Edge-EZE Edger

The Edge-EZE™ lawn edger maintains clean, sharp turf edges along sidewalks, roadways and driveways, eliminating time-consuming secondary trimming and reducing edging time up to 75 percent compared to hand-held string trimmers and walk-behind wheeled edgers.


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See the Edge-EZE™ in action

Compatible with all Grasshopper MidMount™ and FrontMount™ zero-turn mowers, Edge-EZE™ mounts on either side of the deck for superior flexibility. An optional electric actuator increases downward pressure in tough conditions and raises the disc to cross sidewalks.

With a 2-1/2" depth of cut (from hub to edge of disc), Edge-EZE™ is perfect for maintaining established edges at up to 500 ft./min. Twelve-inch vertical adjustment lets you edge from the sidewalk, turf or curb, depending on your needs. Dependable, heavy-duty construction makes it ideal for commercial use.


Conventional Method - Labor Intensive
(2 Operators + 2 Hand-Held Edgers)
Labor Cost $10,400
Annual Equipment Cost*   $500
Fuel Usage $1,040
Total Annual Job Cost $11,940
Grasshopper Method - Highly Productive
( 1 Operator + 1 Grasshopper + 1 Edge-EZE™ edger)
Labor Cost $1,300
Annual Equipment Cost*   $74
Fuel Usage   $338
Total Annual Job Cost $1,712

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* Annual Equipment Cost is based on Edge-Eze™ with electric lift. It would be even lower for Edge-Eze™ with manual lift. The savings in labor in six months alone is enough to cover the cost of a Model 223 without considering all the mowing the unit can do the other 4.5 days each week.

How Edge-EZE™ can save you more than $10,000 each year.

Two golf course employees in Kentucky edge both sides of a two-mile stretch of sidewalk (equal to four miles of edging). It takes those two workers 16 hours each (or 32 man-hours) of labor using hand-held string trimmers to maintain this each time. The same job takes a single operator with a Grasshopper and Edge-EZE™ only four hours.

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