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What you can expect from a Grasshopper mower

Posted on:May 29, 2020

Grasshopper MowerFrom first-time homeowners to lawncare veterans, we can all feel overwhelmed by our mowing duties from time to time. However, with the right mower at your command, you’ll be surprised at how easy and enjoyable mowing can be. Read on to learn what you can expect from a Grasshopper mower and how it will change your lawncare routine for the better—forever. 


Mowing can sometimes, quite literally, be an uphill battle full of trees, uneven ground, and fence lines. However, steering a Grasshopper is like second nature with its soft-touch, Hydra-Smooth™ levers and true zero-turn radius. You’ll be weaving in, out, and around obstacles with ease in no time—all while maintaining a manicured finish.  


If you’re up against hours of lawncare duties, you’re going to want a comfortable ride. Something that’ll make four hours feel like four minutes. With iso-mounted, shock-absorbing footrests and an iso-mounted premium seat, Grasshopper mowers kick out those pesky vibrations and kick up the comfort. 

Grasshopper Mower

Design & Durability 

Designed with an adjustable backrest, armrests and dual swing-away levers, a Grasshopper mower lets you make any adjustments necessary for the perfect fit and the perfect sit. Grasshoppers are also ready to endure the wear and tear of everyday chores with a heavy steel frame and deck, plus 1-inch-diameter blade spindle shafts.

Bring mobility, comfort, and durability to your lawncare routine with a Grasshopper mower and change the way you mow for the better—forever.


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