Sure, a larger business means bigger profits – but it also means bigger headaches. Take my operation, for instance. On any given day, we’re running 8 mowers at more than 40 locations across a 120-square-mile area, so logistics alone is challenging enough. Add staffing, scheduling and maintenance into the equation, and you’re looking at enough variables to make Einstein recheck his figures. And when you’ve got a mower or two down for repair, it’s even more complicated. That’s why I started buying Grasshopper mowers a few years back. They just keep running, no matter what. And they’re designed to cut maintenance just as well as they cut grass, which – believe me – my crews appreciate after a long day. Since we’re running diesel mowers, they also save us thousands of dollars a year in fuel costs. And I don’t know any businessman who wouldn’t welcome adding a chunk of change that size to his bottom line. After all, running a business on this scale has enough headaches. At least now, my equipment isn’t one of them. Talk about a pain reliever.

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