Lush tropical landscapes are no match for Grasshopper year after year

Mar 16, 2011

Jack Freitas can’t say anything bad about his Grasshopper. And neither can his brother, Phil. The two brothers each own a Grasshopper: Jack owns a FrontMount™ and Phil owns a MidMount™. “I’ve had my Grasshopper for four years now,” Jack says. “They may seem expensive at first, but they cost so much less in the long run.” Freitas, who owns 12 acres in Kahului, Hawaii, says he’s used a handful of other brands, but the Grasshoppers have been the most well-built, durable mowers yet. “I was replacing the other mowers after three or four years,” he says. “But the Grasshopper is still going. It’s a really well built mower. So I’ve saved money already by not having to replace it yet.” Freitas says that he has yet to have any major maintenance or repair issues, so the savings goes beyond return-on-investment over time. The only repairs he has had to make have been to belts and blades, which he says is to be expected. “It’s really a trouble-free mower,” he says. In addition, he says that the MaxTorque™ diesel engine uses less fuel than a gasoline engine, so the savings add up. “Phil’s gasoline mower is still good,” says Freitas. “It’s just that I prefer diesel. It’s cheaper to run. There’s no comparison when it comes to fuel-efficiency. The diesel is better there.” And Freitas says nothing compares to Grasshopper when it comes to cutting down tall grass and weeds, or maneuvering around numerous fruit trees. “They just eat through eighteen-inch-tall weeds and whip around trees with no problem,” he says. “And they leave a very clean cut. They’re easily the most productive machines around, bar none.” When asked what will keep him coming back to Grasshopper, he says, “They are just a heck of a machine. Really durable, very reliable…just unbelievable.”

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