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Snow removal & winter blizzard buster sale

Posted on:Jan 9, 2018

Looking for a way to clear snow and fight back Old Man Winter this season? Well, look no further than a Grasshopper zero-turn mower. Yes, you read that right…A Grasshopper zero-turn MOWER.

Grasshopper FrontMount™ mowers are designed to remove the out-front mowing deck easily and attach a snow removal implement – such as a snowthrower, rotary broom, dozer blade or V-plow. Within minutes, you’ll transform your zero-turn mower into a zero-turn snow-throwing, drift-busting, drive-clearing, ice-eating monster.

And, now through March 31, 2018, you can get up to $1,000 OFF a DriftBuster™ Snowthrower or other qualifying Winter Snow Removal Package during the Grasshopper Winter Blizzard Buster Sale.

The Grasshopper zero-turn power unit is uniquely designed for snow removal. The snow removal attachment is direct-coupled closely to the power unit. This pulls the weight of the implement onto the tractor drive tires, increasing traction in snow and ice and retaining zero-turn maneuverability.

Plus, in the case of snowthrowers and rotary brooms, those attachments are PTO-driven, which delivers more power from the engine to the attachment for more efficient and effective snow removal. Dozer blades and V-plows push snow from the forward momentum of the tractor. Or, is that MOW-mentum?

But, don’t be fooled. You may be tempted to take a short cut and rig up a dozer blade or snowthrower to some other zero-turn mower or lawn tractor. But, you’ll just end up with a headache, a broken mower or an uncleared driveway…maybe all three, and then some.

Attaching a blade or snowthrower to a traditional zero-turn mower or lawn tractor creates a weight distribution issue from front to back, which will reduce traction and hinder maneuverability. Plus, there is the question of sufficient power, and in the case of a snowthrower, the need for an auxiliary engine to pick up and propel the snow.

So, put away the bailing wire and duct tape, and head to your local Grasshopper dealer to take advantage of the Winter Blizzard Buster offers.

When the snow flies, you’ll be glad you did.


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