Maintenance Tips

Practicing regular maintenance will extend the life of your Grasshopper and keep it in optimal working order. Simply follow these simple steps:

  • Always check engine oil before starting the mower. Change the oil at recommended intervals using the proper grade of oil, and always use OEM filters.
  • Check transmission fluid level before each mowing, and engine coolant level if so equipped. Change at recommended intervals.
  • Keep engine, mower deck and all other parts of the mower free from dirt and debris. The mower should be cleaned after each mowing using compressed air.
  • Sharpen blades often — at least after every eight hours of use.
  • Check belt tensions and adjust as needed before each mowing. When replacements are needed, always use OEM belts.
  • Lubricate mower and change air filters at the intervals recommended in your Operator's Manual. Periodically check filter between intervals in harsh or dusty operating environments.
    NOTE: Do not over-service air filter. Service pre-filter more frequently. Always use OEM filters.
  • Perform all other maintenance as recommended in operator's manual.
  • Protect mower from harsh elements by storing in a shelter or under a cover.
  • Check tire air pressure before each mowing, using a low-pressure tire gauge. Do not over-inflate.
  • Check battery terminals and wiring connections to make sure they are clean and fastened well.