Lake-effect snow, contoured lawn no match for Grasshopper

Dec 23, 2013

Dennis Yesko of Jamestown, Pa., had always enjoyed the dependability and professional-looking cut from his 25 hp air-cooled Grasshopper. But when he made the switch to the diesel-powered 725DT, he says the fuel and time savings made him an even bigger fan of Grasshopper mowers. Yesko says his experience working with heavy equipment helped him realize the benefits of a diesel zero-turn mower. So, even though he estimates he could have had another 10 years with his first Grasshopper purchased in 1999, he traded it in for the diesel model. He says, “Now, I'm using a third the amount of fuel. It's still a 25 horsepower machine, but the added torque of the diesel engine makes it feel like it has 30 horsepower.” With the higher speed of the new machine, he also decreased the amount of time he spends mowing by 25 percent. “With the increased power of diesel, I cut my mowing time from four to three hours, including the trim work.” With his new machine, Yesko still enjoys the same Grasshopper dependability. “I like knowing I can mow my six acres without a problem.” Both his Grasshoppers have had 61-inch decks, he says. “The 61 fits the contour of our lawn perfectly. I really like the front mount and the flexibility it provides me with the landscaping and a ditch on our property.” When it came to the trade-in, he had a great experience. “I was happy that the first mower really held its retail value,” says Yesko. “It was just a couple thousand off the original price. The dealer was very knowledgeable and showed me the snowthrower attachment I already had would still work on the new machine. This was important because the snow removal device was paramount in making the second purchase.” Living in an area that experiences lake-effect snow, Yesko needs a machine that can meet his needs in summer and winter. He says, “I looked at 30 mowers when making my decision. I wanted something made in the U.S. and something that I could use year-round. I was really impressed by the Grasshopper snowthrower because it's simple and durable. Overall, Grasshopper is an incredible machine.” Yesko adds, “When I'm clearing snow, the Grasshopper is great for the heavy, slushy snow we get here. I've had it work on 30 inches before. I just take it slow and let the Grasshopper do the work.” The Grasshopper machine changed his life on those snowy winter mornings. He says, “Before I bought the thrower, I used a farm tractor with a blade on back. Now I can clear the 700-foot driveway in 20 minutes and still make it to work. When I used the tractor, it took up to three hours. With its ideal size, I can also do the sidewalks and patio. It saves my wife from shoveling those. So we're both really happy!” Sun or snow, Yesko is very happy he has a timesaving machine that helps him keep his lawn and property looking its best.Lake-effect snow, contoured lawn no match for Grasshopper

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