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Summer Lawn Care Tips & Tricks

Posted on:Aug 11, 2014

Ever wonder how your neighbors still have a lush, green lawn in the summer? The secret: They take summer lawn care seriously. Getting summer lawn care right keeps their yards looking great, even as high temperatures and dry weather scorch other yards down the block.

7 Summer Lawn Care Tips

Here are seven summer lawn care tips that will help keep your lawn looking its best and make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.

1) Mow less frequently. The summer heat and less frequent rains are already putting enough stress on your lawn. Don't add to the stress by mowing more often than necessary.

2) Follow the "1/3 Rule." Speaking of stress, taking too much off the top is also bad for your lawn's health. Lawn care experts say you shouldn't cut off more than one-third of the plant's total height, especially during the summer.

For example, if the grass is 4.5 inches tall, the lowest you should mow is 3 inches (4.5 x .333 = 1.5 >> 4.5 - 1.5 = 3).


Image Source: Kansas State University Research Extension Blog. May 1, 2012.

3) Mow at a higher setting. Longer grass blades shade the soil and reduce the rate of moisture evaporation. Taller turf canopies also help control weeds.

4) Sharpen your blades. Dull mower blades tear the grass instead of cutting it. Torn ends weaken the plant, reduce heat and drought resistance and increase the risk of disease.

5) Mulch the clippings. Mulching grass clippings returns valuable nutrients to your lawn and reduces the need for supplemental fertilizers. And, mulching won't cause thatch buildup. Grass clippings are made mostly of water, and the remaining organic matter is broken down by the microorganisms that call your lawn home. Install a mulching kit and specific mulching blades for your mower to get the cleanest finish when mulching.

.summer lawn care mulching grass clippings

6) Water less often. Watering every day - even every other day- for short periods keeps the turf roots near the soil surface. This can be troublesome during hot, dry spells, when the soil surface dries out leaving the roots to bake in the scorching heat. Watering infrequently, but deeply (up to one hour per cycle), encourages the root system to grow deeper into the soil where temperatures are cooler and water doesn't evaporate as quickly.

7) Water early. Watering in the morning conserves water by reducing loss due to evaporation. It also helps lower the risk of fungus, which can develop if too much moisture is left on your lawn overnight.

summer lawn care mowing tips mulching tips

BONUS Summer Lawn Care Tip!

Download this mowing tips booklet, A Field Guide For A Beautiful Lawn, which is packed with more summer lawn care tips to help keep your lawn looking great all season long!


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