Shielded Sprayer

Double or even triple your spray crew's efficiency and enjoy faster application and greater coverage with a shielded sprayer for your Grasshopper zero-turn mower. Featuring aerodynamically designed shields and fully shielded curtains to deliver a fine-mist chemical spray, the shielded sprayer delivers on-target application every time. Four-nozzle spraying chambers provide uniform coverage, applying small droplets that "stick" to vegetation for more coverage per tank - up to 5.5 acres or 240,000 square feet - using less chemicals.


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The shielded sprayer is available in two sizes:

  • 53-inch model fits all Grasshopper MidMount™ (excluding V Series) and FrontMount™ zero-turn mowers.
  • 133-inch model fits all Grasshopper FrontMount™ zero-turn mowers and features 53-inch center section and two foldable wings.
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