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Smooth running: Mower comfort add-ons and upgrades

Posted on:Mar 18, 2024

Smooth Running — Mower Comfort Add-Ons and Upgrades
There is much more to mower comfort than how you feel while riding across your lawn. Comfort also impacts how you operate a mower to achieve precise control and quality of cut. When a riding mower is ergonomically designed with features such as accessible controls and suspension seating, you can mow for longer stretches of time and realize increased productivity without operator fatigue. 
Whether you’re mowing a residential home or a property with several acres of land, mower comfort should be a priority when selecting a machine. A range of mower comfort add-ons and upgrades reduces strain on the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs and knees. 
At Grasshopper, our ComfortZone™ design goes beyond ergonomics. We call it humanomics. From easy-on, easy-off accessibility to optional lever extenders for taller operators, we consider every aspect of mower operation to deliver a healthy, rewarding ride. Here are five mower comfort features that will leave you refreshed and produce a manicured finish. 


Positioned for Success — Operator Accessibility 

The way controls are configured factors into easy-on, easy-off accessibility. For example, some mower designs require you to ease around levers or twist and turn to reach controls, increasing the risk of falling and contributing to overall operator discomfort. Where is the console placed in relation to the mower seat? Can you comfortably reach without straining? 

Grasshopper’s QuikAjust Tilt™ levers give operators the flexibility to customize their reach over a 9-inch range to reduce strain and optimize comfort. This feature is standard on many models and optional on all mowers. Also, “Tall Boy” QuickAjust Tilt Control Levers are specially designed for “big and tall” operators and also designed to reduce strain. 
With our Ultimate Operator Station™, controls are positioned at the pivot point of the zero-turn mower radius. This expands sight lines, providing panoramic views of both sides of the mower deck along with the foreground. The console is placed adjacent to the seat within easy reach. 


Seamless Maneuverability — Dual Steering Levers

Dual-lever design is less strenuous to operate than conventional steering wheel systems because it accommodates ease of use and comfort as you aren’t straining your ankle or feet for use of a pedal for speed adjustment on a standard garden tractor.. Look for control levers that are dampened to return to neutral, which will help you achieve quick steering response and precise control. Levers can be customized to suit your natural reach and are fully adjustable. 
>>Did You Know? Grasshopper designed the first commercial zero-turn mower with dual swing-out control levers in 1969. Since then, many other manufacturers have adopted dual lever controls, but as the originator of the concept, we emphasize the importance of carefully vetting lever placement and adjustment capabilities.


Take a Seat — Suspension Ride

Who knew that a mower seat could pack so many ergonomic and health benefits that you’d otherwise be missing without the features the Premium Comfort™ seat delivers? First, let us emphasize that all suspension seats are not created equally. You need to dig into a mower seat’s construction, materials, and design to understand the difference. Following are key components to a genuinely comfortable riding mower suspension seat that will allow you to mow longer, more productively and drastically reduce operator fatigue. (You’ll be offering to mow the neighbor’s lawn next.) 
-Coil-spring suspension: Absorbs shock and vibration 
-Lumbar support: Ergonomic seat design for increased back comfort
-Ventilated seat: Front-to-rear airflow keeps you cool during mower operation 
-Shock-absorbing footrest: ISO-mounted, it provides additional leg room while preventing fatigue in the knees and legs
If you spend quite a bit of time mowing, there are suspension seat upgrades that provide more comfort add-ons. Specifically, the Premier Suspension Seat’s lumbar support is modified by adjusting a handwheel conveniently located on the seat back. You can also change the height and depth of the backrest lumbar to support the spine. Plus, varying degrees of recline accommodate your seating preferences. The armrests are also adjustable, and suspension control is weight-adjusted for operators of all sizes. 
While the seat is important, the seat isn't everything. Consider the overall design of the mower. For example, Grasshopper's InFrame Suspension™ and AntiVibe Platforms™ drastically reduce vibration and shock from uneven terrain before jostling the operator’s seat. Additionally, low-pressure tires facilitate an overall smoother ride. 


Take Cover — a Canopy to Shelter from the Elements 

Hot, sunny days can drain your energy, making mowing a real chore. A mower canopy fabricated from aluminum or vinyl will protect you from harmful rays while keeping you cooler when the heat is on. Canopies mount on the roll-over-protection system (ROPS) and offer plenty of headroom while limiting exposure to the elements. Not to mention, an optional Canopy Fan Kit™ for the aluminum canopy is a cool feature for long days in the field.


Easy Adjustments, at the Touch of a Switch 

Taking time and effort to lift or adjust the cutting deck height interferes with productivity and adds more work to the task at hand. A PowerFold® feature is standard on all FrontMount™ decks 42 inches and larger so you can effortlessly raise the deck at the touch of a switch, allowing for easy deck maintenance.


The Grasshopper Comfort Advantage

We recommend visiting a servicing dealer to test drive a zero-turn mower, experience the humanomics comfort features and explore add-ons to further improve productivity while reducing operator fatigue. 
Interested in some mowing tips from the pros at Grasshopper? Check out our library of how-to videos, or sign up for our newsletter. Thinking about a new mower? Our team can help you choose the best model for your needs.


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