Grasshopper cuts mowing time in half, allows more freedom to enjoy life

Mar 24, 2011

Carl Dalrymple is having the time of his life. Since founding a successful metal fabrication business, he now spends his time pursuing other interests while he lets his kids run the business. Dalrymple, and his wife, Renee, now spend more time boating, hunting for arrowheads, and other recreational activities. So when they bought their suburban home located on five acres in Valley Center, Kan., they didn’t want to be tied down. Insisting on having a nice-looking place, the Dalrymples set out to enhance the landscaping without complicating their already busy schedules. They built a waterfall adjacent to the existing pond, added a swimming pool and installed a sprinkler system to irrigate three acres of fescue. Dalrymple knew that irrigating would mean more mowing, so he looked for a mower that would keep the lawn looking good but require minimal time and effort. “There are several obstacles to mow around, so I needed a mower that was maneuverable and well built,” he says. “I discovered Grasshopper and visited the factory. The first thing I noticed was the construction quality. Being in the metal fabrication business, I noticed the difference right away.” He wanted a mower with an out-front cutting deck, which would allow him to do more trimming around trees, shrubs and rocks without the hard work and time using a hand-held trimmer “When my dealer, Jim Rogers of G&G Mowers, brought a Grasshopper out and demonstrated it, I was sold!” Dalrymple selected a 700 Series FrontMount™ diesel mower with a 61-inch deck and equipped with Grasshopper’s exclusive PowerFold® electric deck lift. He then added implements to help him maintain the immaculate lawn he created, including a PowerVac™ Collection System with a dethatcher and an AERA-vator™. “The Grasshopper easily cut my mowing time by more than half,” Dalrymple says. “It now takes me no more than 90 minutes to mow those three acres.” Dalrymple tries to mow three times every two weeks, and to enhance the appearance of their yard further, he aerates the lawn in the fall and dethatches once a year preferring to pick up the thatch with his collector. “Most of the time, I just mulch as I mow,” he says. “The Grasshopper leaves the lawn looking really clean!” His Grasshopper has been everything Dalrymple expected. “I’ve had one problem with the mower in three years,” he says, “and that was a fuse that Jim fixed right away. I’ll definitely buy Grasshopper again.” Saving more than 72 hours over the course of a mowing season gives Dalrymple more time to spend with his family doing the things they want to do. “It’s a good-looking place, but we’re not tied down to it,” he says.

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