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Three tips for mowing smaller properties

Posted on:Feb 8, 2024

Three Tips for Mowing Smaller Properties


To do any job well, you need the right tools — and there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. 

Wide-open lawns can support a larger mid-mount or front-mount zero-turn lawn mower with a substantial deck size to efficiently mow grass and manage other landscape tasks like collecting leaves. But what if you have a smaller property? You still want to minimize lawn maintenance, achieve a quality cut, and alleviate the labor pain of pushing a mower. 

Good news: Small property owners really can have it all. One solution is a stand-on mower that can power through complex properties with narrow areas, sharp turns, curved landscape bed edges, along fence lines and back to storage, where it won’t take up as much space as larger machines. Another is a right-sized mid-mount or front-mount zero-turn mower. 

Beyond selecting the best type of mower for your property’s size, the following are some big-time maintenance tips for your smaller lawn. 

Mower Maneuverability: Sharp Turns, Tight Spaces

Lawn size is all relative. What feels giant to one homeowner can seem cozy to another. Assuming your lawn is a bit beyond a postage stamp, a riding mower is ideal because of its superior cut, faster speeds and comfort. Plus, when you spend less time mowing, this reduces your carbon footprint while freeing up time for other outdoor pursuits, whether that’s a landscape project you have in mind or a family barbecue. The key is to select a riding mower that can turn on a dime and power through confined spaces. 

Stand-on mowers are compact machines that can easily maneuver around obstacles and operate in tight spaces.  Meanwhile, Grasshopper MidMount™ zero-turn riding mowers are available in a variety of deck sizes, including 41- and 48-inch decks. Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers also come in compact sizes, such as a 42-inch deck. Both mid-mount and front-mount configurations make a complete “zero turn”  and accomplish an efficient, quality cut while falling into an attractive budget considering the return on investment. 

You might have read that small lawns should be cut with a reel or push mower. That’s simply not true. Zero-turn mowers are an excellent tool for getting a small job done right.

Small Landscape, Big-Time Savings 

Zero-turn mowers for your smaller property do more than make tall grass short. A variety of attachments convert your mower into a multitasking workhorse. For instance, rather than manually edging landscape beds or buying an edger — more equipment to pay for and store — an Edge-EZE™ edger keeps lines along your driveway, sidewalks and walkways neat and clean. An Edge-EZE edger eliminates time-consuming secondary trimming and maintains clean, sharp lines along landscape beds, driveways and walkways. PowerVac™ collection systems take the labor pain out of fall and spring cleanups, and the Shielded Sprayer allows you to manage lawn care applications like fertilization and weed control. When you consider the versatility of Grasshopper mowers with the range of implements available for managing outdoor chores, you realize even more value from your machine. 

Low-Maintenance Lawn Care

An advantage of smaller properties is less time and energy to maintain the space. However, like any lawn and landscape, if you procrastinate mowing, weeding, fertilizing, edging and planting — you’ll end up with a big job, after all. Pace yourself and create an annual property outdoor maintenance calendar so you can stay on task. Also, keep in mind spring maintenance and in-season maintenance for your mower to keep it in top condition for the best results. 

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