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Here are the calculations for commercial zero-turn mower(s).
(Professional pump/motor drive system; fuel-efficient horizontal shaft engine; 24-inch drive tires; commercial fabricated deck) Based on approximately equal engine displacement & horsepower (800 - 850 cc; 25 - 27 hp)

  Gasoline Diesel Propane**
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Diesel v. Gasoline      
Diesel v. Propane      
Propane v. Gasoline      

3. Emissions Reduction - The "Green" Factor

When calculating the impact of mowing equipment on the environment, it is critical to account for emissions per hour of mowing, not simply gallon-to-gallonLitre-to-Litre comparisons. Per-hour totals based on mower(s).

Carbon Dioxide*
Hydrocarbons + Nitrous Oxides
Carbon Monoxide
lbskg/hr per mower total/hr g/hr per mower total/hr g/hr per mower total/hr
Diesel emissions:
Gasoline emissions:
Propane emissions:

† EPA Climate Registry Default Emissions Factors, April 2014

* CARB 2015 Engine Certifications. Based on 13.5 kw-hrs required per hour of mowing in average conditions.

Grasshopper MaxTorque™ Diesel mowers emit lower levels of harmful greenhouse and smog-forming gases per hour than gasoline and propane mowers.

Diesel vs. Gasoline

42% less

12% less

99% less

Diesel vs. Propane:

19% less

6% less

99% less

4. Increased Productivity - Increased Revenue

With greater power in tough mowing conditions (more than 50% more power than propane), Grasshopper MaxTorque™ Clean Diesel mowers allow you to complete jobs up to 50% faster. Faster job completion allows you to accept additional jobs, increasing billable hours -- resulting in increased revenue.

Based on your hourly billing rate of: $ and hours per mower.

With MaxTorque™ Clean Diesel Power: Additional Billable Hours
Additional Revenue
Increase billable hours, versus gasoline (per year)
Increase billable hours, versus gasoline (over 3 years)
Increase billable hours, versus propane (per year)
Increase billable hours, versus propane (over 3 years)

Even if billable hours are not a concern, municipalities, school districts, universities and large-acreage homeowners can save man hours of labor by using more powerful, fast-mowing MaxTorque™ Diesel Mowers.

5. Trade-In Value

Trade-in values per mower based on blue book and dealer-supplied data and 3,000 hours of use (average 3 years of commercial mowing).

  Trade-In Value After 3 Years (per mower)*
Propane Model (Air Cooled)
1145(40% of original purchase price)
1145(40% of original purchase price)
Gasoline Model (Air Cooled)
1985(20% of original purchase price)
1985(20% of original purchase price)
Grasshopper MaxTorque™ Diesel Model (Liquid Cooled)
5125(40% of original purchase price)
5125(40% of original purchase price)

* Prices in USD. Prices not adjusted for inflation, and will vary depending on geography and market conditions. Assumes regular OEM-specified equipment maintenance, regular wear and in good operating condition. Trade-in value of used LP mowers reflects soft resale demand and unknown engine life expectancy. Diesel mowers traded in after three years can typically provide several more years of useful service versus gasoline and propane mowers. Longer engine life expectancy of MaxTorque™ diesel reduces the need to purchase new equipment over time, which reduces demand for raw materials and strain on the environment.

5. Economical And Ecological Grasshopper Maxtorque&Trade; Diesel

MaxTorque™ Diesel provides significantly greater fuel savings, increases revenue potential and trade-in value with dramatically lower levels of smog-forming and greenhouse gas emissions compared to gasoline and LP, which is why MaxTorque™ Diesel is the perfect sustainability solution for any contractor, municipality and/or environmentally conscious consumer.

Based on mower(s) and on hours per mower.

Fuel Savings
One Year Three Years
Versus Gasoline:
Versus Propane:
Increased Billable Hours Revenue
Versus Gasoline:
Versus Propane:
Increased Trade-In Value (in USD)
Versus Gasoline: n/a
Versus Propane: n/a

  One Year Three Years
Versus Gas Model:
Versus Propane Model: