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Fuel Safety Tips for Zero-Turn Mowers

Take fuel safety seriously during mowing season.

fuel safety tips zero turn mowerFuel safety is of utmost importance when using any piece of equipment. Safe fuel handling protects you, your employees and others from serious injury, and prevents damage to equipment and property. When it comes to fuel safety, don't be this guy. Now that mowing season is in full swing, and you are fueling your zero-turn mowers and other equipment more regularly, take some time to review these fuel safety tips with your crews to ensure you avoid potentially life-threatening accidents when handling any kind of fuel. ? First and foremost, always use care when handling fuel to prevent spills or fires. ? Discharge static electricity by touching the tank with your hand before fueling to minimize the risk of fire. ? Keep the fueling nozzle in contact with the tank or container at all times when fueling. ? Fuel tanks or cans outdoors, or in a well-ventilated area, using an approved container. ? If fuel is spilled, wipe it up immediately and thoroughly, before starting the engine. ? If fuel is spilled, be sure to dispose of towels properly. ? Never smoke near fuel cans or stations, and never add fuel when open flames or sparks are present. fuel safety tips e10 e15 zero-turn mower? If you need to refuel your zero-turn mower in the middle of the day, shut off the engine and allow it to cool at least five minutes before refueling. On especially hot days, more time may be necessary for the engine to cool sufficiently before refueling. ? Under normal conditions, the fuel tanks on zero-turn mowers should not be pressurized. If a fuel tank appears distorted in size or shape, do not remove the fuel cap. Wait for the engine to cool completely before slowly twisting the fuel cap to remove any remaining pressure. This will prevent fuel from escaping under pressure, which could cause harm to you or the equipment. Also, be sure your are fueling your equipment with the proper fuel. Remember, gasoline and diesel don't mix. And, keep in mind that outdoor power equipment is not designed to burn gasoline with more than 10 percent ethanol. You can read more about the risks associated with higher ethanol fuel blends in outdoor power equipment from the Outdoor Power Equipment Institute. For more mowing and maintenance tips from Grasshopper, visit

Posted on:Jun 26, 2015

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