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We use the AERA-vator™ for overseeding and turf-renovation. It's two- to three-times more efficient than walk-behind aerators.

Scott Brewer
Rotolo Consultants, Inc.
Slidell, LA

With the out-front configuration, the AERA-vator is able to get into spaces we couldnt previously reach, and there are no plugs to worry about afterward.

Steve Burley
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District
Felton, Calif.

The AERA-vator™ is perfect for school football fields and lawns. A school told me they had the best grass after I aerated one year, and they asked me to return the next year to do it again.

Don Nelson
Nelson Lawn Service
Hildreth, NE

The AERA-vator™ really helps us rejuvenate the fairgrounds after the Kansas State Fair in early September.

Keith Schroeder
Kansas State Fairgrounds
Hutchinson, KS

Ive had good success with the AERA-vator. It really helps relieve the compacted areas, giving new grass roots the room they need to grow.

Reed Christensen
Whittington Woods Campground
Whittington, Ill.

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