37R Series 61-inch DuraMax® Decks



  • If keeping clippings off sidewalks, driveways and parking lots is important, the 61-inch 3761 Grasshopper 37R Series dedicated rear-discharge deck offers revolutionary performance, requiring less horsepower, reducing fuel costs and increasing mowing flexibility. The deck's design evenly distributes clippings out the back of the deck, eliminates windrowing and helps to reduce material buildup in the engine compartment for cleaner operation.
  • Perfect for cemeteries, the 3761 rear-discharge deck enables trimming around stones on either side of the deck for significant time savings, while not putting clippings on the stones.
  • Available in 61-inch cutting width for all 900 and 700 Series models.
  • Standard PowerFold® deck lift/electric height adjustment
  • Extra-deep, 5.5-inch deck delivers superior airflow for a quality cut and superior clipping distribution.
  • Splined-shaft PTO with more surface-to-surface contact that delivers more efficient power to the cutting deck and extends shaft longevity
  • Larger deck wheels 11x4x5 for a softer footprint
  • Fabricated from heavy-gauge formed steel with a reinforced anvil edge
  • Sentry™ spindles with massive 8-inch flanges anchored in a 6-bolt pattern, spread the force of impact for greater strength
  • Spindle planes fabricated from double-layered 10-gauge plus 10-gauge formed steel laminate that is 0.269 inch thick — 7.6 percent thicker than ¼-inch steel
  • Sentry™ spindle guards shield spindle housing and seal lower bearings from fiber wrap and dirt ingestion

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