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Your Next Mower should be a diesel zero-turn mower

Posted on:Oct 2, 2014

Grasshopper introduced the industry's first diesel zero-turn mower in 1983. Since that time, diesel engine technology and emissions regulations have made the diesel zero-turn mower more powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly than ever. That's why "Your Next Mower" should be a diesel.


Clean Diesel: More Power with Less Fuel

Diesel fuel packs more power per gallon than gasoline (13 percent more BTUs) and propane (54 percent more BTUs). And, due to method of fuel combustion (compression versus spark), diesel engines deliver better fuel economy.

A Grasshopper Clean Diesel zero-turn mower uses half the fuel per hour than gasoline and propane -- 0.9 gal/hr versus 1.8 gal/hr (gasoline) and 1.95 gal/hr (propane). That increased fuel efficiency can save up to $2,500 in fuel costs every year! Calculate your own fuel savings with a diesel zero-turn mower using Grasshopper's Fuel & Emissions Calculator at

.diesel zero-turn mower fuel economy


Clean Diesel: Lower emissions

Not only do Clean Diesel mowers use less fuel, they also emit lower levels of smog-forming greenhouse gases and harmful pollutants. As of January 2014, all diesel engines -- like the MaxTorque™ diesel engine found in a Grasshopper Clean Diesel zero-turn mower -- must be compliant with EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. These standards require diesel engines to release dramatically  lower emissions levels than when Tier 1 standards were first released in 1996.

.Clean Diesel zero-turn mower emissions

NOx and PM (Particulate Matter/soot) levels have been reduced by 96 percent since 1996.

As a result, diesel engines are cleaner burning than ever before. In fact, a 25-hp Grasshopper Clean Diesel zero-turn mower emits 42 percent less Carbon Dioxide (CO2) than a gasoline mower and 16 percent less than a propane mower!

.diesel zero-turn mower carbon dioxide emissions

So, when you're looking for "Your Next Mower," a Grasshopper Clean Diesel zero-turn mower is a great place to start. More power, double the fuel economy, lower fuel costs and fewer GHG emissions. You can learn more about Grasshopper Clean Diesel mowers at


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