Ohio innkeeper enjoyed summer mowing season with new Grasshopper mower

Oct 3, 2011

Since winning a new Grasshopper 120K-48 MidMount™ mower in May 2011, Gayle Potelicki has enjoyed the flexibility of being able to manage her own lawn care schedule. As owners of the historic Zoar School Inn Bed and Breakfast in Zoar, Ohio, Gayle and her husband, Joe, know how important a well-kept lawn can be in creating a welcoming environment for their guests. Potelicki says, “This summer we could mow the lawn whenever it needed it, which was ideal for us. If we got a lot of rain or a growth spurt after fertilizing, we weren’t at the mercy of someone else’s schedule.” In addition to the beautiful, uniform cut, she and her husband have also been impressed with the actual Grasshopper machine. “It’s just wonderful and runs smooth as silk,” Potelicki says. Since winning the mower in the “Grassterpiece” sweepstakes, it has been used approximately once a week, sometimes more, to cut the half-acre grounds of the bed and breakfast. “Here in Ohio, we will mow into late October or early November. Then we plan to use the mower to help us mulch the leaves – saving us a lot of time over raking.” It takes about 35 to 40 minutes to mow the lawn, which is situated in the heart of their historic village. That’s more than half the time it used to take to mow the property. “This Grasshopper has been mowing around trees, bushes and rock gardens beautifully.” Grasshopper dealer Country Sales and Service in Orville, Ohio, helped with the delivery of the mower in May. Potelicki was chosen at random from a pool 23,490 unique entrants. The nationally administered sweepstakes ran from Jan. 1, 2011, to Mar. 31, 2011, as lawn owners began to prepare for their spring and summer landscaping needs. Entrants were allowed to enter daily – nearly 295,000 entries were gathered – but Potelicki entered only once online, after seeing the sweepstakes advertised in Living the Country Life and Successful Farming magazines. “I saw the promotion and entered on a whim. I guess it was meant to be,” she says. Potelicki was especially pleased to win the sweepstakes, because of what she had heard about the brand. “Grasshopper has a reputation for being a premium product. We’ve had many people comment, ‘Wow, you’ve got a Grasshopper.’ The fact that the mower won’t tear up our yard is a big bonus. Other machines can tear up our yard, and we want it to look as good as possible,” she says. “We’re so pleased that Gayle was able to use her Grasshopper to help maintain the overall appearance of her inn,” says Ruthanne Stucky, marketing director for Grasshopper. “In her business, first impressions of the historic property are key and being able to keep it looking its best at any time seemed to be a big benefit to their business and livelihood. We’re so happy she won.” To contact the Zoar School Bed and Breakfast, please visit www.zoarschoolinn.com.Ohio innkeeper enjoyed summer mowing season with new Grasshopper mower

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