Implements: Grasshopper Year-Round Productivity Solutions

We have been able to replace several pieces of stand-alone equipment with just one multi-purpose Grasshopper.

Steve Burley
San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District
Felton, Calif.

Our Grasshopper MaxTorque™ diesels work hard and never quit. They're a powerful alternative to alternative fuels.

Mike Szymarek
Austin Independent School District
Austin, TX

I hate clumps; there can be no clumps. But I don’t have much trouble with them, really, since my Grasshoppers don't leave wind rows.

Michael Ackerman, Jr.
Michael's Complete Lawn Care
Wichita, KS

The first year I switched to MaxTorque™ diesel, I saved more than $7,000 in fuel costs running three mowers. The second year, I saved even more.

Doug France
France Lawn Care
Palmetto, FL

Grasshoppers have a light footprint that enables them to mow soggier ground than other machines their size without tearing up the lawn.

Mark Furry
Friends University
Wichita, KS

The AERA-vator™ is perfect for school football fields and lawns. A school told me they had the best grass after I aerated one year, and they asked me to return the next year to do it again.

Don Nelson
Nelson Lawn Service
Hildreth, NE

There is no other machine I would trust to do the job.

Keith Schroeder
Kansas State Fairgrounds
Hutchinson, KS

We’re able to get more work done in less time with our range of implements.

Scott Brewer
Rotolo Consultants, Inc.
Slidell, LA

It’s simply amazing that this big diesel mower is as light and maneuverable on the turf as it is.

Reed Christensen
Whittington Woods Campground
Whittington, Ill.

We take pride in being a one-stop shop. We can do anything for our clients, even complex and high-specialty jobs, and our Grasshoppers are instrumental in doing so.

Scott Brewer
Rotolo Consultants, Inc.
Slidell, LA

Grasshopper and PowerVac™ has great weight distribution and a soft footprint, so I don’t have to worry about leaving ugly tracks and ruts.

Charles Rainey
Conway, AR

You can ride a Grasshopper all day long and you won’t feel beat up at the end the day. That makes it easier to do the same thing the next day.

Brian Fraser
Greenlawn Landscaping & Maintenance Co.
Farmington Hills, MI

My Grasshopper MaxTorque™ diesel mower uses half the fuel of my gas mower, which I love, because as an independent contractor, i have to keep my costs low.

Karl Goertzen
Oasis Planteriors, Inc.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

My mowing crews won’t use anything else. They've made it clear that they want to stick with Grasshopper.

Michael Ackerman, Jr.
Michael's Complete Lawn Care
Wichita, KS

Grasshopper snowthrowers are heavy-duty, snow-eating machines. They never quit, even when there is four feet of snow on the ground.

Hal Heidenreich
Greenleaf Mowing
Spokane, WA

The Grasshoppers are perfection. Everything about them is great, and the results are perfect. They sell us, we just drive them.

Mike "Stew" Stewart
Delaware, OH

To me, the fact that you can ride these machines all day and be willing to get up the next day and do it all over again, that’s all that matters.

Hollis Malone
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, TN

Fast pace, perfect cut, sweet ride. With a Grasshopper, I always get a quality cut in record time.

Preston Hall
Sgt. Preston's Lawn Service
Shelbyville, KY

One guy with a Grasshopper and turbine blower finished a 26-mile curb project in four hours. It used to take four guys with backpack blowers almost three days (22 hours).

Scott Brewer
Rotolo Consultants, Inc.
Slidell, LA

Grasshoppers are so well-built to begin with, it doesn’t take much to keep them going strong.

Hollis Malone
Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
Nashville, TN