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Good works: Volunteer to mow another lawn

Posted on:Jan 30, 2023

Volunteer to Mow Another Lawn

You’ve got the best equipment, the selfless attitude and a desire to help the community. 

Your neighbors notice how dedicated you are to taking care of your lawn, making sure it’s clean-cut and cared for—and you enjoy spending time outside. Mowing time for you is all about fresh air and enjoying the land. So why not volunteer to mow another property to help out in the community? 

You’ve got the equipment: a zero-turn mower that delivers a high-quality cut quickly, and attachments to collect leaves and push snow, so you can manage a range of outdoor tasks.   

Ready to put your rugged Grasshopper machine to good work? Here are some ways you can lend a hand with mowing near you.  

Service Above Self – Mowing Religious/Non-Profit Properties

Lawn maintenance services can be a financial burden for some congregations and/or community support centers, and by volunteering to mow their grounds on a regular basis, they can redirect what they would spend on important areas of need. On the other hand, these institutions in your community might rely on volunteers to mow the lawn, but maybe they don’t have the equipment to get the job done quickly and effectively. 

The Mow Down: If you offer to mow the property of a center of worship, timing is important. They'll want the grounds to look neat and appealing before regularly scheduled worship times and possibly before special holidays. Plan on mowing a day or two ahead of those times so they look their best.

Set an Example of Strong Work Ethic – Mowing School Grounds

From large fields where kids can play soccer and football to common areas, schools often have a lot of ground to cover when it comes to mowing. The amount of mowing is often more than a school’s maintenance staff can handle, especially if staff is stretched thin and responsible for tasks inside and outside of the building. 

Offering to mow a school’s lawn is not only a generous service to the district, if you have a zero-turn mower that can move at an 11 mph clip, you can take care of business without spending half the day mowing. Not to mention, you’re setting an example for students on the importance of giving back and working hard. 

The Mow Down: Talk to the school about priority mowing areas. For example, you might mow entrance and highly visible areas more frequently than field space. Also, a school might request that you collect grass clippings in high-traffic areas but not in open lawn that simply needs to be kept short. 

Doing Good in the Neighborhood – Mowing Help for Seniors

Connect with your local senior center or an Area Agency on Aging and find out if there are older adults in your community that struggle to care for their lawns and need help with mowing. You have equipment that commercial groundskeepers use and can volunteer to alleviate the outdoor maintenance burden. This can help them live in their own homes longer instead of making the difficult decision to move to a senior living facility simply because they cannot care for the lawn anymore. 

The Mow Down: Why not make the most of your zero-turn Grasshopper—a real workhorse—by offering to help with other outdoor maintenance tasks that might be too physically demanding for seniors to handle on their own, especially without the right tools. With attachments like an edger to trim neat lines, a blower for leaf cleanup and a V-plow to clear driveways, you can be a year-round saving grace for those who really need the help. 

You Got This

Your time, dedication and access to a professional-grade zero-turn mower are a real asset to the community. With a machine that’s built for thousands of hours of hard work on the land, you can complete your own mowing tasks efficiently and volunteer to help community groups, nonprofits and individuals who need help maintaining their lawns. And with some extra tools like a dethatcher or sprayer, you can complete those labor-intensive tasks quickly. 

How do you make the most of your Grasshopper zero-turn mower? Volunteering to mow lawns in the community is one way, and it doesn’t take a lot of extra time or energy when you’ve got the right equipment.

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