Little Bully™ Dozer Blades

Multi-purpose Little Bully™ Dozer Blades capitalize on Grasshopper zero-turn maneuverability to deliver powerful performance moving dirt, maintaining gravel driveways and plowing and clearing snow from sidewalks and driveways. The blades attach in place of the out-front mower deck, providing easy operation and timesaving performance.


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See the Little Bully™ Dozer Blades in action.

Three models of Little Bully™ Dozer Blades are designed to meet a wide range of needs:

  • 48- and 60-inch blades dozer blades operate straight ahead or 25 degrees left or right, and can be raised or lowered with hand or foot controls for easy operation.
  • 48- and 60-inch PowerBlade™ Pro models feature a foot pedal lift and operate straight ahead or angled hydraulically up to 25 degrees left or right.
  • 60-inch PowerBlade™ hydraulically lifts and angles the blade up to 25 degrees left or right.

Snow Performance Package

Designed to maximize productivity, the Snow Performance Package allows operators to lift and angle the 60-inch PowerBlade™ using a convenient lever-mounted joystick control. Provides uninterrupted operation and on-the-go control of the implement and clearing angle without leaving the seat or letting go of the control levers.

Watch the Snow performance package in action.


Comfort Options

An optional full-view Winter Enclosure, available for 700 and 900 Series Grasshopper power units, provides protection from wintery conditions for maximum comfort and productivity. Additional options for the Winter Enclosure include an electric windshield wiper and a 16,000 BTU heater for liquid-cooled power units.

Watch the Snowthrower in action

Watch the Snow Performance Package in action

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