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5 Tips To Revive Dead Spots In Your Grass

Posted on:May 24, 2021

Dead Spots In Your GrassSo it’s springtime—and you’re chomping at the bit to get mowing. But then you see them. Dead spots in your grass, creating a yellow scar on your otherwise velvety lawn. Yes, they’re any true mower’s worst nightmare. But don’t worry. We have several possible fixes to whip your lawn into shape. 

1. Clear Out Matted Grass
Remove the dry, dead grass from any unsightly spots. You want a clear patch of soil before seeding.

2. Loosen Up the Soil
If your soil is hard and compacted, your grass seed won’t take root. Loosen it up with a trowel or garden hoe and top it off with compost or topsoil if the terrain is particularly rough.

3. Time To Seed
Pick a good quality grass seed and spread it over the freshly loosened soil. Give it a light raking to embed the seeds, then tamp the ground to ensure good seed-to-soil contact.

4. Add Fertilizer
Encourage seed growth by finishing off the spot with lawn fertilizer formulated for new grass. But be careful not to overdo it, or you could cause fertilizer burn, which draws nutrients away from the seeds.   

5. Get On A Watering Schedule
Dry seeds don’t grow well. Keep them damp, watering the area lightly early in the day before the midday heat evaporates it. Depending on your climate, as well as your soil and grass type, you’ll need to adjust the amount of water accordingly. 

These tips will help you get rid of those patchy polka dots in your lawn—but a good rule of thumb is to get to the root of the problem if you want them gone for good. There are many possible reasons for the dead spots, including hydration issues, grubs, lawn disease, pet and animal urine, and more. Contact your local lawn pro to diagnose the issues if they persist. 



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