Accessories: Versatility Only Grasshopper Can Provide

MidMount™ Accessories

Adjustable Cup Holder

An Adjustable Cup Holder locks into multiple positions to accommodate a wide range of drink sizes. Standard on all liquid-cooled FrontMount™ models.

Air Dam Kit

An optional Air Dam Kit can be installed along the front edge of most mower decks to minimize dust and dirt escaping from the front of the mower.

Bar-Tread Low-Pressure Tires

Optional low-pressure, high-flotation bar-tread tires flex with the terrain for maximum traction and minimize scuffing caused by wheel spin-out.

ComfortReach™ Adjustable Levers

Standard on most MidMount™ models, ComfortReach™ "no tools" dual steering lever adjustment provides a custom fit for any operator while maintaining natural arm and wrist positions. Available as an option for V-Series and 200 Series MidMount™ models.

Custom Cordura® Weather Cover

Weather-resistant, black Cordura fabric cover with embroidered Grasshopper logo keeps seat and engine area protected during storage or between mowings. Slips over ROPS, with Velcro closure to secure the opening.

Down Discharge™ Mulching Package

The optional Down Discharge™ mulching package with GrassMax™ medium-lift blades cuts and recuts clippings and directs them deep into the grass bed, enriching turf and producing a beautifully manicured cut.

DuraFlex™ Suspension Forks

Optional DuraFlex™ Suspension Forks absorb the impacts of rough terrain to maintain a level cut, and can be set for use with PowerVac™ collectors.

DuraGuard™ Rear Bumper Guards

Optional DuraGuard™ Rear Bumper Guards protect the rear of the mower while preserving easy access for removal of the rear service shield. Available on the 220, 223, 227, 300 Series and 400 Series.

Electric Height Adjustment

The Electric Height Adjustment kit offers 1- to 5-inch height adjustment control from the operator's seat with the flip of a switch. This dealer-installed option is available for all 200 and 300 Series MidMount™ models.

Filter Minder

The Filter Minder alerts the operator when airflow is restricted in the air canister on dual-element air filters. The Filter Minder is available as an option on all 200 and 300 Series MidMount™ models (except Model 225, 226V, 321D and 327EFI).

Flat-Proof Tires

Semi-pneumatic Flat-Proof Tires will never go flat. Assembly includes dust-proof bearings. Excludes models 220 and 100 Series.

Foldable ROPS

The Foldable ROPS allows the two-post ROPS to be lowered for mowing under low-hanging trees and other overhead obstacles, or for storing and transporting in enclosed trailers with low door clearance. CAUTION: Avoid drop-offs, embankments and steep slopes. Do not allow ROPS to provide a false pretense of security in hazardous areas and avoid questionable conditions. Always where seatbelt when Foldable ROPS is in up-right position. When Foldable ROPS is down, DO NOT use seat belt, and drive with extra caution.

Halogen Work Lights

Halogen Work Lights allow for improved visibility while mowing. NOTE: Not intended for night use.

Hydraulic Height Adjustment

Hydraulic Height Adjustment for MidMount™ DuraMax® decks 48-inches and larger allows operators to raise and lower cutting height at infinitely variable settings with toggle switch control. Standard on 400 Series models.


Add these time- and labor-saving implements to your MidMount™ for even greater flexibility and productivity.

PowerVac™ Collection Systems
Edge-EZE™ edger (200 & 300 Series)
Shielded Sprayer (200 & 300 Series)

Premier Suspension Seat

The Premier Suspension Seat offers the ultimate in comfort and an extra measure of suspension while mowing over rough ground. Adjustable backrest, armrests and lumbar support with weight-adjusted suspension control provide maximum comfort for operators of all sizes and preferences.

Learn more about the Premier Suspension Seat.

QuikAjust Tilt™ Levers

Available for all 200, 300 and 400 Series models, optional QuikAjust Tilt™ steering levers allow operators to customize their reach over a 9-inch range to reduce strain and increase operating comfort.

Sunshade Canopy

The Sunshade Canopy limits exposure to direct sunlight, reducing eyestrain and increasing operator comfort. Lightweight and water repellent, UV resistant and mounts easily to OPS or ROPS. Available for all MidMount™ models. 31"x42".

Aluminum version (pictured) mounts to ROPS-equipped models and is highly resistant to abrasions. 46"x50".

SpeedTrimming™ Roller Kit

The optional SpeedTrimming™ heavy-duty, anti-scalp roller kit for 52-inch and larger DuraMax® decks speeds close trimming near buildings, fences retaining walls and other landscaping features. Kits available for left and right sides of cutting decks.

Radiator Cleaning Wand

A multi-channel sprayer that combs water pressure between radiator fins without damage, dislodging packed-in dust and debris that can become an invisible source of engine overheating. Remove and clean radiator screen regularly. A dirty screen will cause the engine to overheat. For use on liquid-cooled models only.