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Tips from a pro

Posted on:May 18, 2020

Aaron Godsey, owner and operator of Godsey Lawn CareWhether you’re just getting started or whether you’ve been dominating the lawn care game for years—you can always use a few extra tricks up your sleeve. We talked to a pro with over 20 years in the business, Aaron Godsey, owner and operator of Godsey Lawn Care, to find out what’s kept his business a success. 

The Ideal Mower for the Ideal Cut. 

Plain and simple, your cut is only as good as your machine. So, if the perfect cut has been eluding you for a while, it’s time to take a step back and examine your mower. Is it built to deliver a uniform, quality cut? To find out, Godsey says to start with your deck. 

“First and foremost, you need an out-front deck. Something that is built heavy.” 

A heavier, steel front-mounted mower gives lawns an even, crisp look, and with Grasshopper’s FrontMount™, your striping kit comes built in.

Built for Performance—and Comfort. 

How a mower feels is just as important. When asked what a mower should feel like, both in terms of comfort and rideability, Godsey said his ideal mower rides smooth—no vibrations in the hands, feet, or rear. He also noted that you need an agile, maneuverable mower with responsive controls, not something sluggish or unintuitive. More often than not, a mower that rides great, will cut great. And, when looking at performance, Godsey said his ideal machine achieves a nice even cut, has the ability to stripe well, and can easily change cutting heights.

Why Grasshopper?  

Godsey has been using Grasshopper for upward of 20 years, and when asked what about a Grasshopper he likes most, his answer was simple. 

“ Swiss Army knife of mowers." 

Elaborating more on the utility of a Grasshopper, Godsey remarked that his mowers get used 12 months a year. And, instead of buying three separate machines for mowing, leaf collection, and snow removal, one Grasshopper will handle his business no matter the season. 

Even the day-to-day tasks and maintenance are easier with Grasshopper-specific features, like the PowerFold® deck. 

“The deck folds up. I don’t have to get underneath the machine. safer to access the blades for easy removal to sharpen.” 

When finding the ideal mower for your landscaping or lawn care company, it’s okay to dream big. Get something that’s versatile, maneuverable, and convenient. The only machine that checks all those boxes? A Grasshopper—take it from a pro. 


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