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Every landscape business owner's favorite mower add-ons

Posted on:Apr 23, 2024

Your Grasshopper mower is a multitasking workhorse that can accomplish a range of landscape maintenance needs as a one-machine army or a well-equipped fleet. Time-saving tools allow you to dedicate labor hours to revenue-producing activities while avoiding dead time that adds up from extra steps. 

For example, the minutes wasted returning to a trailer for a string trimmer can be eliminated with a rack that secures your trimmer onboard or a kit that does the trimming job for you. Rather than blowing grass clippings off of paved surfaces or out of landscape beds, you can swiftly redirect them with a side discharge kit. 

This is just the beginning of how mower add-ons can make your landscape maintenance life more productive and profitable. 

From unmatched comfort features to productivity-driving implements, check out our favorite mower add-ons for landscape business owners. They all deliver a swift return on investment while increasing the value you bring to customers. 

All of these attachments are designed to not only improve job efficiency, but also to help remove typical mowing maintenance“pains.” Ready to ramp up business? 

Stay in the field: bucket holder and trimmer rack

The time you spend walking a property to remove debris like branches before mowing a lawn can delay your mowing schedule, especially following windy conditions or a storm. Wouldn’t it be easier and more efficient to meet these obstacles along the way, performing cleanup and mowing at the same time? 

A bucket holder that fixes to a mower’s roll-over protection system (ROPS) with a handy trash grabber allows you to whisk away objects that could otherwise damage your mower. Grasshopper offers a bucket holder for stand-on units. While Grasshopper does not offer an OEM ROPS-mounted bucket, aftermarket bucket mounts are available that may be compatible with Grasshopper MidMount and FrontMount models.

Another way to leverage your ROPS beyond its integral safety role is to add a genuine Grasshopper OEM part such as a trimmer rack. Rather than mounting and dismounting your mower every time you need to trim along walkways, driveways or landscape bed edges, simply remove the trimmer from your onboard rack and avoid an unnecessary trip to the trailer for equipment. This is especially effective on large-acre lots that put you at a distance from your truck and trailer. 

Redirect grass clippings: side discharge kit 

During seasons when turf grows especially fast, you are likely mowing customers’ properties more often or spending more time with cleanup at each account. Grasshopper’s GrassMax™ blade systems and DuraMax® deck are manufactured to ensure superior cut quality, minimal grass buildup and optimum airflow, whether your mower is side or rear discharge, mulching or you’re using a collection system. So you don’t have to worry about the clumps.

But sometimes you want to control where clippings are discharged to avoid walkways, driveways or landscape beds. Check out this video, which shows how the Grasshopper Side Discharge Control Kit allows you to “aim and shoot” clippings to avoid time-consuming blowing and cleanup. The outcome: a manicured lawn, clean pathways and neat beds without the extra work. 

Achieve precision edging: speed trim roller kit 

While maneuvering your FrontMount™, MidMount™ and Stand-On™ Grasshopper mower around landscape beds, along fence lines and against buildings, minimize the extra step of trimming edges with a TrimAide Roller Kit for 48- and 52-inch decks or a SpeedTrim Roller Kit for 61- and 72inch decks. Landscapers appreciate the pinpoint precision they achieve when using this trim roller kit, which allows for mowing close to buildings, fences and obstacles without worrying about scratching the deck or object you are trimming around. 

Prevent fatigue: canopy and fan kit 

Turn down the heat on relentlessly hot and sunny summer days with a Sunshade Canopy kit in vinyl or aluminum, depending on the Grasshopper models in your landscape maintenance fleet. These canopies easily mount on the mower ROPS and allow for plenty of headroom for taller operators. 

Add another cool feature to the aluminum sunshade: a Canopy Fan Kit™. Operator comfort increases productivity, prevents fatigue, improves quality of cut. Not to mention, ensuring a healthy work environment keeps talented crew members on board because you have their well-being in mind. The bottom line: You can prevent employee burnout and improve results on the job. 

The Grasshopper add-on advantage

There’s a full menu of mower attachments and add-ons to expand your landscape capabilities. Check out all the options by visiting a servicing dealer to explore how you can improve productivity, elevate quality of cut and reduce operator fatigue. All this translates to a healthier, more profitable business. 
Interested in some mowing pointers or shop tips from the pros at Grasshopper? Check out our library of how-to videos, or sign up for our newsletter. Thinking about a new mower? Our team can help you choose the best model for your needs.


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