Implements: Grasshopper Year-Round Productivity Solutions

The snowthrower is just amazing. In one pass, the ground is clear, and the snow is 20 or 30 feet away. It has been a great addition to our snow removal service.

Mike Stewart, Jr.
Delaware, OH

My Grasshopper is the best purchase I've ever made, and in my 50 years of farming, I've bought a lot of equipment.

Tom Claflin
Sheldon, MO

Grasshoppers are dependable and require very little downtime for maintenance.

Michael Ackerman, Sr.
Michael's Complete Lawn Care
Wichita, KS

The PowerVac™ attachment is the best we’ve ever used. That saves us from hours of back-breaking work bagging up leaves.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI

The rear discharge decks are perfect for government and municipal contracts, especially for roadways. They keep the clippings off the road and let us edge from either side.

Scott Brewer
Rotolo Consultants, Inc.
Slidell, LA

I bought my Grasshopper five years ago. It is built well and has held up without any major problems.

Phil Douglass
Bluffton, IN

The fuel economy of these diesel mowers is twice that of the gas mowers I used to run.

Doug France
France Lawn Care
Palmetto, FL

We have 15 Grasshoppers, and they’re the best investments we ever made.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI

You have to try to clog the Grasshopper. The PowerVac™ Collection System gathers clippings with no clogging and makes it easy to empty when the collector is full.

Charles Rainey
Conway, AR

With the out-front configuration, the AERA-vator is able to get into spaces we couldn’t previously reach, and there are no plugs to worry about afterward.

Steve Burley
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District
Felton, Calif.

We have several sites with several miles of walks and the v-plow has proven to be by far the fastest method of clearing them.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI

We have 15 Grasshoppers, and when it's time to retire a mower, we stick with Grasshopper.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI

We use our Edge-EZE™ on roadways and medians. We can edge from either side of the road to face on-coming traffic to increase visibility and safety.

Scott Brewer
Rotolo Consultants, Inc.
Slidell, LA

Simply put, there isn’t as much frustration — downtime, maintenance, usability — with Grasshopper as there is with other machines.

Keith Schroeder
Kansas State Fairgrounds
Hutchinson, KS

Our Grasshoppers and our implements do everything for us…there’s not much they can’t do.

Hollis Malone
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, TN

Reliability is essential. If it snows, I need to know that my Grasshoppers are going to start right up so we can clear the lots and sidewalks; they haven’t failed yet.

Brian LaRose
Presbyterian Manors of Mid-America
Newton, KS

I’ve had good success with the AERA-vator. It really helps relieve the compacted areas, giving new grass roots the room they need to grow.

Reed Christensen
Whittington Woods Campground
Whittington, Ill.

Grasshoppers have a light footprint that enables them to mow soggier ground than other machines their size without tearing up the lawn.

Mark Furry
Friends University
Wichita, KS

The AERA-vator™ is perfect for school football fields and lawns. A school told me they had the best grass after I aerated one year, and they asked me to return the next year to do it again.

Don Nelson
Nelson Lawn Service
Hildreth, NE

When it’s time to retire a Grasshopper, we stick with Grasshopper. They have a good resale value, even with 5,000 to 6,000 hours.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI