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End User Spotlight: Shipp Shape Lawn Service

Posted on:Dec 17, 2014

At Grasshopper, we know that our success is due in large part to the success of the homeowners, contractors and government entities that use Grasshopper zero-turn mowers and equipment. Our "End User Spotlight" Series features stories of owners who are putting their Grasshopper mowers and implements to work day-in and day-out.

Shipp Shape Lawn Service - Sylvester, Ga.

For a landscape contractor, the best way to increase profitability is to reduce labor-time investments. Downsizing crews is an option, but it can lead to reduced revenue. Chris Shipp, owner of Shipp Shape Lawn Service, says investing in time-saving equipment is a better option to reducing labor without constricting revenue.

Shipp Shape Grasshopper zero-turn mowers"With the right equipment, you can increase productivity without adding to your workforce," he says. "That provides opportunities to offer more or better services and create long-term revenue sources."

To keep his business operating at peak capacity without stretching resources too thin, Shipp relies on the productivity and versatility of his fleet of Grasshopper zero-turn mowers. The fleet is exclusively diesel, a mixture of MidMount™ and FrontMount™ mowers and implements, including an AERA-vator™ coreless lawn aerator and a rotary broom.

"From a fleet owner perspective, our Grasshopper zero-turn mowers are essential," he says. "They don't require much maintenance or fuel. So we're able to control downtime and costs effectively."

Diesel Zero-Turn Mowers Lower Fuel Costs

Shipp says the Grasshopper diesel mowers are designed for durability, reliability and serviceability. Regular maintenance and repairs are done in-house, which saves him time and resources. The diesel mowers also use half the fuel of gas mowers, resulting in significant cost savings.

To Shipp, those savings more than justified spending a little more up-front to purchase diesel zero-turn mowers. Compared to using all gasoline mowers, the company saves around 1.25 gallons of fuel per hour per machine with diesel, which translates into more than $13,000 in fuel savings every year. Combined with the longevity of the diesel engines, Shipp says the Grasshoppers have paid for themselves.

Shipp Shape Grasshopper zero-turn mowers zero-turn mower attachment"The diesel engines deliver more consistent power, regardless of what type of grass or terrain you're mowing," he says. "Not only that, but with sharp blades, we always leave a great cut, which is essential for all of our clients."

The speed, minimal maintenance and time-saving implements he gets from Grasshopper have allowed Shipp to diversify into irrigation, landscape installation and chemical application, creating additional revenue streams without increasing overhead.

You can read more about Shipp Shape Lawn Service and watch an exclusive interview with Chris at

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