The Perfect Cut Every Time

A manicured cut so smooth it makes your grass look and feel like carpet. Clean, even stripes that look as though they were painted on. A finish like this doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a mower with the perfect combination of power, performance, comfort and capabilities. 

That’s why Grasshopper zero-turn mowers are designed to deliver the highest quality cut without compromising a fast mowing pace or a sweet ride for the operator.

Every Grasshopper zero-turn mower is engineered to deliver unparalleled mowing precision and a comfortable ride, so the last cut of the day looks as just good as the first. Extra-deep DuraMax® decks create a high volume of airflow that moves clippings more efficiently, reduces material buildup and discharges clippings in a wider pattern than conventional decks, providing a clean, manicured finish in record time with one-pass perfection.

GrassMax™ is the only blade system in the world manufactured to meet the precise design specifications incorporated into every DuraMax® deck. ADI MARBAIN® blades are manufactured to precise molecular structure and hardness to ensure superior cut quality, long life, minimal grass buildup and optimum airflow for side or rear discharge, mulching or collection.

Shredder™ Blade

The best shredding blade available today, Shredder™ lifts and cuts clippings into tiny fragments for a more manicured look.


High-Low Mulching Blades

  • Designed for use with all mulching packages beginning with the serial number 5700000 and above.
  • In conjunction with Down Discharge™ mulching baffles, High-Low Mulching Blades re-cut clippings multiple times and return clippings into the turf.
  • Continue to use Medium Lift Blades if they were provided with your original mulching package.

Medium Lift Blades

  • Recommended for use with all PowerVac™ Collection Systems, and required with mulching packages that originally include Medium Lift Blades.
  • Also satisfactory for many side-discharge applications, including dry, sandy conditions.

Contour Blades

  • The blade of choice for side-discharge mode in ideal conditions where the ⅓ rule is followed, or when mowing over dry, sandy soils.
  • Leaves the most manicured look in high-profile areas that are mowed regularly.
  • Not recommended in lush, moist high-volume conditions.

High-Lift Notched Blades

  • Standard blades equipped on all Grasshopper mower decks.
  • Recommended for most normal side-discharge applications, from moist early spring conditions to final mowing in the fall.
  • Not recommended for mulching or vacuum applications. Consider Medium Lift or Contour blades in dry, sandy soils.

Extreme High-Lift Notched Blades

  • Recommended for side-discharge applications in very lush or overgrown conditions with liquid-cooled or air-cooled models greater than 23 hp.
  • Not recommended for mulching or vacuum collection applications, and should never be used in dusty, sandy conditions.

High-lift Notched blades are available with LaserEdge(tm) technology as an option and require little or no sharpening for the blade life.