Fast pace, perfect cut, sweet ride. With a Grasshopper, I always get a quality cut in record time.

Preston Hall
Sgt. Preston's Lawn Service
Shelbyville, KY

You can go from a campground or parking lot to a front lawn, and you’ll get a great finish every time. You wouldn’t be able to do that with other machines comparable in size.

Keith Schroeder
Kansas State Fairgrounds
Hutchinson, KS

We are very proud of the neat, wide-stripe lines we can mow with our Grasshoppers. They just look fantastic.

Mike "Stew" Stewart
Delaware, OH

The PowerFold® feature is a real back- and time-saver!

Phil Douglass
Bluffton, IN

Grasshoppers don’t leave any clumps or wind rows, leaving that nice striped look that we strive for.

Hollis Malone
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, TN

Grasshopper and PowerVac™ has great weight distribution and a soft footprint, so I don’t have to worry about leaving ugly tracks and ruts.

Charles Rainey
Conway, AR

Mowing around grave stones and other markers is a breeze. Grasshopper eliminates a lot of secondary trimming.

Don Nelson
Nelson Lawn Service
Hildreth, NE

I can mow right through the top 1-½ inches of thick Bermuda without a second thought on the Grasshopper.

Charles Rainey
Conway, AR