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A Toast to Yost

Last week, two days before the Thanksgiving holiday, Grasshopper hosted a special guest at the factory: Ned Yost, manager of the 2015 World Series Champion Kansas City Royals.

Ned Yost Royals Grasshopper MowersYost, who was accompanied by his wife, Deborah, spent the day at Grasshopper world headquarters on Tuesday, Nov. 24. Yost met with Grasshopper employees to sign autographs, and after a factory tour, he took delivery of a new Grasshopper mower.

Yost, who resides in southern Georgia, said that the impetus for his purchase of a Grasshopper came after mowing with his good friend and neighbor's Grasshopper mower; that neighbor just happens to be comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Foxworthy uses several Grasshopper mowers to mow and complete other maintenance tasks on the grounds of his multi-thousand-acre farm.

"I've mowed with Jeff's several times, so I knew exactly which model is best for me," he said. “I'm going to love mine.”

During the factory tour, Yost commented that the high-tech manufacturing facilities and processes employed by Grasshopper were impressive, saying, "Jeff has told me Grasshopper is the one product that lives up to all its hype. And, he's right!"

Ned and the Royals know how to power through until the job is complete. They exemplify the best in sports, demonstrating the drive and work ethic to succeed at the highest level. At Grasshopper, we believe in a similar commitment to excellence as we manufacture the highest quality mowers and grounds maintenance equipment.

Congratulations to the Ned and the entire 2015 World Champion Kansas City Royals team!

Posted on:Dec 1, 2015

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