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Finding the Winning Edge: The Ultimate Guide To #MowDay Mojo

Posted on:May 12, 2021

Whether you’re a mowing pro from your cap to your steel-toed boots or a new student of the stripe, you know there’s more to mowing than merely cutting grass. This hallowed ground is a field of victory—a canvas for striping perfection! It demands respect and a mower hand-built from the same steel you are.

Mowing with such passion takes mental dedication—but fear not. To aid you on your quest for greatness, we’ve pulled a few basic routines from the #MowDay playbook.

Fuel You—and the Machine

Mowing on an empty stomach? It’s not just a crime against the player, it’s an insult to the game. Fuel up and you’ll be ready to get your game face on.  

A Cup o’ Joe Then All H2O

The #MowDay spirit is activated best by a cup of coffee, served your favorite way. Caffeine? Check. But after that, the beverage of champions is water—keeping you hydrated and in winning shape.

That Lucky Outfit

Whether it’s that lucky pair of grass-stained shoes, reliable socks, or the infamous mowing shirt—the one your family teases you about—that’s your lucky rabbit’s foot. Keep it sacred… but go ahead and wash it. 

The Champion State of Mind

No man or woman has ever mowed a straight stripe without mental focus—and a drive to mow every inch with determination. Long hours on the mower, even with the most comfortable seat, is an everyday task you elevate every time you sit atop a Grasshopper Mower. You don’t just cut the grass. You mow like a champion.

With these #MowDay rituals, you’ll have the foundation for a pro performance time and time again. Check back for more mowing tips, tricks and lawn care resources to keep your lawn primetime ready.


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