Grasshopper increases aesthetic appeal for city residents, visitors

Jul 15, 2011

The City of Rossville, Ga., prides itself on the aesthetic appeal of its public spaces and Rossville’s director of maintenance, Mark Harris, says the city’s Grasshopper mowers have helped increase the eye-appeal of the turf areas in town. In addition, the city’s mayor, Johnny Baker, says the six Grasshopper mowers, a mixture of MidMount™ and FrontMount™ models, are essential to keep up the appearances. “The quality of cut we need from our mowers is paramount,” Baker says. “We have a large park, a recreational facility, ball fields, city buildings, medians and islands, multiple areas that must be maintained extremely well.” Baker says the appearance of public places reflects on the city and its residents to outsiders, but also helps the city’s residents carry a sense of pride with them about their town. “We want our residents to feel good about living here, to take pride in calling Rossville their home, so we work hard to make sure the turf areas on public property are neatly manicured for our residents enjoyment, whether they use the areas or not,” he says. “We prefer the Grasshoppers for many reasons,” says Harris. “They are more comfortable, they are faster at mowing and the quick service we get from our dealer is key. They know our process and they get us back up and going when we need parts and service.” Baker says he looks forward to taking breaks from his administrative duties every now and then to mow. “I like to think of it as good therapy,” he says. “They are so easy to use, easy to maintain, simple to maneuver. And they cut well, too.” Harris says that the Grasshoppers have significantly reduced the amount of time it takes to mow larger acreage areas compared to other mowers. By getting several Grasshoppers out at the same time and staggering the mowing pattern, they can mow all four baseball fields in an hour. “We try to keep to a weekly mowing schedule, depending on weather conditions,” Harris says. “Even if it’s been wet and the grass is really growing, we can mow through that stuff and it still looks like green carpet.” And Harris says it’s not difficult to keep the Grasshoppers in peak mowing condition all year long. “The mowers are easy to work on, and they rarely give us any trouble,” he says. “We especially like the PowerFold deck lift, since you don’t have to be a strong man to lift the deck to change the blades or clean out the underside.” Even though the city has had opportunities to purchase competing brands of mowers over the past years, both Baker and Harris agree on one thing: Grasshopper is the City of Rossville’s mower of choice. They know what they are getting, and they know that the Grasshoppers will perform, with a dealer and manufacturer that stand behind the equipment. “We could probably buy a mower for half the price, but we’d get half the performance and spend more time on repairs,” Baker says. “You get what you pay for, and if you buy good, you enjoy good.”

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