The Grasshopper Advantage

Fast pace, perfect cut, sweet ride. With a Grasshopper, I always get a quality cut in record time.

Preston Hall
Sgt. Preston's Lawn Service
Shelbyville, KY

Eight hours a day, everyday, would take its toll on other machines, but not Grasshoppers. They just keep going and going all year.

Hollis Malone
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, TN

We put more than 1,000 hours on these mowers every year. When it comes to performance and durability, you can’t find anything better.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI

I’ve been around a lot of equipment, and these mowers are far superior – in comfort, construction and maneuvering – to anything else I’ve seen.

Don Nelson
Nelson Lawn Service
Hildreth, NE

Grasshoppers are so well-built to begin with, it doesn’t take much to keep them going strong.

Hollis Malone
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, TN

Our Grasshopper MaxTorque™ diesel has the power to handle the tough conditions we put it though. It's going to last for a while.

Jimmy Kempfer
Kempfer Cattle Company
Osceola, FL

I bought my Grasshopper five years ago. It is built well and has held up without any major problems.

Phil Douglass
Bluffton, IN

Sentry™ spindles

GrassMax™ blade system

Spring-tensioned idler arm system
SpeedTrimming™ roller kit