My husband and I both had jobs in town, but at least in the country we could breathe. Wide-open spaces, plenty of trees and room for that vegetable garden we’d always dreamed about. But we had no idea. I mean, who would have guessed that seven acres could generate so much work? Before long, our leisurely lifestyle had turned into a race to keep up with our list of chores. Take mowing, for instance. At our house in town, we could knock out the lawn in an hour with our battered old push mower. Here, it took nearly two days. Fortunately, our equipment dealer steered us toward a Grasshopper mower – and what a difference it’s made. We can mow the entire lawn in a couple of hours, and I actually find it relaxing and enjoyable. So while I leave the less savory chores to my husband, mowing is my job. I just won’t admit that I enjoy it. Sure, life in the country isn’t all a bed of roses, but one evening out on our porch watching the sunset over a perfectly manicured lawn makes it all worthwhile.

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