GrassMax™ Blade System

Grasshopper's exclusive GrassMax™ blade system is the only system manufactured to meet the precise design specifications incorporated into every DuraMax® deck. Six types of GrassMax™ ADI MARBAIN® blades are ΒΌ-inch thick and hold their edge longer, delivering a better cut and twice the life of aftermarket blades.

Shredder™ Blade

The best shredding blade available today, Shredder™ lifts and cuts clippings into tiny fragments for a more manicured look.


High-Low Mulching Blades

  • Designed for use with all mulching packages beginning with the serial number 5700000 and above.
  • In conjunction with Down Discharge™ mulching baffles, High-Low Mulching Blades re-cut clippings multiple times and return clippings into the turf.
  • Continue to use Medium Lift Blades if they were provided with your original mulching package.

Medium Lift Blades

  • Recommended for use with all PowerVac™ Collection Systems, and required with mulching packages that originally include Medium Lift Blades.
  • Also satisfactory for many side-discharge applications, including dry, sandy conditions.

Contour Blades

  • The blade of choice for side-discharge mode in ideal conditions where the ⅓ rule is followed, or when mowing over dry, sandy soils.
  • Leaves the most manicured look in high-profile areas that are mowed regularly.
  • Not recommended in lush, moist high-volume conditions.

High-Lift Notched Blades

  • Standard blades equipped on all Grasshopper mower decks.
  • Recommended for most normal side-discharge applications, from moist early spring conditions to final mowing in the fall.
  • Not recommended for mulching or vacuum applications. Consider Medium Lift or Contour blades in dry, sandy soils.

Extreme High-Lift Notched Blades

  • Recommended for side-discharge applications in very lush or overgrown conditions with liquid-cooled or air-cooled models greater than 23 hp.
  • Not recommended for mulching or vacuum collection applications, and should never be used in dusty, sandy conditions.