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Hey, Remember All That Rain?

Posted on:Jul 1, 2019

Now that we’ve finally had a slight reprieve from the intense rain and flooding that hit most of the country the past few weeks, we’re guessing you’re tired of talking about the weather. Well, guess what’s still on our minds? That’s right...the weather. More to the point, the impact of all the weather on your lawn and your outdoor living plans for the summer.

According to a recent article from Blue Water Outlook, May’s precipitation total for the contiguous U.S. was 4.41 inches, 1.50 inches above average, making it the second wettest May in 125 years as well as second wettest for all months since January 1895. That’s a lot of water, people. And while water is obviously a good thing for your lawn and flower beds, too much water can create a host of problems.

So, with that in mind, here are some things to watch out for as the season carries on:

Watch those roots. In addition to potentially drowning your lawn, excess water can promote fungal growth, creating a disease state that can cause substantial damage. Common fungus disease associated with too much water is Necrotic Ring Spot. Treatment requires aeration, organic fertilizers, and soil conditioners.

Erosion factors in a couple of ways, too. From actual loss of soil and turf to valuable nutrients and recently applied lawn treatments being washed away, water can physically alter your property. Consider adding more fertilizer to help replenish and compensate for any nutrient loss. 

Then, there’s the weeds. Oh, the weeds. These rascally yard rats thrive in all conditions, especially when the “good” grass is compromised by excess water. They make it even more difficult for your yard to return to normal as they compete for healthy nutrients and space. And, according to The Goodman Center, weeds lead to other problems like insect infestation. Consider spreading weed-killing fertilizer over your entire lawn once it’s dry.

Speaking of insects, increased saturation more or less opens the door to all kinds of bugs coming home to roost. Aside from unwanted lawn damage, mosquitos and other pests can really diminish your interest in spending time outside. If you see an increase in insect and bug activity, identify the annoyance and utilize effective repellents to correct the issue.  

Ultimately, when we really step back and look at the big picture, it’s not just about having the best landscaped, best groomed lawn on the block, it’s about being able to enjoy your outdoor living spaces with friends and family. Beyond pride, a great lawn inspires special moments. And given our recent deluge of rain, without the proper attention, your lawn can suffer, potentially shortchanging those unique experiences of the season.

So, as the water recedes, be mindful of what your lawn needs to thrive the rest of the summer


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