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Introducing Your 2021 Grasshopper Brand Ambassadors

Posted on:Jun 22, 2021

Whether they’re the new kid on the block gunning for Rookie of the Year or the grizzled vet gearing up for yet another championship run, every sport has its stars—and #MowDay is no exception. Allow us to introduce you to a few #MowDay stand-outs you’ll definitely want to keep your eye on this season. Say hello to the first three Grasshopper Brand Ambassadors of 2021.

Craig StevensonCraig Stevenson 

Town: Somerset, Kentucky
Team: ProMow Lawn Service
Mowers: MidMount™ 225 & 322D
Bio: A dedicated lawncare enthusiast since he was all of 14 years old, Craig Stevenson is what you might call a “mowing prodigy”. Craig may have started young, but he has more than earned his stripes since launching his own lawncare business, ProMow Lawn Service, just last year. A loyal Grasshopper operator for the last six years, Craig takes pride not only in his cut but in the upkeep of his machine. We think he may be onto something too—because while his mower is always clean, this guy’s stripes are downright filthy.

OIivia RobertsOIivia Roberts

Town: Goodland, Indiana
Team: Adkev, Inc.
Mowers: FrontMount™ 721D & 725D
Bio: Olivia Roberts has spent the last seven years on a Grasshopper FrontMount mower honing her craft and mastering the perfect diamond pattern. No stranger to long hours and high acreage, her success is no accident. Olivia is what we like to call a true student of the stripes, taking into account every little factor and learning from every single ride because she knows that when you’re chasing the perfect cut, it’s those small details that matter the most. 

Quinn LiterQuinn Liter

Town: Milton, Kentucky
Team: Liters Custom Lawncare
Mowers: MidMount™ 329 & 335
Bio: With over a decade of pro experience under his belt, saying Quinn Liter knows his way around a mower might be a bit of an understatement. The proud owner of Liters Custom Lawncare, Quinn has also been a proud Grasshopper owner since 2017—and while he loves building connections and relationships with his customers, the cut will always reign supreme. Armed with Grasshopper MidMount mowers, Liters Custom Lawncare has spent the last few years cutting their way across Kentucky, leaving behind some stunning stripes—and plenty of satisfied customers. 

Arnett ChisholmArnett Chisholm

Town: Farmington Hills, Michigan
Team: D1 Landscape
Mowers: MidMount™ 325D & 329
Bio: The owner of his very own lawncare business, D1 Landscape, at just 22 years old, Arnett Chisholm has been grinding it out in pro lawncare since he was a teenager—and the hard work has more than paid off. Arnett has been a proud Grasshopper owner for 3 years now, using a pair of 300 series MidMount mowers in all his work with D1 Landscape. The mower skills this guy flashes on the daily are the stuff of legend around the Great Lake State and if you’re lucky enough to catch him on the job…stop and take notes, you might learn a thing or two.


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