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Best Gear to Wear for Mowing in 2021

Posted on:Jan 13, 2021

Whether you’re heading out to tackle your weekly lawn care to-dos or getting ready for a full day on the job, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re decked out in all the right duds for mowing safely—and comfortably. Scroll through the article below to see some of the best gear to wear when you’re riding that trusty Grasshopper! 

Protective Eyewear

Protective Eyewear

Glasses are expendable. Your eyes, on the other hand, are not. Protective eyewear is an important MUST HAVE anytime you’re operating your machine. Throw on some durable clear safety glasses or dark safety glasses instead if you want to shield your eyes from glares and UV light too.

Ear ProtectionEar Protection 

Just like eye protection, it’s important to remember a pair of protective ear plugs, or muffs, before operating your mower for long hours. These plugs feature a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 33 decibels.


Our innovative design and superior suspension work hard to reduce jarring vibrations when mowing but, for some, a trusty pair of work gloves may still come in handy all the same. If you’re preparing for long hours outside, slip on your favorite pair to help protect from the debris and blisters that you may encounter throughout a day’s worth of hard work. A pair of mechanic’s gloves similar to these will help stop abrasions yet still provide great dexterity for handling small parts & tools. You can still use any touchscreen device between jobs without removing them, making these gloves perfect for landscaping or maintenance tasks.


While hot days and long hours may tempt you to throw on some shorts, it’s important to cover up from the sun and protect your legs with a pair of work pants. We prefer a pair of Carhartt® Dungarees or Columbia® Silver Ridge Cargos because they’re lightweight and breathable while still being tough enough to handle the job. Make sure to avoid any pants with an extra loose or baggy fit, as they are more likely to snag or catch on equipment when working.

Closed-Toed Shoes

Even when you’re mowing with a machine as easy to handle and intuitive as a Grasshopper, proper foot protection is still a must. Muck Boots highly regarded yard shoe is our top pick for 2021. Comfortable, light, and aggressively tough, this shoe is perfect for all lawn care tasks. 


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