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Outdoor Living With A Lush Yard. (Yes, You Can Have Both.)

Posted on:Aug 16, 2019

Outdoor LivingThe weather’s warm and our outdoor areas are being used more than ever. And yeah, we all love seeing our kids playing in the backyard. Hosting family barbecues. Playing a nice game of catch or tag football in the grass. But at the same time, the lawn-obsessed side of us cringes at the damage all that does to our grass.

However, all hope is not lost. We don’t have to resort to becoming the neighborhood curmudgeon, shouting at kids to stay off our lawns, nor do we have to sit idly by while foot traffic and family fun destroys all our hard work. According to the SF Gate, there are some handy tips that can help us enjoy outdoor living and keep our yards pristine.

Grow Resilient Grass Varieties
As you probably already know, all grass isn’t created equal. Certain kinds can take more of a beating and keep their lush look. Three of the best types for high-traffic areas (in warm climates) are zoysia grass, kikuyu grass, and hybrid Bermuda grass. 

Aerate Soils
The more your grass is walked on, the more your soil becomes compacted. Air pockets get trampled and limit your grass’s ability to take in nutrients, air and water. Soil aeration, done with an aerator regularly, can help prevent this. Luckily, Grasshopper makes an aerator that attaches right to your FrontMount™ mower. Just sayin’.

Take Special Care
Knowing that your yard will have more foot traffic, there is some preventative care you can do. Depending on the grass variety, keep grass between 2- and 3 ¾ inches in areas you know will experience more use. Try to avoid walking over the lawn when it’s wet, when it’s easier to compact soils and tear the grass. Another rule of thumb is the “1/3 rule”, meaning you shouldn’t cut more than a third of your grass’s height to promote lawn health. You may also consider altering your mowing patterns so you aren’t taking the same paths over it.

Make Pathways
If your lawn has certain spots people use frequently, you might think about putting stone pavers or flagstones there to form a path. It can add visual appeal as well as prevent damage to your yard. 

There you have it. Enjoying your outdoor space and having a lawn you’re proud of can coexist. Simply implement some of these tricks and see what a difference it can make. 



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