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Lawn Care Tip of the Month: Make a plan

Posted on:Dec 19, 2016

This is Part XII of our Lawn Care Tip of the Month blog series.

Congratulations! You made it. You finished our Lawn Care Tip of the Month blog series for 2016! Give yourself a round of applause; pat yourself on the back; text yourself one of those thumbs up emojis. 

For the past year, we've walked through the gambit of lawn care tasks, from equipment maintenance to snow removal and everything between. We've seen how mowing at the right height for the grass type creates a more resilient and healthy lawn. We've learned deep watering can have a more lasting and benefical impact compared to short, every day bursts. We've recognized the value of aerating and overseeding, and, yes, how to get those big-league stripes on our own backyard pitches.

Now, it's time to do something with all that knowledge. It's one thing to know; it's quite another to do. It's like losing weight — which, let's admit, is a lot easier to talk about than do anything about. We know we shouldn't eat this or that. We know we should exercise. We know all these things, but sometimes (most times?), it's easier to just not.

The only thing keeping you from the lawn of your dreams is, well, you. So, make a plan! Take each of these past 11 blog posts, and turn them into a yearly lawn care regimen. Not only will you have the a plan of attack for every season, you'll have an excellent start on how-to and how-not-to.

And, just like every person is different, every lawn is different. You'll likely have to modify these monthly tips or rearrange them or add to them or subtract from them. And that's okay! Make it your own, and make your lawn the best it's ever been!

Coming in 2017...Clean Diesel: Why You Can't Afford Not To Make The Switch!


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