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Lawn Care Tip of the Month: Snow removal

Posted on:Nov 23, 2016

This is Part XI of our Lawn Care Tip of the Month blog series.

Ah...the holidays! Festivities full of family, friends, food and . . . snow. Loads of it, in some places. (And for those of you who don't see snow during the winter — and we feel sorry for you, really — you can circle back to Part IV.)

For the rest of us, we really need a better way to move the white stuff than with the handy ol' shovel.



Okay...maybe not. How about something more practical (and easier on the wallet)?



That's more like it.

Grasshopper FrontMount™ power units serve as the heart of a complete snow removal system comprised of commercial snowthrowers, dozer blades, rotary brooms and V-plows. These compact, heavy-duty implements power through snow effortlessly with professional-grade construction designed to endure season after season of throwing, plowing and sweeping.

While Grasshopper snowthrowers can throw snow up to 30 feet away, dozer blades and rotary broom are truly all-season implements, clearing snow in winter and moving dirt and debris in the warmer seasons.

Zero-turn maneuverability snow removal saves time and labor, accomplishing more work in less time. And with Grasshopper snow removal implements, there is only one engine to maintain, saving time and money.

Grasshopper’s QuikConverter™ implement system allows mounting and removal of implements in minutes without tools, and short-coupled mounting positions the weight of the implements onto the drive wheels, optimizing traction in the snow.

So, work smarter, not harder. Click here to request more information about Grasshopper snow removal implements.


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