount enabling me to mow under overhanging shrubs, easy sharpening and maintenance, a next day access to parts and a service center, and a smooth, reliable riding mower that would be a pleasure to operate. After hearing my needs, the dealer had me test mow a Grasshopper 722D and it exceeded all my requirements. I combine the mower with a Grasshopper vacuum system when needed, and after five years use on my four acre lawn, I am completely satisfied and consider this investment an invaluable timesaver. My Grasshopper makes this formerly tedious chore more enjoyable and my acreage has never looked better. Grasshopper, I couldn't ask for more mower! Thanks!

Glenn W | Franklin, PA

We like our Grasshopper mower as it has cut our mowing time by almost 1/2 and we like the front deck as we mow around a lot of trees and it makes it so easy. We mow around 11 acres and like the way the mower handles. This is the third Grasshopper we have had. We had one gasoline and now this is the second diesel one we have had. We think there is nothing like a Grasshopper. We have 5 different people who use the mower, and we all like it.

James & Julie P | Grand Rapids, MI

Our Grasshopper makes our lives easier and FUN! We mow over 4 acres throughout the spring, summer, and fall while relaxing and soaking up some sun. Then, we use our Grasshopper to snow blow our 1/3 mile long driveway in the sometimes harsh Michigan winters! We actually HOPE it snows so we can suit up and throw some snow. Finding a family member to mow or snowblow is easy because everybody wants to cruise around on our year ‘round toy!

Jesse N | Homer, NE

Hello, my name is Jesse. The mower we operate is our 727 Grass Hopper with a Powerfold Duramax 61 deck. I think it has roughly 400 hours on it. This is the second one we have purchased and has been a huge asset. We upkeep roughly 5 acres of land with this weekly and it has proven itself time and time again.

Jim D | Shippensburg, PA

I used to mow my 4 acre lawn with a 6’ wide belly mover attached to a 33HP tractor. The belly mower attachment alone weighed over 600 lbs. so, as you can imagine, I only removed the mower deck once per year. I now own a 725D Front Mount Grasshopper 725D with a with a 5’ deck. Not only do I mow in about 1/2 the time but it is so easy to clean the deck and routinely sharpen the blades. The Grasshopper is one of the best purchases I've ever made! The Grasshopper with the vacuum attachment is “SO MUCH MOWER!”

Elaine R | Greens Fork, IN

I have “so much mower” since I replaced my husband with a Grasshopper 727! Here are the Top 10 benefits of my 727! 10. Cut my mowing time in HALF, now I can float in the pond on my raft! 9. Less time trimming, mower time for swimming. 8. She rides like air, it sure beats going to the fair! 7. Mower time for R & R, even after waxing the mower AND the car. 6. 8 gallon gas tank means mower time mowing, less time re-fueling. 5. Standard work lights mean no rushed feeling when night falls. 4. No need to worry whether this mower will start each time, Grasshoppers start on a dime! 3. PowerFold deck makes clean up a cinch! 2. No worries if I lose my job, I can start my own lawn care business. 1. I can have my grass and mow it too!

Janet L | Adrian, MI

We bought our Grasshopper Mower on November 14th, 2007. My husband couldn't wait to try it out even though it was November! At first I was a little intimidated by this machine but once I learned how to operate it, I was amazed at the ease of handling. We have a lot of trees and the Grasshopper goes right around them with ease. The job of mowing the lawn is no longer dreaded and is done in half the time. The blades are in front of the machine and it’s very easy to raise the blades up and clean the grass out from under them. No more having to go up ramps to clean mower blades. We are very happy with our Grasshopper!

Frank D | Hanson, MA

I have 6 acres out of 10 acres which are mowable. Mowing has never been easier than when I purchased my Grasshopper zero turn mower. Nothing stops it, even 16 inch tall green grass is no challange. Come try my mower!!! Regards, Frank

Jonnie W | Kokomo, IN

My Grasshopper mower is so much more mower than any other brand I have ever owned. I love the convenience of pushing one switch to raise the deck. It makes cleaning a breeze. This is my fourth one and I will continue to buy only Grasshopper mowers.

Deb S | Kenesaw, NE

Easy to maneuver, get around objects, bushes and tree’s! Comfortable seat, easy to get off and on! Can mow the yard faster than with our old tractor style! With the powerfold deck easy to clean and change blades!

Lawrence A | Rock Spring, GA

I have 2 acres plus at home and that much more at rental property. The grasshopper makes it so much easier and faster to get the job done.

Jimmy P | Mt. Pleasant, TX

My wife and I live on a 238 acre farm in beautiful Northeast Texas, where there is always more to do than there are hours in the day to do it. We are both working jobs off the farm to support the farming habit. My widowed Mother-in-law lives close by and I have taken on the responsibility of mowing her yard also. Both yards are a total of approximately four acres. Prior to buying my Grasshopper, it was taking me over four hours to do the mowing. I can now mow both yards in an hour and a half, leaving me more time for other chores. My Grasshopper Mower, you are Oh “So Much Mower”. With your power and speed, I can really soar. You can circle a tree and spin on a dime. Oh Grasshopper Mower you save me so much time!

Anton B | Lena, IL

Using a piece of equipment all year around is important to me for my way of life. The Grasshopper 721DT diesel mower is perfect for my outdoor all year around landscaping needs. Whether I’m using my Grasshopper for snow removal on my drive way, leaf collecting or just manicuring my lawn, it is a joy to operate this powerful and dependable machine through many conditions and seasons. It is particularly nice not having to worry about if it will start and perform to my high expectations.

Grace H | Shelbyville, KY

30 Horsepower- 72” deck, precision edge, my new Grasshopper is so much mower. Even with a 72” deck on my new 30 horsepower frontmount mower it does not change the maneuverability around landscaping. My mower handles just as well around a stone in a cemetery as it does in the wide open ground. It continues to give the same manicured cut as the smaller decks. With the adjustable handlebars and the suspension seat it allows for comfort when mowing for extended periods. These are just a few reasons why my Grasshopper is so much mower!!

Carrie H | Resseville, WI

As a mother of nine children, my days are filled with many chores and responsibilities. There are those that I dread having to do, such as endless laundry and dirty dishes. But I love my days I get to cut my lawn! My grasshopper lawnmower is one of the best things I've ever received, and it makes cutting the lawn a breeze. We have about 2 acres to cut, including a fruit orchard, and my front mount mower makes cutting around the trees a snap. I love the speed, which cuts the time I need to spend away from the kids in half. I won’t even let my teenagers cut the lawn, that’s Mom’s job!

Frank F | Miami, OK

I've owned and operated Swisher, Snapper and Cub Cadet mowers, tractors and zero turn rigs, but when I use my zero turn Grasshopper, “It’s a yard above” all the other mowers. The mower has never let me down when it comes to cutting the high grass or when finish mowing my church's grounds. At times I've even had grasshoppers jump on board and take a ride with me. Like I said this mower is “the best in my book.” You just can’t beat a Grasshopper mower.

Tom C | Oak Grove, MO

I have had a lot of mowers and this grasshopper is the best. It has never let me down and cuts great with out any problems. It has a great ride and very reliable. I let a lot of people use this mower and everyone has loved it.

Ken R | Cannon Falls, MN

As custodian of Saint Pius V Church my duties include mowing the church grounds as well as the cemetery. When asked by the parish board to look at a new mower, the first thing on my list was to have a rear discharge deck. I compared all the manufacturers and the Grasshopper with its four blade deck for even distribution did the best job. With no grass blown on headstones, buildings or sidewalks, it is the answer to my prayers. The mower has all the power I need and it handles like a dream! With zero turn and mid mounted deck I am always cutting grass which cuts my mowing time almost in half. It has a very even cut so one pass always matches up with the last one. Our dealer has been great with setup and answering any questions. Thank you for such a great machine!!

Brandon D | Sale City, GA

My Grasshopper mower is “So Much Mower” because it handles the toughest and biggest jobs that I have. It makes easy work out of what used to be my hardest. It handles the South Georgia heat and humidity and thick Bahia grass that we have to deal with and leaves a professional cut every time. And as you can tell, it totes a big guy while doing it. Thanks Grasshopper!

Jean L | Chandler, OK

We returned from vacation and found the "So Much Mower" Grasshopper postcard. So this morning, I put our new 725D to the test. It has amazing power for a most unusual use. We have been planting Chestnut and various Fruit trees on 20’ and 30’ centers in our new Orchard over the past two years! Nearly 16 acres or 900 trees are planted on our rolling hills terrain. The 725D has been awesome to mow between trees and above irrigation. It allows us to mow extremely close to the trees without damaging them or nicking the branches and then raise the mower deck so we can mow over the irrigation drip line emitters without damaging the lines. What a wonderful and very fuel efficient unit. Thanks GRASSHOPPER!

John A | Wanda, MN

My wife and I are the proud owners of a 727 Grasshopper mower. We have a three acre lawn at our home at the edge of town. We are also the caretakers of our local church cemetery. There are so many things we love about this machine, just to mention a few: 1. We love the back discharge which protects the monuments at the cemetery. 2. We love how the deck lifts at the push of a button for easy cleaning and maintaining blades. 3. We have many evergreen trees and this front mount glides easily under and around. Many compliments are paid to us by the people in our town and we are proud owners of our 727 Grasshopper mower!

Leland C | Cave City, KY

My family has owned Grasshopper mowers for many years. My father and I both had mowers and mowed our lawns, farm pasture lots and fence rows. When my father passed away in 2010, I needed a stronger mower so I could do all the mowing in less time. I traded dad’s 20 hp and my 18 hp mowers for a powerhouse 35 hp. Now, I can do “So Much Mower” in less time.

Mark W | Topeka, KS

My “Goldilocks” story begins with my “Bearish” 9 acres containing numerous fenced trees, bushes, and various ornamental grasses. The AC WD-45, with a 3PT finish mower behind, was too big to mow around all the obstacles and too heavy, which left “Claw” marks in the yard. The Sears garden tractor was more maneuverable but too slow and “Cublike” which left uneven cuts in the yard. My Grasshopper 620 is easy to ride, very maneuverable around the obstacles, covers a lot of ground in a shortened amount of time, and leaves an even cutting surface. I can now get a good night’s sleep and have time for some occasional porridge. In fact, I now feel “Just Right”....and give lots of “Bear” hugs.

Steve G | Bluffton, IN

Our Grasshopper frontmount and midmount diesel units keep the OCI Mowing crews running smoothly all day long. With power to spare and excellent fuel efficiency, our Grasshoppers reduce our operating costs while improving productivity.

Don P | Friendsville, TN

The features that I enjoy are: the grass is cut evenly at all times, runs very smooth, and sets higher than other mowers which enables you to see all your surroundings at all times. Ever since I got the mower it’s a dream come true, which makes me want to mow more than I have. That makes the Grasshopper so much mower.

Toni R | Eustis, NE

Our family has a commercial lawn mowing business, and currently own two 700 series Grasshopper mowers. In August 2011, we added a chocolate lab pup to our family. He immediately loved to spend time with us, and also loved riding on the Grasshoppers with us each time we had lawns that we were needing to mow. We all realize that we have “so much mower” of a mower and dog!

Cheryl H | West Fargo, ND

My dad -- Don, 88 years young -- is a retired North Dakota farmer. But as it goes with most farmers, he needed a job to do so appointed himself head ditch-mower. It was imperative for him to contribute to the farm his son Brad took over. He knew he could help achieve a better crop yield by keeping the weeds down in the field. And the best way was to mow the ditches surrounding each field. He’s been doing that with his Grasshopper mower since 2000. And anyone who knows “Donnie K” knows he likes the best. So every three years he upgrades. Now on his 4th generation Grasshopper, he proudly mows tough, nasty growth over rough terrain. And he’s particularly proud of his Grasshopper. He wears his Grasshopper belt buckle and hat every day, including Sundays at church. He even displays a model Grasshopper at his home. You couldn't find a better Grasshopper champion!


HELP! I've been demoted! Since I bought a new Grasshopper lawn mower, I love the way it cuts, handles and takes half the time of our previous lawn mower. However, since my wife got on the new Grasshopper mower (to try it out) I can’t get it back! She now demands she does all of the mowing for our five acres and is looking for more grass to cut. Since we have the new Grasshopper, my wife can cut more grass now than ever, in half the time. She just can’t get enough! However, since I've been demoted from using our new Grasshopper, I have more time to go fishing and riding my motorcycle, while she cruises on her Grasshopper mower!

Karen W | Glasgow, MO

I had a JD rider prior to 725DT6. The time to mow with Grasshopper was reduced by one hour. Maneuverability, ease of operation, ease of maintenance and pre-mow check list to assure good running was/is important to me. In addition, clean-up is easy and quick with front-deck lift system. Thank you Grasshopper engineers!

Glen K | Mendon, MI

Being 83 years young, I had trouble turning the steering wheel on my lawn mower tractor and wanted something that was easier. I wanted a zero turn mower but didn't want to spend the money for a lawn mower alone, so I looked at the Grasshopper because of the added implements that it had also. I bought the 723 with the 52” deck so I could get between some of my trees and shrubs. I started mowing and my wife (photo) watched while I “played” in the yard. She thought I had too much fun so she wanted to try the mower. She had so much fun that I haven’t been able to mow the yard since. She beats me to the mower every time. Hopefully, I buy the snowthrower later.

Earl S | Raymond, IL

I have had Grasshopper mowers since they came out. I have owned 3 until I bought this 61” new Grasshopper which makes 4. I love this new 61” with front deck which raises up. Also, it is amazing the power my new one has. I wouldn't own anything except a Grasshopper. We have a large lawn 2 hours to mow.

Indiana | Columbus, IN

I mow 5 acres every week on our farm. I am on my second Grasshopper (wore the first one out after many years and hours). It does a terrific job, and it's like riding a Cadillac. I have a diesel as I have to pull up some hills. I have ridden other mowers, but I am soooo glad we spent the money and bought the best!

Angelo S | Greenville, PA

My wife and I retired and bought an eleven-acre corn field. I mow about 3 1/2 acres which use to take me about 14 hours to mow. The cut was all but useless. It was with a regular mower. I saw an add for your zero-turn mower, now I do it in about three hours. The cleaning of the unit is almost effortless. The cut looks professional and the unit is very easy to maintain. If you want a mower that is easy to take care of and want a professional cut, no doubt, get a grasshopper. you will be amazed! Thank you for my Hopper.

Willis V | Hendersonville, NC

We live on the very top of Mt. Hebron which is a steep area of 9 acres and before we bought the Grasshopper we used a tractor and bush hog and it took two-and-a-half days to mow and we still had to mow around the house with a small riding mower which took another half-day. Now we mow both in six-and-a-half to seven hours. We absolutely love this mower, have had no trouble with it, and the appearance of our property looks five hundred percent better. Thank you Grasshopper!

Jack H | Excelsior Springs, MO

We have a fenced in garden, 50' by 50'. Each fall I mulch the leaves and put them in the garden. They set all winter and when spring comes, my wife rakes the mulched laves back where she plants all her vegetables. When the vegetables get a certain height, she rakes the leaves back in around the plants. We never have any weeds in our garden and it is similar to walking on carpeting when you are in the garden. We will never be without our grasshopper, especially if we continue to have a garden and a yard that is over 3 acres. Thank you very much grasshopper.

C Gary T | Claxton, GA

I am enjoying my retirement years caring for the beauty of over 2500 acres. These acres include areas around two (2) ponds and two (2) gated entrances into a 1700-acrea hunting plantation. Obviously I needed "mower" than the "run-of-the-mill" equipment. The 61" 300 series, air cooled Grasshopper was the answer for me. It's a champion at tackling high and wet grass and the ease of handling and zero turning makes me feel like a champion too.

Wendell H | Ryder, ND

I have lived on the family farm south of Ryder, ND my entire life. The only time I was away was when I served in the Army. I enjoyed my years of farming and ranching and am so thankful my wife and I can continue to live on the farm now that I am retired. I am now 88 years young and find great joy in hopping on my Grasshopper mower and tending to the yard work. I leave the crop planting to the younger folks now!

Leonard O | Savage, MT

The grasshopper that I purchased from Tri-County Implement in Sidney, Montana has served me well and I am thinking of purchasing my 3rd one. I mow 6 farmsteads and I am able to do this even though I was born August the 8 in 1923 I will be celebrating my 90th birthday in 10 days. The grasshopper makes it possible for me at my age to continuing cutting lawns every week. I am looking forward to my next grasshopper and hope to be using it when I am 100.

John S | Bluefield, WV

I am very happy with my decision to purchase a Grasshopper 727T mower. I mow 4-plus acres of grass, including around and in between over 50 shrubs. My Grasshopper maneuvers effortlessly, and is so fast and comfortable to use. Cleaning the front mounted deck is quick and easy. Thanks to my Grasshopper, I now have more time to enjoy my favorite summer activities.

Fred B | Central City, KY

We have owned a 700 series mower for 14 years to mow our 5 plus acre yard, but after our retirement my wife Sue said she would like to help out with the mowing so we went to our Grasshopper dealer in Greenville Ky. (4-Seasons outdoor equipment) where Mike Mundy gave her a great deal on a new 700 series mower. So now we share the mowing duties, and truly love our Grasshoppers.

Timothy and Carolyn R | DuBois, PA

We the Tim Robertson's are the proud owners of Grasshopper equipment since 1997 for our two acre home lawn. Inheriting responsibility for an additional five acres of lawn care at a nearby farmhouse, where my husband grew up, isn't easy but doable thanks to owning reliable Grasshopper equipment. The Grasshopper cuts a more manicured looking lawn in half the time with more ease in operation, maneuverability and maintenance. In 2003 Tim fought stage 4 pancreatic cancer with surgery, chemo and radiation. With determination in himself and the Grasshopper's reputation behind him he follows a "Get R Done" motto. The Grasshopper receives regular maintenance and in return it works hard and stays in good repair. In 2010 we upgraded to a new Grasshopper. Our used equipment sold the same day the for sale sign when up in our yard. This past April our newspaper featured Tim on it's front page readying the Grasshopper for the upcoming mowing season. At his 50th high school reunion in June a blow up poster of that photo was displayed. Tim is now a 10 year cancer survivor continuing to make our properties proud with his Grasshopper partner!

Francine N | Momence, IL

Francine and Michael Nelson and their sons Doug and Sam mow 2 cemetery and 7 acres of yard on their farm by Momence Illinois. They like the efficiency of their grasshoppers to get the job done fast and hard working machines

Trish F | Simpsonville, KY

I love my Grasshopper Mower for a variety of reasons. It not only is comfortable to ride, and very easy to use, it also gives me a break from the busy chaos of my wonderful family. Sometimes, I just need a little "me" time. The Grasshopper allows me to escape to the beautiful outdoors and think clearly about what my priorities are as I mow each row. I think I am a better mom and spouse because I have this time to reflect. I owe my mental health to my Grasshopper mower!

Jason S | Chipley, FL

My Grasshopper mowers are "So Much Mower" because they have been through one of the wettest summers in recent Florida history and never skips a beat. In Florida, we have long summers and our equipment is used year around. We at Suggs Lawn Service are a small, family owned, lawn care service and we appreciate the fact that our Grasshoppers purchased from Lanes Outdoor Equipment Inc. are easily maintained. That's one of the reasons that we have used Grasshopper mowers from the time the business was started, six years ago, and why we plan to continue to use Grasshopper mowers in the future.

Justin M | Lisbon, NY

My Grasshopper 620T is " So much mower" for many reasons. At our home we put the machine to the test everyday. Our lawn consist of 150 Christmas Trees, Sugar maples, a fruit orchard, and 5 acres of heavy grass which is not exactly on level terrain. The mower chews through this like it is nothing and is hungry for more. To continue the workout through the seasons we put on the Snowblower attachment and wait anxiously for snow. The storm in the photo dropped 22 inches on the level, drifting more, and I had 100 yards of driveway clean in no time. The blower blasted through drifts and sent snow flying 53 feet from the side of the driveway. To show one more reason why I am so happy with this mower, is that I deal with large equipment daily. Coming from working on a 6500 cow dairy with tractors up to 475 hp, it was hard for me to be pleased on lesser machines. We tried many others and they were just toys compared to the grasshopper. This machine has proven itself to me in every way and I couldn't be happier. This is why my Grasshopper is "So much Mower" and why this is the machine for me.

Robert P | Pinckneyville, IL

I like my grasshopper mower because it has the ability to lift itself up in the front, which makes it easier for an old man like me to change and sharpen the blades on it. It also cuts my mowing time in half, no pun intended. Like I always say, "This is an old man's dream."

Ray W | Elizabethtown, KY

My husband purchased our first Grasshopper in 2001. Traded for a new one in 2004,2005,2007 and 2011.Recently he decided tp trade again(for no good reason)but decided to keep it since his friend and salesman said it was in great shape.Ray is soon to be 89 and I'll be 86.Since I've been banned from riding my bike I decided to learn to use the grasshopper.It is just as much fun and safer!We live on 100 acres and mow 5 of it.He mows around the fruit trees and garden.I still have to learn a few trimming tricks

Todd H | Morganfield, KY

I have been around grasshopper mowers sense I was 13 working with a lawn crew for 8 years I decided to start my own business. I've bought over 6 machines by now and have put thousands of hours on grasshopper mowers my self. I've been in business over ten years now and still to this day run only grasshopper mowers. I believe I know the machine I use better than anyone. I do no have employees I do all the work myself. Please contact me and I will give you some good suggestions on things to change and improve the machines.

Todd H | Morganfield, KY

I have been around Grasshopper mowers since I was 13 working with a lawn crew for 8 years I decided to start my own business. I've bought over 6 machines by now and have put thousands of hours on Grasshopper mowers my self. I've been in business over ten years now and still to this day run only Grasshopper mowers.

Greg J | Nova, OH

Our Grasshopper mower has been one of our best investments! With our old mower it took us about 3 hours to mow 6 acres - with the Grasshopper it now takes us an hour and 25 minutes from start to finish! June was such a rainy month and the grass got so long - it was nothing for the Grasshopper- it cut wet grass with ease and muddy patches were no match-even on small hills. And of course the best feature is now I look darn good mowing!!!

Brian H | Scottsville, KY

I Have Been Running Grasshopper Mowers For 14 Yrs and the Reliability is Awesome and They serve My Purpose Good

Ray B | Sarasota, FL

I mow about 3 acres including my lawn. My Grasshopper mower is mower than a good ride. Zero turn around the dozens of Oaks and Palms shortens the task down to about 4 hours. My wife call my mower my toy; I agree.

Roger M | Murray, KY

I love my Grasshopper 620 mower! My husband and I mow anywhere from 3 1/2 to 7 acres every week during the summer. Some of my favorite features are the quick responce and the ease of steering, my mowing time has been cut in half. We also have 4000 feet of white vinyl fencing and many trees and shrubs, this front deck mower makes that job much easier and trimming is a breeze. My husband loves the feature of the lift deck because this makes sharpening and cleaning so very easy. This is an issue when you are 78 years young. Another favorite regarding the lift deck is the lack of space it requires for storage. We now store two mowers in the space of one. The only thing I would change about my Grasshopper would be for the engine to be a diesel and that will be on my list for my next new Grasshopper mower.

Herman F | Lisbon, ND

Just love my Grasshopper,the ease of handling,the short turns you can do and be right back mowing the other direction in less time then ever. The wife likes it too we used to both mow with rider mowers now I get the job done in the same amount of time it used to take us both together, this gives her more time to take care of the flowerbeds.

Mike N | San Antonio, TX

We have been using Grasshopper manufactured units since 1992 in our commercial mowing business - that says something for the machine quality because we put these units to work most of the year! Our operators jump off the units at the end of the long day looking refreshed and ready for another 10 hours!

Peter D | Makanda, IL

Black Jack Vineyards purchased its 725D in 2011. We mow over 10 acres with it and absolute love it. The front mount style allows for us to mow underneath the vines in the vineyard. The fuel efficiency and the ride are top notch. The power fold deck allows for easy access to the blades for sharpening. We highly recommend this product!!!

Jim T | Lost Creek, WV

I was very sick in 2011. I was in the hospital from Oct. 31 2011 to March 7, 2012. When i came home I could no longer walk. With the help of a lot of therapy I got strong enough to walk again, but my feet are still numb and I have a lot of back pain. I could no longer use my old lawn mower. I needed a lawn mower I could drive with my hands and that I could raise the mower deck with out straing my back, The lawn mower fit my every need. The easist lawn mower to mow with made on the market today.

Mary G | Racine, WI

We have had several Grasshopper mowers in the last 15 years. Rising fuel cost made us consider diesel and we purchased a 721D. As we cleared addtional land we have maintained both an expansive amount of grass while adding the "English Forest" look to other areas. Once we together reached 8+ hours of grass cutting with a lawn tractor and 721D we decided to add another front mount, a 725D. Cutting has now gone from 16 hours to 8 not to mention fuel cost savings. The family that cuts together stays together.

Lori M | New Lenox, IL

Our home is located on a 2.5 acre lot. That means a lot of grass to cut! I generally mow the lawn twice a week. Because of the speed and maneuverability of my Grasshopper mower (a 721 with a 61” adjustable height deck), I get the property done quickly. When I saw my first Grasshopper in 1985, I didn’t think I would like it because of its lack of steering wheel. Today, I couldn't imagine cutting the grass with any other type of mower. It’s quick, easy to operate, and has made the neighbors envious of my lawn. (So envious that two neighbors purchased a Grasshopper of their own!) I don’t cut the grass just because it needs to be cut. I cut the grass because I enjoy being on my mower. My Grasshopper leaves me with a beautiful uniform lawn that makes me proud.

Linda H | Reading, PA

My dad had a Grasshopper mower for 16 years that he left me use. A few years ago I sold it at a sale. That was a big mistake! I was using another riding mower and couldn't wait to get a grasshopper again. The ride is so much smoother on a Grasshopper and raising the deck makes it so much easier to clean. The only problem was that my husband and I could not find the latch release to lower it. I send an e-mail to The Grasshopper Company and got a prompt response from Dick Z, at their help desk. When you have good equipment to mow the lawn it takes half the time to get it done. That leaves so much more time for me to play my banjo and for my husband and I to go fishing.

David W | Auburn, AL

In our 23 years of marriage this is our third mower. We have owned a Garden Lawn Tractor, another zero turn mower, and now a Grasshopper. All three had vacuums on them and none compare to our Grasshopper. We get a professional look with every cut without paying professionals to cut it. When we helped out a neighbor and mowed his yard he couldn't quit thanking us for how great his lawn looked. He said it was the best it had ever looked since he has been there. Our neighbors always compliment us on how great our lawn looks. We owe it to our Grasshopper and that is why it is so much mower.

Chris S | Sylvester, GA

I own a lawn service where we are an exclusive Grasshopper Mower operating company. We use both the 900 series and 300 series liquid cooled diesel mowers. I am contracted by the City of Sylvester where we maintain all of the City owned properties. I have found that with Grasshopper Mowers simplicity of operation and maintenance it has allowed us to operate with more efficiently. The City of Sylvester's historical monument "Train 100" pictured with my submission is one of the sites that are most recognized in SW Georgia where we maintain the site with Grasshopper Mowers.

Miriam W | Middleburg, PA

Hello My Name Is Miriam, To My Understanding This Is To Be A Short Story About Why My Grasshopper Is So Much More Mower Well If I Am To Tell You That This Will Not Be A Short Story. Hopefully By The Picture You Can Tell What Our 930D Front Mount Is up Against , 8 Acres Of Grass And 200 Plus Trees To Mow Around. My Husband And A Friend Bought The 930D For Me, Before The Grasshopper My Husband Mowed With A Regular Tractor It Took Him 12 To 14 Hours To Finish The Whole Yard After We Got The Grashopper I Can Mow The Whole Thing In Just Under 8 Hours , The Speed Around Trees And Just Straight Mowing Is Amazing Not To Mention The Quality Of Cut The Front Mount Mower Just Floats Over The Yard And My Husband Says The Stand Up Feature Is So Important To Him For Cleaning Out Under The Deck And Changing Blades For Someone His Age, I Won't Tell You His Real Age Lets Just Say 50 Something. Another Thing We Love Is The Service We Get From Grasshopper And our Dealer Hilly Ridge Sales And Service Between The Two It Is Eazy To Own And Run Thru The Dirt A Grasshopper Tractor And With The Diesel Engine The Amount Of Acres Per Gallon Is Very Impressive. To Give You A Clue How Fast My Tractor Is, I Have To Wear My Seat Belt Tight To Keep The Safety Switch In The Seat Connected I Only Weigh 110 Pounds Wet. To Sum It All Up , To Mow With A Grasshopper Is To Own A Grasshopper. Thank You Again Grasshopper For Making Lawn Mowing So Eazy MIRIAM

Kelvin Q | Wooster, OH

Our Grasshopper gets the job done in good time and in all seasons. We have a 61 inch mower with a grass catcher, buffalo blower, and a snow blower. It is very dependable. Thank you, Kelvin

Kenneth S | Washington, IN

We live on a 3 acre plot of ground with lots of trees and landscaping to mow around. The landscaping and yard are results of much labor and time by my wife and myself. So last year when we decided to buy a new mower my wife made it very clear which brand of mower we were getting, a Grasshopper. We had used a Grasshopper several years ago but in the intervening time we had used other brands. While they got the job done they just weren't the same quality and feel as the Grasshopper. Ever since we received our new mower we haven't regretted it and we haven't looked back. The way I look at it anyone can mow their yard but it takes a Grasshopper to manicure it.

Mary R | Zachary, LA

My Grasshopper 721D is so much mower to me because it is the best investment I have ever made! The front deck makes it easy to change the blades. My mowing time is cut in half, and I love to drive it.

John H | Le Mars, IA

My Grasshopper mower is fantastic! I can mow my acreage in about 3.5 hours compared to 10 hours with my previous mower. It is one tough machine that cuts beautifully and can mow thru some of the toughest grass and weeds and even small saplings. The construction of the mower is very solid, I haven't found any weak areas at all. I am impressed on how well it is built. It can mow in very tight areas, and is precise. The maintenance is very simple and easy to do. Raising the deck to clean and maintain underneath makes it easy. I have many trees, fences, and buildings and this mower is very easy to maneuver around stationary objects. I am confident to say that I have probably the best built mower that I could find and the performance reflects upon that.

Fred N | Millstadt, IL

I love mowing with my Grasshopper mowers especially taking care of so many prestigious businesses and churches. The property in this particular photo is mowed with my 227-61" Grasshoppers and the grounds of this church date back to 1699 when the church was built. It has a strong history of french heritage and is noted as it sets next to the Jarrot Mansion and is still a historic log church where mass is attended today. Grasshopper mowers provide a smooth ride, easy low maintenace machine and the flexiblility to manuever around these historic grounds to maintain their natural beauty. I mow and trim these grounds, use my bagging system in the fall and even plow snow on this 314 year old property which is featured as one of St. Louis' most popular places to visit and is open daily for tours.

Steven W | Springfield, MO

My first zero turn mower, WOW, I didn't know what I was missing! I cut my mowing time in half and my lawn looks awesome! The Power Vac Collection System did a great job on the fall leaves and was a huge time saver, I did not even have to leave my seat! The power fold deck makes maintenance a breeze. The mower is comfortable to ride and easy to maneuver around trees as well as under bushes and fences. Clean up is a piece of cake, no awkward maneuvers to clean the deck or change the blades. I look forward to mowing the lawn every time. My wife even enjoys mowing the lawn too! This mower has been a huge blessing it's given me more time to spend with my wife, children and grandchildren. Thank you Grasshopper!

Bud W | St. Charles, IA

I am on my third grasshopper and I just love them. I have had other brands but always come back to Grasshopper. They are a mower in one. I used to have to trim with a walking mower but now with my front deck I can trim closer and faster than a push type mower. I think that it cuts my time in half at this rate. I mow about five acres and time is important. Thank you Grasshopper.

Ray Y | Fair Oaks, CA

I believe the innovations put on this new mower are some of the best yet. It is agile, quick to respond in close quarters such as in among closely placed headstones. Very comfortable operating this piece of equipment. I would recommend this mower to anyone who was considering it for just such landscape work.

Joey C | Cedartown, GA

I’m a true believer in Grasshopper, and I’ve tried about every machine on the market. It’s the easiest and most dependable machine. The way Grasshopper makes the decks is better – it gives a more professional cut. I've been in business cutting lawns for over 20 years and I can't imagine growing my business without Grasshopper. My dad is part of my company, and that makes going to work very special.

John C | Bristol

I own a small lawncare company and I bought my first machine in 1993 it has 3068 hours on it and it's still going! It is however semi-retired and since I loved it so much I bought another one in 2009 with another Kubota engine and attachments. The machine is used throughout the year even in the winter with the snow blower for commercial sidewalks. I have never had a problem with the machine in fact all I have to do is keep up with regular maintenance to keep the machine running strong.

Rick T | Wakarusa, KS

Bought my 616 in 2000. My 2 kids made summer money for 10yrs mowing lawns around our small town while we mowed 1.7 acres of our own. In 16 years I replaced the deck belt twice, and blades twice, and the drive tires once. Now that my wife rides and I push, we traded today for a 623. Tarwater in Topeka was the perfect dealer, they gave us the best deal and I don't have to crawl under the deck anymore. Thanks grasshopper and tarwater.

Butch W | George West, TX

I purchased a used Grasshopper midmount mower several years ago from my local dealer in Tynan, TX. I have put this machine through very rough conditions and it keeps going strong. Last week I purchased a new 725KT frontmount from the same dealer. This thing is a cadillac. Naturally, I have not even broke it in yet but it is such a pleasure to operate. It appears to have been built in the same "bullet proof" manner as my current used mower. The dealer, Mengers and Sons, was wonderful to work with and knew this machine like the "back of their hand". They have always been available in the past for advice, service assistance, and replacement parts for my used mower. Thank you for having above level service and dealer personnel to promote this fine machine.

Jack G | Ripley, OH

We love our 325D Grasshopper. It cut our mowing of 10 acres in half. We were using Cub Cadet zero turn and New Holland 1530 tractor before the Grasshopper. Expensive, but we love it, and the price is worth it. 

Terry H | Algona, IA

I recently purchased my second Grasshopper. My first was a 723K side discharge. My new one is a 727EFI rear discharge. We live on an acreage that is very level and it seems like the wind blows constantly. I was intrigued by the rear discharge concept and read reviews on the internet, some good, some not. I decided to try it based upon the recommendation of my dealer who owned one personally. Well, after using my new one for several mowings now, I really like it. At times when the grass got long due to rains and longer wait times between mowings, my side discharge made wind rows. Under similar conditions, the rear discharge does a fine job. I love my Grasshopper.

Allan H | Douglass, KS

I just recently bought my grasshopper 72" about 3 month ago. I've been mowing yards and acres for a number of years and this is by far the best mower I've had. I have been wanting to start my own lawn care business and this is a great mower to have the comfort and short amount of time it takes to get yards cut with nice clean lines is perfect. Couldn't have picked a better mower will definitely be getting another grasshopper mower in the future.