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The evolution of the mower

Posted on:Jul 14, 2022

If you’re old enough to remember the introduction of the push mower, you are probably glad to see more options now, like the zero-turn mower. Let’s take a trip back in time to when mowing wasn’t so simple. Let’s take a look at how Grasshopper created the ultimate #MowDay experience.

The Evolution of the Mower

Early Days 

In the 1700s, the original mowers were goats, sheep or really any other farm animal that was grazing around. They then began using shears and scythes in order to hand cut the grass. 

Mowing Before Grasshopper

The first mechanical lawn mower was invented and patented in 1830. The inventor, Edwin Beard Budding, drew inspiration from a cloth mill. The blades moved vertically and were arranged around a cylinder, thus creating the first reel-type mower. Just two years later, Budding and business partner, John Ferrabee, sold over 1,000 mowers. 

Alexander Shanks invented the first mower that could be hitched to animals.

The first chain-driven mower was invented by Thomas Green. With the chain-driven mower, not only did it take less effort to take down turf, but it lightened the amount of weight you had to push while doin’ it. Less weight to push? Now you’re on to something, Thomas Green.

The first mower with an internal combustion gas engine burst onto the scene. This was the first ride-on mower to use a gas engine.

The rotary lawn mower with an enclosed deck, changed the game of push mowers.

Grasshopper Mowers Revolutionize the Industry

The zero-turn mower was invented in 1955, but it wasn’t until Grasshopper Mower began manufacturing mowers in the 1960s, that the zero-turn burst onto the scene. Ever since then, Grasshopper has spent years perfecting the cut.

In the early ‘70s, Grasshopper released the industry’s first swing-out dual-lever steering on a zero-turn mower.

We saw the need for operators to have increased comfort, so in 1994, Grasshopper released the ergonomic Ultimate Operator Station with you in mind. So you could have the ultimate comfort on #MowDay, without wondering why you bought so much land. 

The PowerFold® Electric Deck lift was created, allowing the operator to lift the mowing deck and control cutting height with one touch of a button. But we weren’t done there, the best part is that there is no heavy lifting involved. No heavy lifting? Count us in.

Grasshopper released the industry’s first PowerTilt™ that allows the operator to easily empty the collection container from the seat.

Rear discharge decks for the FrontMount™  and MidMount™  mowers were implemented to move clippings out the back of the deck. This allowed for trimming on both sides of the deck for a cleaner operation, just like mulching and power vac collection. Let’s be honest, no one wants to deal with discharge, but since we have to, we figured we’d make it easy.

From the 1700s to now, it’s incredible to see how much the industry has evolved. Don’t forget, for the easiest and most satisfying mowing experience, get a Grasshopper Mower. Making your neighbors jealous of lawns since 1969.



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