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Lawn Care Tip of the Month series for 2016

Posted on:Dec 15, 2015

Lawn Care Tip

In January 2016, Grasshopper will begin a new blog series: Lawn Care Tip of the Month.  Each month will feature a different lawn care tip relevant to that time of year: spring, summer, fall and winter. Topics will range from equipment maintenance to lawn maintenance and everything in between. In the end, you will see a month-to-month guide for keeping your lawn healthy and happy all year long. Here is a preview of the topics and tips we will cover in the coming year.

January 2016 – Equipment Maintenance

February 2016 – Dethatching

March 2016 – Aerating & Overseeding 

April 2016 – Proper Mowing Heights 

May 2016 – Mowing Patterns

June 2016 – Mulching Tips

July 2016 – Water Wisdom

August 2016 – Summer Heat Safety

September 2016 – Fall Overseeding & Fertilizing

October 2016 – Leaf Removal

November 2016 – Snow Removal

December 2016 – Make a Plan

Of course, the most important lawn care tip is to employ Grasshopper mowers for any lawn care job. Throughout this year-long series, we will showcase Grasshopper equipment you can use for each of task and demonstrate how incorporating Grasshopper equipment into your lawn care arsenal can return year-round benefits.


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