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Lawn care expectations vs. reality

Posted on:Apr 26, 2022

There’s a lot that goes into lawn care, but there’s also a lot of misconceptions about what it takes to make your lawn stand out. No matter what type of grass, property size or level of experience you have, there’s a way to show off to the neighbors. (Without putting in back-breaking work and endless dollars.)

Striping Isn’t Possible In Smaller Spaces

It’s not the amount of land you have, but the care you put into it that makes it impressive. So let it shine with a strong cut from a compact Grasshopper MidMount™ or mid-sized FrontMount™ mower. 
With stripes all but built in, you’ll not only make a standout pattern—you’ll also cross edging off your list. Add a PowerVac™ Collection System to clear up any clippings and give your grass an even cleaner look. 

Mowing High Acreage Takes Forever

Working with a lot of land doesn’t mean working all day. A FrontMount with a wide deck can cut mowing time in half. Mow more with each pass, and leave an even cut that ensures you only need to once—even when you’re mowing with obstacles. 
The FrontMount decks are also exceptionally good at maneuvering between and under fence line, around trees and over ditches, adding up on saved time.

Mowers Are Only For Cutting Grass

Correction—most mowers are only for cutting grass. But Grasshopper attachments make your mower an all-year powerhouse. From the Little Bully™ dozer blades for shoveling snow or mulch to the turbine blower for removing leaves, a Grasshopper can be so much more than a mower.

Maintenance On FrontMount™ Mowers Is Difficult

If you’re intimidated by the idea of changing blades or cleaning out the deck on a FrontMount, fear not. 
Grasshopper figured that out a long time ago with the PowerFold™ deck, giving you the power to lift the entire thing with the press of a button. It raises and you’re free to do maintenance from a comfortable position. Not on your back.

Grasshopper Mowers Aren’t Affordable

We won’t pretend a Grasshopper isn’t an investment—but when you look closer at the cost-of-ownership over years of mowing, it’s a steal.
Aside from the deals and promotions often available (you should seriously check on those), these mowers are reliable for years. No going back for replacements every other season. And when you’re ready for your next mower, you’ll find that a Grasshopper’s resale value is second-to-none.


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